Mary watched as her captain stuffed herself on the table like a pig. It was disgusting. Their crew was rooting her on, betting on how much she could eat and some other customers were trying to get her to pleasure them. Mary sighed and bowed her head, hoping for lunch to be over soon.

"Mary! Go see if my pizza is done yet!" Captain Jewelry Bonney ordered with her mouth full of turkey leg. The grease ran down her sleazy half top and her belly. Mary turned away, covering her mouth and shutting her eyes.

Mary had been raised in a proper family in the Calm Belt. She was properly educated and was an expert in etiquette. Sometimes she wondered why she became a pirate. Maybe it had all began when she and Jewelry would play pretend?

As she was reminiscing about her childhood, she accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't paying attention," she apologized as she found herself back at twenty one years old in a crowded restaurant on Shaboady Archipelago. She looked up at the person she had bumped into, a tall, handsome man with long blonde hair and a distant gaze in his eyes.

"You are forgiven. I see a light in you unlike any other person I've seen. Are you a pirate?" he asked her, his hand laid casually on the hilt of his sword.

"Yes, Marianne Read, First Mate of the Bonney Pirates," Mary said quietly but it seemed like everyone was listening. The man cocked his head in disbelief.

"I am Basil Hawkins, Captain of the Hawkins Pirates," he held out his free hand to her that was kept under his coat.

Mary only stared at his hand before curtseying. "I cannot shake a man's hand, it isn't proper etiquette," she told him, lowering her gaze.

"I see. It is hard to keep such high standards in the pirating business. Please, do not put out your light. I bid you farewell, Marianne," he said before side-stepping out of her way.

"Good day, Mr. Hawkins," Mary smiled as she passed him towards the kitchen.

Mary popped her head into the swinging kitchen double doors to see the chefs making several large pizzas with everything on it. She covered her mouth and nose when she saw all the topping on top of it. Big slabs of fish and different colored vegetables were laid on top of them. The smell was horrible. The whole kitchen smelled of fish and who knows what else they were cooking just for Jewelry, the spoiled brat.

She sat down at her captain's side, trying to avoid everything and everyone. It was a disgrace to be seen with her at this time. She slipped into her dream world as she watched the Hawkins Pirates eat with their captain at a nearby table.

She was back at the mansion again, sitting at the long, family dining table in the dining hall. At the opposite end sat the Commodore Drake. He was so handsome, mild mannered and he worked in the military with her father. What more could a girl ask for? She remembered specifically, his red hair and sideburns. Some of her earliest memories were of Drake's occasional visits. Maybe he was part of the reason she became a pirate?

"Mary, come on! We're leaving!" Jewelry shouted at her from the door.

She shook herself awake and found herself all alone as the Bonney pirates disappeared with Jewelry into town. Mary stood up and slowly walked towards the door.

"Don't lose sight of your light, Marianne," she heard Basil whisper as she passed his table. She nodded in reply and left as if the glutton and her crew had not been here.

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