Title: Someone Like You

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Julie feels her legs trembling, partly from the cold and partly from nerves, as she watches Tim and the Longhorns facing the Texas Tech Red Raiders in their last regular season game.

Texas Tech was the Longhorns biggest rivalry, so it was huge that they pull off a win. On top of that, the Longhorns were ranked number one in the BCS standings, and with a win today, they were pretty much guaranteed a shot at the championship.

The game was currently tied at twenty-one all, with a little over three minutes to play in the fourth quarter. Julie was really hoping that the Longhorns scored. She wasn't sure if her nerves could take the game going into overtime.

"Ah hell! What kind of call was that ref!" Eric yells loudly from his spot beside her, running his fingers through his wild hair.

"Get some damn glasses!" Billy yells angrily toward the field.

Julie meets Tami's eyes, both smiling as they shake their heads.

Tim had managed to finagle four tickets on the 50-yard line for the big game. Tami and Eric had quickly taken two, with Billy taking the other. Julie had chosen the extra seat with her parents, foregoing her usual student ticket behind the endzone. Tyra, Landry, and Liza would just have to watch this one on their own.

"Alright, alright." Eric says, clapping his hands as the Longhorns' defense holds off the Raiders' offense on a fourth down, causing them to give up possession of the ball.

"I don't think I can watch this." Julie mutters, rubbing her hands together quickly to try and warm them up.

Her gaze quickly finds Tim as he runs onto the field, taking his stance on the line. Julie could practically feel his energy and intensity all the way up in the stands.

As the ball is snapped, Tim tackles the player in front of him with a quickness that was still a little shocking to Julie at times, easily laying him on the ground to make way for the Longhorns' running back to pick up several yards for a first down.

"Woohoo!" Julie cheers, linking arms with her mother as they jump up and down.

"That's what I'm talkin' about." Billy says loudly, turning to give Julie and her parents a huge grin.

"Tim is playing awesome today." Tami says with a grin, giving Julie's arm a squeeze.

Julie nods, smiling proudly as she turns her gaze back down to the field.

Play after play brings the Longhorns closer and closer to the endzone as the seconds dwindle down on the clock.

"Please God, Please God." Julie murmurs quietly, watching as Tim takes his place on the line for the last play of the game.

She blocks out the sounds of her father and Billy yelling loudly along with thousands of other fans, focusing intently on the ball as it is snapped to the quarterback and handed off to Josh, who makes it look easy as he runs the ball in for a touchdown.

Ha! Josh had scored the winning touchdown. Julie was sure that Liza was going crazy in her seat right about now.

Julie laughs as she is enveloped in a huge hug by her mother, followed by her father. Hell, she even ends up hugging Billy – something she never imagined doing. Everyone is ecstatic as they cheer along with the rest of the Longhorn fans.

Julie watches Tim on the field as he celebrates with his teammates. She laughs as she sees him pick Josh up and shake him playfully, no doubt congratulating him on that last run. After placing Josh on the ground, Tim turns toward the stands. Julie watches as his eyes scan the crowd quickly, finally falling on Julie.

He grins widely, raising his helmet in the air. Julie laughs, waving at him wildly as Billy and her parents do the same. She didn't think she'd ever seen him more happy than he was right now.


"I'd like to make a toast." Eric says later that evening as he holds up his bottle of beer from his end of the long table.

After the exciting day, everyone had gathered to have dinner and celebrate the big win. Tim and Josh were on cloud nine, and everyone else was pretty darn close.

"That was one hell of a game you boys played today." Eric says with a grin, motioning to Tim and Josh. "Y'all deserved it, no doubt about that. So here's to you boys, and to being here with friends and family. Cheers!"

"Cheers!" Everyone echoes happily, clinking their glasses and bottles together before settling back into their excited chatter.

Julie glances around the table at the odd assortment of people. Her parents, Billy, and Tim were seated to her left, while Tyra, Landry, Liza, and Josh were seated to her right. She honestly couldn't think of anywhere else she'd rather be right now than surrounded by the people that she loved the most.

"Hey." Tim says quietly, taking her hand underneath the table. "You okay?"

Julie nods, giving him a sweet smile. "Never been better." She says truthfully.

"Me too." He says with a smirk, giving her hand a squeeze as he looks down at her.

Julie feels her heart squeeze a little as she looks at him. She never imagined that she would feel this strongly about someone, especially not the gorgeous man in front of her. She loved him so much, and the great thing was she knew that he loved her just as much. Julie had no doubt that she and Tim would probably spend the rest of their lives together.

She wasn't crazy. She knew they were young and that they both had their own dreams and their own goals, and Julie sure wasn't planning on settling down anytime soon. There were places she wanted to go and things she wanted to do. But she knew in her heart that come what may, she and Tim would stay together.

As she glances back up at Tim, she finds him watching her. The look in his eye is almost as if he can read her thoughts as he leans down and places a brief but tender kiss on her lips. A simple kiss, but one filled with so much meaning. He didn't need to say the words as he squeezed her hand. She knew how much he loved her.


"Bye!" Julie calls as she watches her parents driving away.

After spending hours inside the restaurant laughing and enjoying the company, Tami and Eric had finally said that they needed to be heading home. Billy had quickly seconded that notion, stating that Mindy was probably already wondering where the hell he was.

Their friends had headed off after dinner, leaving Tim and Julie to say goodbye to their families, both promising that they would be home to visit very soon.

As Julie waves goodbye to her parents, she feels Tim place his arms around her waist from behind, resting his head on her shoulder.

"That was nice." Julie says softly.


"Seeing our family. The whole dinner. Being able to celebrate with the people you love." Julie says as she turns in his arms, facing him as she wraps her arms around his waist.

Tim nods. "Yeah. It was." He says as he drops a quick kiss on her forehead.

The two make their way toward Tim's truck. With Julie sitting by his side, Tim starts the truck and backs out of his parking space. As he starts to make his way out of the parking lot, a young blonde woman steps off of the curb in front of the truck, causing Tim to slam on the brakes.

"Shit." He mutters, watching as the young woman waves, slightly embarrassed as she makes her way toward her car.

Julie giggles as Tim maneuvers the truck out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

"What are you laughin' at?"

"I was just thinking…" Julie says with a grin.

"That's not good." He says dryly, chuckling as she hits him in the shoulder.

"I was thinking that I'm glad you didn't come closer to hitting that girl. You know what happened the last time you almost ran over somebody." Julie smirks, raising her eyebrows slightly.

Tim grins, placing his hand on Julie's leg and giving her an appreciative squeeze. "Yeah, Grapefruit. I know." He says softly.

The last time he almost ran over someone, he ended up falling head over heels in love with them.

"No worries, Jules." He says with a smirk.

Julie smiles as she rests her head on his shoulder, feeling totally content and absolutely in love.

"I don't have a single one." She whispers softly as the two of them head off into the night.


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