As Bobby and Ellen walked away, Dean went back to the door. Leaning against the door, Dean wished that he didn't have to leave.

"Sam," Dean softly said. "I know you're mad at me, but I just wanted you to know that Bobby and I are leaving now. I wish you would open the door and let me see you before we leave."

Silence was all that greeted him.

"Okay," Dean sighed. "We'll be back soon. Bye, Sam. Be good for Ellen."

Dean hated himself at that moment as he forced himself to walk away from the door.

Slumped slightly in the seat with one arm on the door and his head leaning against his palm, Dean tried to take his mind off of Sam and how upset the boy was when he left. He knew that he had promised his brother several times that he would not leave him, and now he was going back on his promises. It had only been two days ago that Dean and made the deal with the crossroads demon and then found his now five year old brother alone and frightened in the abandoned ghost town.

"I know it was rough leaving him like that," Bobby interrupted his thoughts, "but you can make it up to him when we return. He doesn't understand that you left to keep him safe. It's important that we stop the Yellow-Eyed Demon from carrying out his plans."

"Bobby," Dean replied, "I know what you are trying to do, but it isn't helping. When Sam was really five the first time around, I was always the one who took care of him while Dad was gone. Now, he thinks that Dad is away on a business trip, and he thinks that I've abandoned him too."

"Ellen will take good care of Sam until you get back."

Dean dropped his arm from the door and gripped the steering wheel with both hands. "I know she will, but…"

Bobby cut through his words.

"It won't do you any good to dwell on it now. We need to concentrate on the hunt that we have ahead of us, especially since we aren't sure what we are going up against."

Reluctantly nodding his head, Dean tried to concentrate on Bobby's words as the older hunter started talking about their strategy for the upcoming hunt. Despite his best efforts, however, Dean couldn't stop his mind from occasionally remembering Sam's accusatory words, tear streaked face, and the door slamming behind him.

Knocking softly on the door, Ellen said, "I made you an afternoon snack if you want to come out and eat with me in the kitchen."

Her words were met with silence. She briefly wondered if Sam might have fallen asleep, but the bed creaking and the sound of a sniffle let her know that Sam was awake and hearing her words.

"I know you are upset, Sam, but please come out here with me. We can have some fun ourselves while we wait for Dean to come back."

Still nothing.

'Okay,' Ellen thought. It had been over an hour since Dean and Bobby had left, and Sam still hadn't emerged from the locked bedroom. 'I've tried to coax him out, but that isn't working. Time for Plan B.'

Briefly leaving the door, Ellen grabbed the tools that she needed. Once back at the doorway, it didn't take long to use the lock picking equipment to get the door opened. As she entered, she only had a second to see Sam's face before he turned over and buried his face in the pillow.

Ellen walked into the room and gently sat down on the bed. Laying a hand on top of Sam's head, she softly began to run her fingers through his hair. The tender movements finally dislodged Sam from his spot as he slowly turned his head and rolled his eyes up to meet Ellen's.

"I didn't get to say goodbye," Sam sobbed. "What if I don't see him again?"

"Oh, honey," Ellen sympathetically whispered. "Dean will do everything in his power to get back here. Do you want to call him and talk for a minute?"

Sam's eyes widened. "Can I?"

"Sure," Ellen smiled. "I'm bet Dean would love to hear from you. He was really upset when you ran away from him and wouldn't talk to him before he left."

Sam sat up and lowered his head guiltily. Wanting to take the sad look off of Sam's face, Ellen quickly grabbed her cell phone and called Dean. Within seconds, Dean's worried voice answered the phone.

"Ellen? What happened? Is everything okay?"

Ellen gave Sam a reassuring pat as she held the phone out for Sam to grab. For a second, Sam stared confusedly at the phone. He had never seen a cell phone before, and he wasn't sure at first what to do. Understanding the problem, Ellen put the phone against Sam's ear.

"Talk to Dean," Ellen quietly instructed him.

"Hello?" Sam hesitantly said.

The reply was instantaneous.

"Sam! Are you okay?" Dean demanded.

Hearing Dean's voice on the phone, Sam immediately lit up.

"I'm sorry. Please come back. I miss you. Don't be mad at me. I didn't mean it."

Sam would have continued babbling, but Dean interrupted.

"Sam, slow down all right," Dean chuckled. It was great to hear his brother's voice again, to know that Sam still wanted him, needed him. "I promise as soon as Bobby and I are done with this job, we will come back to you. I miss you too, Sam."

"Will you see Daddy where you're going?" Sam asked.

There was a slight pause before Dean answered, "No, Sammy. Dad's working somewhere else."

Disappointed, Sam said, "Can I call him?"

"Sorry, Sam. Dad can't answer his phone right now. He's really busy with his work."

Dean hated lying to Sam about their father, but his brother wouldn't be able to understand if he told him that their father was dead. In Sam's mind, their father was still alive.

Trying to distract Sam from asking anymore questions about their father, Dean said, "I need you to listen to Ellen while we're gone, okay? She's in charge until I get back. Be good for her."

"I will," Sam promised. "I wish you didn't have to go."

"Me too," Dean said, a small lump in his throat. "I'll call you as soon as I can to let you know when we'll be back. Do you still have the necklace that I gave you?"

Looking down, Sam fingered the necklace that was hanging under his shirt. His brother had given it to him to wear while Dean was cleaning out his scrapes. Holding onto the necklace tightly, Sam answered affirmatively.

"Take good care of it for me," Dean said. "If you get scared or lonely, just look at the necklace and remember that I'm there with you."

"Okay. Bye, Dean. I love you."

"Love you too, Sammy."

