Title: Someone Like You

Pairing: Tim/Julie

Synopsis: Julie's freshman year of college finds her running into familiar faces…including a certain fullback.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story…unfortunately.

AN: I love to write, but have never posted my stories for anyone else to read. So, it's kind of scary to put my work out there, but here goes! There aren't many Tim/Julie college-age stories, so hopefully this one will be received well. Reviews, comments, constructive criticism, etc. are all very welcome!!!


I should have gone to school in Alaska, Julie Taylor thinks to herself as she walks across the University of Texas campus, the late August heat causing her face to glisten and her hair to stick to her neck. Yep, definitely should have chosen a college with a cooler climate, she thinks as she slides her earphones in, cranking up her MP3 player as she makes her way down the sidewalk, her classes finished for the day.

It had always been Julie's dream to go away to college – Chicago, New York, Boston – it didn't matter, as long as it was away from Texas. And up until half way through her senior year, she had held on to that dream.

But the closer graduation came, the more she started to really think about being away from her parents and Gracie. They had gotten a lot closer during her senior year, mostly due to the fact that Julie was now out of her bratty, rebellious stage. Yes, she could admit that she had acted like a spoiled brat, and still had the occasional setback, but she felt she was now much more mature.

And then there had been her relationship with Matt. At the time she was making her choices, Julie didn't want to leave Matt. He had made the decision to stay in Dillon for college, and attend Dillon Tech. Julie had originally thought that she had at least a little something to do with his decision, but as the year dragged on, she had realized that he had stayed solely for his grandmother.

Their relationship had finally fizzled completely out a few weeks before Julie's graduation. She couldn't really say that it was either of their faults. Matt was caught up in taking his own college classes, and had made a new group of friends at school. Julie was focused on all the pressures of deciding a college and graduation. Somewhere in between all of that, their relationship had become more of a comfortable friendship than an actual relationship.

Julie had been the one to bring it up, and after a short discussion, they decided to go their separate ways. Julie still considered Matt a good friend, and would always have a special place for him in her heart. He was her first love, and she wouldn't forget that.

They talked occasionally, and she had seen him around town over the summer with a couple of different girls. She wasn't going to lie, it hurt to see him with other people, but she knew that Matt wasn't "the one" for her. And she was looking forward to starting her freshman year single, with plenty of options.

Julie's decision to attend UT had been finalized when she had been offered a full scholarship to the university. That was something that she just couldn't pass up. Her parents were ecstatic. Austin was only about an hour away from Dillon, so they were excited that she was still so close to home. And of course her dad was excited about getting some free Longhorn football tickets.

It was her second week as a freshman, and so far Julie was enjoying college life. Her classes seemed like they were going to be pretty easy, and she was learning her way around the campus.

Luckily, Tyra was still attending school there, which was great for Julie. She had her own official tour guide to the school and all the cool hangouts around town. And Tyra lived off campus in an apartment, which Julie knew she could use if an escape from dorm life was needed.

Her dorm roommate was a girl named Liza who was from down around San Antonio. So far she and Julie were getting along great. Liza was a little quirky, but Julie couldn't say anything – she knew a lot of people perceived her as a little quirky too. All in all, Julie was pretty happy with college life so far.

Yep, things were going pretty darn well, Julie thinks as she adjusts her backpack on her shoulder and takes a step off the sidewalk into the street, lost in her own thoughts.

Before she can glance up to look for coming traffic, she hears the loud blast of a car horn and the sound of screeching brakes. The sound startles her, causing her to misstep off the curb, bringing her ankle down at a weird angle, and sending her sprawling out into the street.

Julie quickly throws her arms out in front of her, trying to stop her fall, her hands coming into rough contact with the pavement. Julie feels a sharp pain as her hands and knees skin the pavement, adding to the pain already shooting through her ankle.

Letting out a small cry and a huff of air, she looks up to see that a Chevy pickup truck had obviously been the sound of the loud horn and screeching brakes, as it now rested about three feet from her body.

"Well shit." Julie mumbles under her breath, looking down at her scraped hands, noticing the light traces of blood appearing on her hands and knees.

Julie shakes her head as she hears the truck door slam and footsteps running around to the front of the truck.

"Fuck!" She hears a male voice say from behind her. "Are you okay? Did I hit you?"

