"Eiri." For the first time, Touma paused, his stature tense and hesitant. Yuki observed him from the corner of his eye, cigarette still burning faithfully between his lips, merely arching an eyebrow as his brother-in-law appeared to battle his inner voices. He hated when Touma got like this -- the end result always promised a vicious headache and a wasted day. The older blonde finally cleared his throat. "About Shindou-san--"

Ah. Here again, were they? The cigarette sizzled in an effort to soothe, but Yuki's nerves were shot regardless. Headache indeed.

"What do you want, Touma?" His tone was callous. He could care less of the flinch it caused.

"I ... I do not think your relationship with Shindou-san is healthy, Eiri," Touma continued in his quiet way. "I do not feel that it is safe for you to trust him as you do."

The cigarette ceased its comforting burn as the writer slowly turned to face his brother-in-law head on. Golden eyes burned with a storm of emotions as he took in the slighter form; contemplated the words.

"Trust?" His voice was now barely above a whisper, and even Touma could identify the dangerous note it carried. The second flinch brought a small thrill of sadistic pleasure down Yuki's spine. "To be able to rely on someone. To know without knowing that they will care for you. Protect you. To know that they will not judge you for anything that you have done, no matter how horrific. To know that they love you unconditionally."

He stepped forward, closer, until he was nearly ontop of the other male, only slightly disappointed when Touma didn't pull back. Yuki leaned down, pressing his mouth just shy of the other's ear, eyes flashing with loathing and pain as he hissed the next words.

"Is that even possible for someone like me?"

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