"Where are they?" a tall girl with platinum blonde hair asked.

"They went over to the other side of town. So we should move out soon, if you want to?" a tall short black haired man said. He moved back from the window and looked at the girl that crouched before him. Her long platinum blonde hair hung down her shoulders, her bangs slightly in her eyes. She was one of the bravest out of the whole group in his opinion, she had gone with him on every food trip and on every survivor sweep.

She stood up "Alright. We leave in ten. The sooner the better, the others are getting hungry and to be truthful...so am I".

"Five. I want to get this over and done with so we don't have to leave again for awhile."

"Fine." she walked away from him. She made her way to Jake. He sat in the corner of the room and was curled up into a little ball to keep warm.

She sat down beside him, pulling her legs close to her chest and letting out a shallow breath "Hey.".

"Hey." Jake said with a smile. He looked at her with large eyes, he still couldn't get over the fact of how radiant she was, not to mention the fact that she had actually made the effort to talk to him when she had first moved to town. Now they were closer than he had ever thought they would be.

"Fuck it's cold." she shivered. Moving slowly, she cuddled herself up to Jake, she could feel his body freeze in surprise and then melt back as he realized that she was trying to get him warm.

"Could be worse. What are they?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her. She was so cold that he shivered. He wondered to himself if there was ever a moment when she realized how cold she felt to him.

"If I knew I would tell you. They remind me of vampires."

"Vampires aren't real Aiya." the tall short black haired man said as he moved toward the two teenagers "They're just some fucked up people here on some drug trip most likely, or some shit like that.".

"How can you be so sure? What are they then?" she glared at him. She could feel Jake stiffen as his older brother looked at him sitting so close to her "You think you know it all don't you? You judge everything the way you want to judge it. right Eben?".

"Vampires don't exist. They aren't real. You should know better than to assume I judge as fast as you claim I do, if I did you would have ended up in jail the night you moved here." he answered in a frustrated tone.

"Out here? In the middle of nowhere? Nobody in their right minds would come out here just to do what I did. Yes I fucked up on my first night, I kicked a man in the ribs for grabbing my ass, excuse me for existing. Besides why would someone come out here to do drugs and kill a whole bunch of people...no one." she shook her head.

"She's right Eben." Jake said in a small voice.

Eben frowned, he knew deep down that his little brother had fallen in love with this girl, the girl that no one really knew anything about, she was a mystery to everyone, everyone but Jake seemingly. "Jake...buddy..."

"We better get going." Eben reached out his hand to Aiya. She took it almost instantly and he pulled her up from Jake's arms.

She then made her way as fast as she could away from them and to the exit from the prison like attic.

"I don't know how you can love her." Eben said as he leaned down towards his brother. He grabbed hold of his hand and squeezed it. "She's fucked beyond compare, she's lucky she has skill and knows how to defend herself, otherwise I would have left her behind to fight those people off by herself."

Jake glared angrily at his brother, feeling a pit of hatred build up in his throat "I just do." Jake squeezed back. He watched his brother walk away. Aiya waved at him before she disappeared down the stairs. He waved back.

The air was freezing cold. The deep dark night spread out in front of them. Eben moved quickly and without much noise in front of her, his axe was raised and ready. Aiya moved swiftly but fearfully. Even though the people that she called 'vampires', had moved to the other side of town she was still afraid of turning a corner and finding herself face to face with one of them, and what made her even more afraid was the fact that she had no weapon to use against them, because they had stole it from her, Eben was her only protection. They made their way through the dead town, many pools of blood lay in the snow, frozen from the cold. Aiya had always had a fear of large amounts of blood but now after what had happened to her over the last two days, she was no longer afraid. She remember the first time that she had seen the pools of frozen blood. She had thrown herself into Jake's arms and hid from the world, but now after two other raids she did not need the comfort of someone else's arms.

"I want to get this over with as soon as possible. We go in, we get what we need, we get out." Eben whispered as he moved forward.

"Okay." Aiya whispered. She was scared, but she would never let Eben know. He thought that she was one of the bravest girls he had ever met and she wanted him to keep believing that, even if it wasn't true. Ever since she had left her home, she had promised herself that she would be strong, that she wouldn't care what people thought of her, that she would be brave. "No more crying" she whispered to herself, so quiet that Eben would not hear.

Eben made his way to the front door. He peeked into the small window on the door. Aiya stood a few steps behind him. She listened to the world around her, but all she could hear was the wind, and the faint cries of the vampire's calls on the other side of town.