"No. No, you didn't hit me." Julie mumbles, trying to stand as she feels a pair of strong hands taking a hold of her upper arms, trying to help her. Julie hisses in pain as she puts weight on her ankle, intense pain causing her to stumble backwards toward the maniac who had almost ran her over.

"Easy…easy." She hears the man say in a rough, deep rumble. Something about his voice sounding vaguely familiar. "Taylor?"

Julie turns slowly, the man's hands still holding her upper arms, trying to keep her from falling, and comes face to face with Tim Riggins.

Well, more like face to chest. The man was tall – and she wasn't.

"Tim?" Julie asks, almost unable to believe it. So Tim was the maniac that had almost ran her over and ended her life. Okay, maybe that was a little too dramatic, but he had nearly scared her to death.

"Hey Taylor." He says, his lips forming that little smirk that had led the girls, and women, of Dillon to do unspeakable things for a piece of the star fullback. "I thought that was you. All that blonde hair."

"You thought it was me as you proceeded to try and end my life, you mean?" Julie says smartly, cocking her eyebrow at him.

Tim grins as he ducks his head, the action looking charming and very boyish, which was not the case at all. Tim Riggins had definitely grown up, and was all man, she thinks as she gives him a quick once over, her gaze quickly returning to his face.

"You're the one who stepped out into the damn road without looking." He says simply. He tilts his head and gives her a pointed look.

"I was in the process of looking when you blared your horn and scared the hell out of me." Julie says quickly.

Looking around, she realizes that she and Tim are standing in the busy street with traffic still moving around them. The two of them chatting away like it's nothing out of the ordinary to stand in the middle of a busy intersection and have a conversation.

"If you had looked I wouldn't of had to 'blare my horn'." Tim says lightly, repeating her words.

He tightens his hold on Julie's arms as she tentatively tries to put weight back on her ankle.

"Oh God. Shit. It hurts." Julie says through clenched teeth. She grabs onto Tim's arm to hold herself steady.

Before Julie can say anything else, she finds herself being lifted into Tim's arms and cradled against his chest.

"What are you doing?" She all but yells at him.

"You obviously can't walk Taylor. And I really think we need to get the hell out of the middle of the road." He says, walking around toward the passenger side of his old Chevy.

"Well that doesn't mean I need you carrying me either Riggins." Julie says as she huffs, blowing her bangs out of her eyes.

Tim doesn't say a word as he opens the door and gingerly places her in the truck. Julie could tell he was taking special care not to jostle her ankle.

"I need my backpack. It must be laying in the road." Julie says. "At the scene of the crime." She says with a smirk of her own.

"Didn't know you were a comedian Taylor." Tim says dryly as he closes her door.

Julie watches as he walks to the front of the truck, bending over to retrieve her backpack from the pavement, before quickly making his way around to his side of the truck and climbing in.

Julie sits quietly as Tim pulls the truck back out into traffic, heading down the road. "Will you give me a ride to my dorm room?" Julie asks.

"Nope." He says quickly.

"No? What do you mean no?" Julie asks. She turns in her seat to look his way, wincing as the sudden movement causes more pain in her ankle.

"No I won't take you to your dorm. You need to see a doctor." Tim says. "Your ankle's already the size of a damn grapefruit." He says, nodding toward her foot resting on the floorboard.

"It's fine. Really." Julie says.

"You're goin'." Tim says simply.

Julie rolls her eyes. "No, I'm not. I hate doctors."

"Too bad Taylor."

"When did you become so damn bossy?" She asks sarcastically.

"When did you become so damn stubborn?" He asks right back. A smirk on his lips.

"I'm a Taylor. Stubborn is my middle name." Julie says with a grin.

Tim chuckles at her remark, glancing over and meeting her gaze. "I believe that." He says. "You need to get it looked at though. What about going to the campus doctor?"

Julie sighs, knowing that Tim is probably right and that it was no use arguing with him. "I guess so." Julie says quietly. "It does hurt like hell. Though it's more the size of an orange than a grapefruit."

"Definitely grapefruit." Tim says.

"Orange." Julie says right back.

"Grapefruit." Tim says with a smirk.

Julie laughs as she shakes her head, turning to look out the window as they make their way toward the campus doctor. She knew that Tim was just trying to aggravate her to take her mind off of the pain. He was doing a good job at it too.

She sure hadn't expected this. The hurt ankle or the run-in with Tim. Although she had to admit, that if she had to almost get ran over by someone and have them carrying her to the doctor, she wasn't going to complain too much about that certain someone being Tim Riggins.