Teen Titans: Be Gentle With Me

Rating:M for Mature-Like Material. This stories contains yummy slash, sexual themes, bad language, nekkidness….. and of course, angst, violence, rape, torture, suicidal inclinations... all that good stuffs I enjoy writing so much! XD

Disclaimer:I do not own! I just exploit these DC/Warner-owned characters for my own amusement, nothing more.

Summary:When Kid Flash comes to the Tower for a long visit, Robin finds himself uncontrollably drawn towards the speedster's relaxed, down-to-earth attitude. Their friendship becomes something more, despite their respective girlfriends, and they choose to keep their forays a secret... but someone finds out, and uses it to his own sick advantage... slash, rape, Rob/KF, Rob/SF, KF/Jinx, and Rob/Slade

Author's Note: I never, ever, ever thought I would ever write a shipping story like this. Never. Ever. Ever. I don't do them... I'll include shipping if it's canon (i.e. SF/Rob, or KF/Jinx in my other story), or imply it without actually going into it... but never flat-out doing it. I'm a fan of platonic love - friendship love. These people don't bend over backwards for each other cuz they really want to sleep with one another - they just care about each other. That's why I never did shipping...

...then Kid Flash entered my life. XD Well, my roleplaying life... (I'm Robin). Aaaaand... that's how this story came to be...

We just decided that there isn't enough RobinxKidFlash love out there... and we're determined to change that... the title of this story is from the song Be Gentle With Me, by Boy Least Likely To. :3 It's our song... and these first few chapters will be quite adorable...

...of course, I had to take this beautiful story and warp and twist and pervert it... It's what I do best.

To my RotJ readers - sorry I'm not updating that... I needed my own vacation...

Anywho, let me clarify... This contains slash, which is boy-on-boy smutness! It also includes rape, emo-tastic angst, and other such awfulnessYou no like, then do not read!

Chapter 1: Sparkle for a Moment

Staring up into the solar system,
All the stars are fixed up in the sky.
I just want to sparkle for a moment
Before I just fizzle out and die.

It was just another day with Kid Flash "vacationing" in Titans Tower.

"Whatcha up to, Bossman?" the redheaded speedster quipped in his usual suave demeanor, suddenly appearing behind Robin, who was bent over something important in his work room. The sudden voice in his ear startled him, and he dropped the item, nearly causing it to roll off the table to break on the floor, but caught it at the last moment.

"Damnit, Kid Flash!" Robin spat, rolling his shoulder around to try and get the speedster off his back. "You should know better than to sneak up on me like that!"

"Gotta keep you on your toes!" Kid Flash replied casually, zipping around to the other side of the table and lifting another piece of evidence, looking at it curiously. "After all, who knows – it could be Slade next time."

Robin scowled, very annoyed by Kid Flash's snarkiness. He snatched the item from Kid Flash's hand. "Knock it off and get out! I don't want to deal with this today."

"Deal with what? With me?" Kid Flash asked, his voice sounding falsely hurt. "Oh, come now, you know you like me."

"Yeah, in small quantities," Robin responded sardonically, bending back over his table.

"Oooh, what's this thing do?" Kid Flash suddenly piped up, reaching out and grabbing something else.

"Wally!" Robin gasped before he could catch himself, flailing to try and pull the device from the speedster's hand. "Don't touch that! It's a—AUGH!"

It exploded, and the two boys cried out as a flash of light blinded them both, a small popping explosion making them jump. The Boy Wonder waited a moment, then blinked through blurred, sparkly vision. He shook his head to clear the floaties and looked back at Kid Flash, who was frowning down at their hands, where the item once was. Now, it was just a sticky mess of goo – with Robin's and Kid Flash's hands stuck together within it.

"…a sticky bomb…" Robin groaned bitterly. He twisted his hands around, eventually managing to wrench them free of his gloves, Kid Flash doing the same on his end. Robin tossed the ball of goop and gloves aside with a disgusted face.

"Would you just get out of here…" he grumbled to Kid Flash. "Seriously, you're going to break something…"

"Come on, Little Bird," Kid Flash said with a smile. "No harm done. And you need to loosen up – you're going to give yourself high blood pressure with all this stress."

"What stress? I'm perfectly calm!" Robin retorted through clenched teeth, his eyes narrowing dangerously behind his mask, his bare hands curling into fists.

"No you're not," Kid Flash said, cocking his head to one side. And his face didn't hold any of his usual smug arrogance, but genuine concern. He walked up to Robin and grabbed him by the shoulders, squeezing in with a demure smile. "Come on, relax. The world can take care of itself every once in awhile…"

Robin continued scowling, looking away from those blue eyes. "I don't have time for this…" he grumbled, shrugging out of Kid Flash's grip and brushing past him, heading for the table.

He was a foot from it when a yellow streak flashed across his vision. What that indicated didn't hit home until he hit the ground, Kid Flash holding him down. A patented Kid Flash speedglomp…

"Gerroff me!" Robin protested, staring up into that sparkling blue gaze. He pushed against Kid Flash's shoulders, but the boy leaned inward.

