The cold air sent chills through her body. Her mind raced as she tried to pull herself and her thoughts together.

"Damn it Aiya! Where did it go!?" Eben shouted angrily.

She completely ignored him and bent down to pick up her jacket.

"Fuck what happened to you? Why aren't you wearing your jacket!?"

Her bare shoulders still held the feeling of his breath upon it. It made her want him near her again.

Eben eyes searched her face "What happened?"

"Nothing. Leave me alone..." quickly putting her jacket on she made her way to the door.

There was no point in even bothering with her when she didn't want to talk. Eben had learned that many times before, instead of bothering, he picked up his bag as well as hers and followed this new strange Aiya outside.

"There is nothing to be said Eben. Leave me alone!" She pulled the cord for the attic stairs and made her way up toward the eerily lit room.

"I'm not letting this go Aiya! What the hell were you thinking!? That THING could have killed you! Why did you let it live?" He carefully pulled the stairs up and tried to calm himself.

Aiya had made herself comfortable beside Jake, who was asleep and breathing calmly. She lowered her voice to a almost silent whisper "Eben let it go. Please…nothing happened. I didn't kill it because I had nothing to kill it with. I'm fine so why do keep making a giant fit over this."

She was hiding something and he knew it, "Look…I don't know why you're not talking but you need to know that you could have been killed. You could have called for me. I would have done something!"

Stella made her way to Eben's side. "What's going on?" a look of worry on her face.

"Aiya won't tell me what happened in the store. I found her without her jacket on and one of those THINGS was running away." Eben sat down at his watch post by the window, Stella followed.

"Aiya…you should tell us what happened. We are only worried about you…"Stella smiled at Aiya then Eben.

Anger flashed through Aiya "Why should I tell YOU anything?"

"Okay enough. Fine don't tell us what happened. Just next time you will call for me. Got that?" Anger flashed through Eben eyes.

Aiya closed her eyes "Ya okay."

"Aiya?" Jake's tired voice broke the tension in the room. He looked up at her as she smiled down at him "You're back already."

She reached down and ran her finger through his hair "Shush you, I said I would be back fast. You don't believe what I say much do you?"

"I do. How did it go?" leaning his head against her head he looked up at her intently, she was so amazing to him.

Aiya reached for her bag and pulled out a package of Twinkies "What does that tell you?"

Jake's eyes lit up like a small child's. Everyone watched as a giggling Aiya handed the package to him, he opened and downed a whole Twinkie without chewing.

Stella lowered her voice so that only Eben would hear her "She really is good for him isn't she?"

"He loves her. She may be strange and different but he loves her. She makes him happy. Lucky for him to find someone his age." Eben's voice was low and soft. His eyes were closed and he held onto Stella's hand.

"I guess so…."

"Aiya you should get some sleep, you too Jake." Eden's voice interrupted their conversation.

Aiya looked up at him with tired eyes "Why?"

"Because I say so, plus you went on a food run today. That must have made you tired."

"Not really." She smiled at him sweetly.

"Aiya…come on. Everyone else is going to sleep. Why don't you two get some sleep to?"

"Eben…" Jake looked up at his brother angrily.

Aiya threw her hands up "Enough! I'll sleep I'll sleep! Geez…"

"Thank you." Eben smiled down at the two of them "Good night."

"Ya whatever…" Jake watched until Eben was out of hearing distance "Ugh what an ass."

"Whatever you say Jakey." She laughed and pulled on the back of his shirt so that he ended up lying down beside her. She smiled at him and cuddled close to him.

Jake yawned "You know I'm right."

"Right or not it's still your brother."

Jake made a humming noise and started to fall asleep. Aiya gave up trying to deny her body sleep, she closed her eyes and tried to forget all the things that had been running through her head for the last few hours. The next thing she knew, she was awake and it seemed to be a few hours later.

She lifted her head and looked around. Everyone was asleep, including Eben who had fallen asleep at the window So much for a guard.

Pulling herself from Jake's arms, she stood up. Looking down at his sleeping form, he looked so peaceful. Everything in her wanted to say with him, but she had to leave, she had to find the man that had saved her as a child, the man that had found her yet again after all these years. She wanted to stay with all her friends yet something in her would never let her, that yearning to be with the man that she had loved since she was a small child. She moved across the room as silently as she could and lowered the staircase. Lucky for her it moved swiftly and silently.

She looked around the room one last time. All her friends looked to happy when they slept. Not one of them had woken up to see her leave. She looked at the man that had acted as her protector, Eben, and smiled, as much as he treated her like a small child, she had grown to love him as an older brother. The last person she looked as before she disappeared into the night was the person she had grown strong feelings for. She smiled as he moved a little in his sleep. "I'll miss you Jake…" she whispered into the night and she made her way to whatever fate might await her.