CM Punk's face had a wicked grin fixed across it, he had spent all day running around New York City after a phone call from Tennessee, from his much too busy husband who decided their love life needed to be "spiced up" on the phone. His flight had probably landed by now, and Punk was rushing hard to get everything in their bedroom set up from his shopping splurge in the most naughtiest stores in the city... and there had been more than he could ever have imagined.

He tightened the metal around his wrists, binding it to the bed post and strategically completing the task with his second hand. He squirmed in excitement against the headboard, biting down on his lip ring in anticipation as his name was being called.

The door pushed open to a very surprised John Layfield, his dark eyes glancing him, the handcuffs, and everything else once over, "... I sort of meant an romantic dinner out, Phil."