"Nuh uh! You need to relax, Boy Wonder," the redhead responded, reaching up and laying his hands on his face, fingers on his mask, a puzzled look crossing his face. "Now… how do you take this damn thing off?"

Robin's eyes widened. "Wait, Kid Flash don—AUGH!" Kid Flash had managed to get his fingers under a section of the mask, and with his quick speedster reflexes, yanked it off like a bandaid. The skin of Robin's face erupted in pure burning agony, tears springing to his eyes as he clapped a hand to his face.

"Jesus Christ!" he swore, rubbing his face. Was it bleeding – it had to be bleeding. "What did you do that for?"

"There," Kid Flash said simply, sitting back a little as though to admire his work. "You're just Dick now. The weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders. No mask – no hero…"

"Give it back…" Robin scowled, reaching out to snatch it from Kid Flash's hand, but the canary-clad boy chucked it behind him, it landing with a soft sound far behind him in the room. Robin then tried to wiggle his way from Kid Flash's grip, to push the speedster off, but Kid Flash just grabbed Robin's hands, pinning them above his head.

"I'm not letting you go until you promise to calm down."

"I promise…" Robin growled through clenched teeth, glaring up at Kid Flash with such intensity it was surprising the other teen's hair didn't catch fire.

"I don't believe you…" Kid Flash said, leaning in a little more.

Robin found himself growing red… their faces were so close right now. His anger melted into awkwardness, and he looked away.

"Come on, get off me…" he murmured, a little half-heartedly this time.

"Feeling a little vulnerable?"

Robin looked up into those stark blue eyes. Kid Flash's face had grown soft, demure, almost knowing. He maintained his grip on the Boy Wonder's arms, still straddling his thighs, his weight keeping the Titan leader rooted to the floor. Robin couldn't help but blush a little more, and he found himself unable to speak for a moment.

"Yes…" he finally whispered, trying not to look into those blue eyes. He found himself feeling nervous, jittery… energized… adrenaline pumping through his veins, pulling away his breath. He swallowed hard, trying to calm himself down… what was this…?

"Here, maybe this will help…" Kid Flash said. He released his hold on one of Robin's arms, reaching up and sliding his fingertips under the edge of his spandex cowl, pulling it up his face until it slid easily over his hair, suddenly revealing the rest of Kid Flash's young face… his forehead, his ears…. The cowl hung loose down his back, and the boy blushed the tiniest bit as he looked down at Robin, eyes falling half-closed in contentment. "There… no superheroes… just Wally and Dick… no worries."

Robin felt paralyzed, staring up at that face. His nerves were dancing under his skin, a shudder of a shiver racing down his back as Kid Flash… no, Wally… looked down at him. His heart was racing, like he had just completed a marathon at record time… his face had gone completely red.

"W-Wally…" was all he could manage to say, his brain feeling like it had shut down. "I…"


Was it just his imagination, or was the other boy's face getting closer….?

Time seemed to hang for the longest time as they stared at one another, blue gazes drawn together like magnets. Their faces were so close, their breaths mingled and tickled against each others faces… Robin could feel himself shaking ever so slightly, unable to look away, to speak, to do anything.

And if you asked him later who kissed first, he wouldn't be able to tell you.

It was more like a rush of electricity than a kiss. His whole chest seemed to explode with jittering light, which cascaded through his body, wiping away every worry, every regret, every ill thought.

And he gave into it. He didn't know why… it was so unlike him… but he just gave in to the feelings, to the sensations…

Wally started to pull away, but Dick reached a hand up, lightly sliding his fingers around the back of Wally's neck, his fingers slipping between strands of soft red hair as he pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. There didn't seem to be any complaint, as the redhead laid a hand gently against the Boy Wonder's head, entangling his own fingers in locks of black.

And one kiss turned into more kisses… their lips brushing against each other, pressing against each other, tongues taking exploratory journeys through parted lips.

After what seemed like both an eternity and a second at once, Wally pulled away. His normally pale skin was flushed a deep crimson, his breath coming and going in fast, shaky gusts, eyes a little glazed as he looked down at the Boy Wonder. Dick stared back up at him, his gaze a little unfocused, his mouth parted a little with a mixture of shock and wonder, feeling quite unable to breathe.

"I…" he began, completely baffled and rendered braindead by the whole experience.

"I know…" was all the speedster could say, looking away, almost shyly. He gulped hard, and then took a careful glance back towards the boy beneath him, a small, teasing smile playing on his lips. "Feeling relaxed now…?" he asked in a small, lighthearted voice.

"I… y-you could say that…" Dick admitted, his face turning, if possible, an even deeper shade of red.



"You, um, do realize your hand is halfway up my shirt…?"

Robin's eyes widened, and he flexed his fingers, feeling Kid Flash's soft flesh of his stomach. A cringe crossed the speedsters face, a sharp inhale cutting through his throat as he clenched his eyes shut.

"It tickles…"

"Feeling vulnerable now…?" Dick found himself asking breathlessly, eyes flashing.

