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Drake groaned in pain and rolled over in the rubble. He opened his eyes and moved around a little before standing up. Nothing seemed broken, but he was very sore. He scanned the area, seeing that Urouge was still there. He laid off in the distance on his back, but his chest was heaving, so Drake could tell he was still alive. Basil was gone. Blood pooled in the spot where he had lain.

"Drake!" a woman's voice shouted. Drake turned, disappointed to know by the sound that it wasn't Mary, but Bonney. She ran up to him, her face twisted into worry. "Are you ok? Where's Mary?"

"I'm fine. I told Mary to find you when Kuma and Kizaru came through here," Drake told her.

"I haven't seen her! I'm really worried," Bonney said, looking around anxiously. "You don't think they found her, do you?"

"I doubt it. They probably mistook her for a local," he replied, trying to remain calm. There was no need to get frantic, it could get in the way of finding Mary.

"Are you by chance looking for a lovely lady in blue?" an old man asked as he made his way up to them. He slouched over on his cane, and his face was covered by gray, shaggy hair. He wore ragged clothes and makeshift cardboard slippers.

"Yes, have you seen her?" Drake asked, coming up to the old man anxiously.

"I happened to be having lunch when she came through this clearing and helped a tall blonde man."

"Basil Hawkins!" Bonney and Drake both exclaimed in unison.

"She is awfully helpful; that poor man. He had a hole straight through his side. I do hope he makes it," the old man shook his head.

"Thank you so much sir, we must get going," Drake thanked him.

"I hope you find her!" the man waved as the two pirates hurried off towards the docks.

"We'll eventually find his ship if he hasn't left yet," Drake told Bonney as they ran.

"Why did she go with Basil! You would think she'd be searching for you?" Bonney glanced over at him as they turned a corner. Drake was intent on the road ahead.

"I was in the rubble and unconscious, she wouldn't have found me. And Mary is the type of person who would help a stranger in need. If she could, she would have tended to all of us out there. He probably asked her to take him to his ship so his crew could take care of him," he told her and then noticed that Bonney had suddenly stopped. He jogged back to see what was wrong. Bonney stood there, her mouth slightly open, her eyes gazing off into the distance.

"Earlier at the restaurant, Basil was talking to Mary…," she said to him. This caught Drake's attention.

"Did you hear what he said?" he asked her.

"No, but I didn't like him at first sight. He's creepy," Bonney clenched her fists. "I don't like this…" she muttered.

"Come on, the faster we get there, the faster we'll know if she's alright," Drake urged, darting down the road. Bonney followed quickly.

After going on the deck for awhile and seeing the Archipelago drifting slowly away, Mary returned to Basil's cabin to see him sitting on top of the desk with his legs crossed and Tarot cards floating in the air.

"You shouldn't add stress to your wound," she warned him as she came up beside him.

"I'll be fine," he replied, touching a card and it trembled.

"Is that magic?" Mary asked curiously.

"Not really, in a manner of speaking," he replied, touching another card. When it shook, Mary saw some sort of support behind it as it vibrated in the air. The picture changed on the card, from a fool to a skeletal creature with a scythe.

"Is that bad?" Mary seemed worried.

"No, it means change, something new," Basil replied. Mary watched intently when he touched the next card, and revealed a couple embracing each other. Suddenly, the cards fell to the ground and Basil jumped off the desk to pick them up.

"What did that one mean?" Mary asked, bending to help him pick up the cards.

"Hm? Oh, well I don't know. I've never drew that card before. I didn't get a chance to read it either," he told her, fumbling around. This wasn't the cool and collected Basil that Mary knew from the restaurant.

"Is something wrong?" she asked him.

"No, just that my side hurts a lot," he said, grabbing his side – the one that Kizaru did not shoot a hole through –. Mary raised an eyebrow.

"Let me see," she said, putting the cards aside. He withdrew his hand and Mary saw that the blood was gone. She peeled back the bandages and saw bare skin. She was speechless as she pulled away, her mouth agape.

"How… How did you heal so quickly?" she finally asked him.

"I'm a quick healer?" he said, uncertain. He really didn't want to tell her the truth.

"No one can recover from a serious wound like that in a few minutes, Basil!" she exclaimed, almost shaking.

"Well, I guess I can," he got up, putting his cards in his pants pocket.

"That's… amazing!" Mary gasped.

"I suppose I am," he said smoothly as he leaned back against his desk.