Hello i'm Mora and you should know whats going on in

my new story and there will be a real story

soon this is just to get started.

What if Clark and kara were both in the

same grade and living with the kents?

What if Everyone went to The same school?

And what if Sam and Dean need to go to

that school While there dad Hunts?

Well You get one busy

Gossip Girl!

(In my story everyone is in grade 12

and there is 0 months left to graduation)


"Ok let me start by saying sorry...I have been a very bad Gossip Girl these past weeks

but thats all about to change becasuse im back and with NEW gossip that

will not be easily put out!!"

Dean and Kara Sat in the Impala in shock and at loss of words.

but that didn't stop Dean From Trying.

"Soo...Thats....I Just.....?"

Kara Smiled

"Ya I was just about to say that."

Another Five Minutes of silence went by befor Dean Spoke.

"Kara...I will die before ever telling someone your secret..and...This doesn't

change how i feel about you...Your still the same Kara Rose Kent!"

She smiled and a tear came down her face.

"And i don't care if you hunt Deer or Demons You will Always be Dean James Winchester to me!

But...I don't want you to stop hunting because of me!"

Dean kissed Kara and then started his car and they drove away.

"Dean and Kara were seen leaving town...Wonder
when they'll be back but hay dont worry theres still lots

of people to Gossip About!"

Lex sat with Chuck as they talked about money and...Girls!

"So Chuck a little down on love!"

Lex Said as he broke down laughing

"This is not funny Man!"

"Come on she was just some chick"

"No She was all i had left!!"

Chuck said as he got up and Lex followed

"What do you mean C?"

"I Mean....Oliver and Blair are gone, The only two people i up too.

My Sister is..Dy..Dy..Dying and Lois is now gone with

that clark guy!!"

"Man Everything will work out don't worry!"

"Prom Is Here!!! Every One Is Getting Ready...

Even, Me!"

Serena's Prom Day POV

i can't belive im missing my own prom because im in the fucking hospital,

The food sucks, The Room Smells and The bed hurts.

Tears Ran Down Her Face.

"Don't Cry Babe"

A voice said from the doorway

She opened her eyes and at that moment she didn't know if

she should be happy of just Damn Angry

Sam's Prom Day POV

I walked up to the front desk and asked the girl at the desk were

i could find her.

"Room 147, one floor up and down the hall on the left."

Thankz i said as i walked away almost running.

I felt bad leaving befor Prom and worse leaving when she was hurt in

the hospital.

I walked in to find her crying it made me wanna cry.

"Don't Cry Babe"

I said and was scared to hear her reply.

Lois and Clark's Prom Day POV

"wanna order a pizza because i think we sould order

a pizza"

Clark grabbed the phone

"What kind?"

"Meat Lovers Pizza and couls you pick up some M&M's and throw them on it?"

Clark Laughed

"WOW, the baby makes you eat weard things hay, but sure."

(35 Min 1 pizza 2 bags of M&M's and a big bottel of pepsie later)

"Happy Prom Clark!"

"Happy Prom Lois"

He leaned over and poped in the movie and gave her a kiss.

Dean and Kara's Prom Day POV

"Kara Your 3 Months Pragnent We Do Not Have To Go!"

"Dean, Calm down, Breath, We are just stoping in because i wanna say bye

to my friends and so should you! Then, you can sweep me off my feet and put me in your

Impala and drive away"

Dean Walked up too her and rubbed her tummy

"Fine but Only 30 min, 45 at the most"


Lex and Bella's Prom Night POV

"Well, Here We are Sugar."

"Lets Dance and Drink Till We Need To Take This Party Home!"

They smiled and headed for the dance floor.

The did a little talking to friends a lot of drinking and a lot of dancing and

they made it home by 3:00 am.

And Had there own PN (Private Night)

Nate's Prom Night POV

I walked in with Ruby on my arm she looked so sexy in that Light Blue Dress that

sat right at the top of her....Ow My God Look at...Chloe?

WOW now SHE looked sexy in the Little red dress that almost came to her ass

and it was strapless, and, and, Uhh she has Dan Hum, Hum, ummm whats his last

name. Who cares!

Ruby Looked at me and asked if i would like to dance


I Spent The hole night Looking at her and drinking but so was she!

I left at 5:00 am but, Not with Ruby!

Ruby's Prom Night POV

We walked in and i felt so lucky to have Nate with me

but as the night went on i don't even think he noticed

me leave he was to busy staring at in the Padded

Red Dress!!

I Left the fucking place at 2:47am

Dan's Prom Night POV

i was there for 15 min and left, i was so upset

that my date was all over Nate!!

so i left at 11:15 pm

Chloe's Prom Night POV

I hope i can get at least one look from Nate tonight.

Ow My God hes looking at me uhh but hes dancing with Ruby that

Two faced Slut!

Maybe i'll just talk to him. Dan grabbed my arm but was interupted

by Nate asking me to dance, i said yes and Dan left i felt bad but i can't help the

man i'm in LOVE with wants to spens some time with me!

Yes Ruby's leaving my time to move in.

I Spent The hole night Looking at him and drinking but so was he!

I left at 5:00 am With, Nate!

Dean and Kara's Prom Night POV

We Showed up at Prom And we got all eyes on us. Dean Want's to leaves so i talk to my friends he talks

to the guys we slow dance to one song and then hit the road to see

what the world holds for us.

We left at 11:29 pm

The best part of that night was when he got down on one knee and asked me too be

....My answer, YES!!!

Lois and Clark's Prom Night POV

We spent the hole night watching movies and talking about the baby.

Then We Realized We Were Still In Love!

Sam and Serena's Prom Night POV

We don't think we will work but no matter what we will always have the memories

of tonight and the fact that he came back!

Gossip Girl's Prom Night

I had fun Dancing, Drinking and Flirting with lots of guys

but my fave part of the night was seeing

Dean and Kara im sorry to all my top people but

Theres somthing about them!!!

I just got a text and.... Stay Tuned For The Weeding Updates Of

Mr and Mrs. Winchester!!!!

I left Prom at.....Who am i kidding i never left!


That it Thats All im done hope you liked it!!