A smile was spreading even broader across Wally's face as he looked back up at Dick. "Not really…" he said. His eyes were dancing with fervor, and his voice was tight, almost like a challenge…

What happened next happened quickly, even for the speedster. Dick managed to push Wally over, the two of them rolling to the side until Dick was straddling Wally, gripping the quick boy's arms tightly against the ground, pinning him down the way he had just been pinned.

"How about now…?" Robin looked down at the redhead with an almost hungry look to his eye, his grip tightening on the speedster's wrists, holding him tightly in place.

"Yup. Just a bit." Wally spoke matter-of-factly, eyes sparkling as he grinned up at the Titan leader. He lifted his head a little, his face growing smug. "What're you gonna do about it?"

Robin grinned mischievously, and bent in for another kiss, his heart and mind soaring, his face burning, everything feeling so right.

And then, suddenly, he stopped, right before their lips touched.

What am I doing…?

He pulled away, Wally's ready mouth following a little before the boy realized what was happening, his eyes opening to look up at the Boy Wonder in confusion.

"What's wrong?" he asked as Robin sat up completely, resting his weight on Wally's thighs. His pulse was still racing, his face still flushed, but his voice of reason was dousing him like a bucket of ice water on his head.

"What're we doing…?" Robin asked in a quiet voice, sliding off Kid Flash's lap to sit on the floor. He suddenly looked horrified with himself.

"…Having a little fun…" Wally replied, frowning deeply as he propped himself up on his elbows to look at the Boy Wonder.

"…this is a bit more than 'a little fun…'" Robin retorted in the same small voice, getting to his feet and turning his back on the speedster.

"Wait a minute. Dick…" Wally pushed himself to his feet and zipped around to stand in front of Dick, who turned his head, almost in shame. It hurt the redhead's heart… "It's… it's okay. Really. I mean… you liked it… didn't you…?"

Robin didn't respond. He simply turned away from Wally again, his shoulders hunched as though to ward him away.

"Damnit, Boy Wonder. Don't put your shields up on me. Be honest with me here," Kid Flash snapped, reaching a hand out to grip Robin's shoulder, as though to hold him in place… or to reassure him.

Robin swallowed hard, his eyes snapping around in their sockets as he tried to make sense of everything that was happening.

"I'm… I'm not gay…" he croaked in a tiny voice.

"Neither am I."

Robin swallowed. "And… and what about Starfire… or Jinx…" he glanced over his shoulder at the canary speedster, who was frowning even more.

"They… they don't have to know…"

"They'll find out…"

"Hey… We're superheroes… we know about secrets… we can hide this…"

"Wally…" Dick breathed, almost in annoyance, closing his eyes, trying to get his nerves to calm down, among other things.

"Dick…" Wally murmured in reply, softly, more of a moan than anything. He placed his remaining hand on Robin's other shoulder, leaning close to him and resting his chin beside his neck, the feeling of the speedster's breath on his skin causing a hard shiver to tumble down the Boy Wonder's spine.

"I…" Dick swallowed hard, blood rushing to his face again.

Come on, Boy Wonder… just walk away… you have more willpower than this…

Kid Flash brushed his lips along the back of Robin's hairline, close to his ear, causing the raven-haired boy to mew softly, craning his head back with his eyes closing.

"Woah…" Wally murmured with a soft laugh. "That was intense."

"Wally, please…" Robin murmured breathlessly, dropping his head and screwing his face up against the sensations crashing through him, fighting with himself more than ever.

Wally was silent for a long moment, pulling his face from Robin's neck. Finally, he released his grip on his shoulders. "Okay, Dick… if you don't want… I'll back off… I'm sorry…"

Against his better judgment, Robin turned his head to look back at Wally. The speedster had half-turned away from him, his eyes downcast, looking uncharacteristically forlorn. His hair was disheveled, falling in his face a little, a slight pink tinge still in his cheeks. As though feeling Robin's gaze, he reached his hands up and ran them through his hair, as though to fix it.

"Anyways, I-I guess I'll be going…" the speedster muttered sheepishly, forcing a smile as he thrust a thumb towards the door. "Sorry to interrupt you, Bossman… just thought you could use a break, that's all…"

Kid Flash turned, pulling his cowl back up, walking slowly towards the door.

Robin watched him, mouth parted a little as his mind reeled with all that had happened.

He's walking slow… he's trying to give you a chance to catch up… to stop him from leaving…

Oh, Dick… come on… what are you? Gay? You don't want this, you have work to do…

but it felt… so…

...Willpower, Robin…

Robin looked around, almost nervously, as though trying to find an answer in the newspaper clippings on the walls…

…he… just couldn't ignore the fact that, for that one moment, he had felt so perfectly at peace…

He found himself sprinting to catch up with Wally right before the boy opened the door, grabbing him and spinning him around, pressing him up against the door as his lips found the other's once more.

Fuck it… Robin thought, possibly for the first time in his life before his mind went blissfully clear once again. He didn't know why… but… he needed this…

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