Sam reluctantly handed the phone back to Ellen. Wanting to cheer Sam up, Ellen stood up off the bed and held her hand out.

"I made some peanut butter sandwiches. Come with me into the kitchen. I can't eat them all by myself. When we finish, I'll take you to the toy store."

Sam perked up a little at the promise of getting a new toy. Grabbing Ellen's hand, he began to drag her out of the room.

Dean was glad when they finally reached Wyoming. During the drive, he and Bobby and gone over and over what they would do once they reached the area. They still weren't sure what plans the demon had, but they knew they needed to be extra careful. Dean wanted to make sure that he would come home to Sam in one piece.

Opening the trunk, Dean and Bobby each grabbed a gun. Double checking that the gun was fully loaded and ready, Dean impatiently tapped the barrel against his leg.

"Are you ready?" Bobby asked, while sticking some extra supplies in his jacket pocket.

A steely look entered Dean's eyes.

"Hell, yes. Let's end this tonight."

Quietly, the two hunters began walking over the railroad lines. The area was quiet and still all around them. Sweeping his head from side to side, Dean was alert and looking for any sign that Jake might have come this way. Through a few trees, Dean's brow furrowed when he saw a cemetery up ahead. Old crumbling tombstones leaned crookedly out of the ground. Several of the stones were so old that the names were no longer visible.

Squinting, Dean was able to make out a figure standing near what looked like a mausoleum. As he glanced over at Bobby, the older hunter nodded to let Dean know that he had seen the figure too. Raising one hand, Dean pointed at Bobby and then pointed in one direction before pointing at himself and then gesturing in the other direction. Bobby nodded once again as the two hunters split up and began walking towards the man from opposite sides.

Dean carefully walked over the ground, avoiding any sticks or leaves that might alert Jake to the fact that they were closing in on him. Standing a few steps behind and to the side of Jake, Dean raised his gun and aimed it at the man's head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bobby in position as well.

From his spot, Dean could see the Colt in Jake's hand. The man was leaning slightly toward the doors with the gun outstretched. It looked like he was trying to fit the barrel of the gun into a small hole.

"I've got a gun aimed at your head," Dean warned. "Unless you want your brains decorating this graveyard, you'll slowly turn around and toss me the Colt."

A slight stiffening of Jake's shoulders was the only sign that Dean had surprised him.

"And just in case you get any ideas, I didn't come alone," Dean continued.

Jake slowly lowered the gun to his side and turned so that he could face both men surrounding him. Despite the fact that he was outnumbered, Jake had a smirk on his face.

"What are you laughing at?" Dean growled.

"It's funny," Jake commented, "the fact that you think you will win."

Dean clenched his jaw tight. "I'd shut my mouth if I were you. You stabbed my brother, and I'm not feeling too generous right now. My finger might slip and…"

His voice trailed off when he realized that his finger was frozen in place. He tried to pull the trigger, but his finger wouldn't move an inch. Quickly glancing up, his eyes immediately saw the satisfied look on Jake's face.

"My psychic powers have grown quite a bit."

"Yeah?" Dean grunted from the strain on his hand. "Why's that?"

"Your old friend the Yellow-Eyed Demon fed me some of his blood," Jake casually replied.

Shocked at the answer, Dean quit concentrating on his hand and instead concentrated fully on Jake. A slight movement caused Jake to quickly raise his hand to the left and stop Bobby in his tracks. Despite the fact that he still couldn't move, Dean could tell that there was a little less pressure on his hand than there had been before. Carefully watching Jake's face, Dean noticed a drop of sweat begin to roll down the man's face.

"You may have grown more powerful, but it doesn't look like you can hold both of us for long," Dean taunted.

"You know," Jake said, as his face began to show more strain, "I resented the demon at first. He had captured me, forced me to kill. I didn't want to do it, but he left me no choice. He threatened to kill my family. I tried to resist him at first when he fed me a few drops of his blood, but I could tell that my power was growing soon after." Jake paused before softly adding, "It feels so good."

A disgusted look filled Dean's face. He could tell that Jake wouldn't last much longer trying to hold back him and Bobby. Dean just needed to distract him for a while.

"When he doesn't need you any more, you know he'll kill you, right?" Dean asked. "Whatever he wants you to do, it isn't worth all the people who will die or get hurt from it."

Jake's outstretched arm was beginning to tremble. His eyes glanced between Dean and Bobby, and Dean could tell when the man had made his decision. Dean felt one strong push on his arm. As his arm swung to the side, the pressure holding his finger off of the trigger disappeared. Even though he tried to prevent it, the absence of the pressure caused his finger to pull back on the trigger. The gunshot was loud in the quiet night, and Dean was horrified when he realized that the gun had been pushed in Bobby's direction. Bobby yelled and suddenly dropped to the ground. Blood started staining the ground, but Dean couldn't tell how badly Bobby had been hit.

Without waiting to see what his actions had caused, Jake abruptly turned around and inserted the barrel into the hole and turned the gun. A clicking sound filled the air and Dean rushed to get out of the way.

"Bobby!" Dean yelled as he approached the hunter lying on the ground.

Dropping to his knees, he saw the blood coming out of Bobby's side. Gently, Dean started raising the shirt up so that he could see the wound. A hand on his arm stopped the motion. Glancing up, Dean met Bobby's pain-filled eyes.

"There's no time," Bobby grunted. "We have to stop the doors from opening."

"Why?" Dean asked, glancing over at the doors.

All of a sudden, the doors burst open. Black smoke forms began to quickly pour out of the opening. Jake was lying unconscious on the ground to the side of the doors. He had been flung back when one of the doors opened and smacked into him.

Bobby struggled to sit up, and Dean tried to force him to lie back down. Impatiently, Bobby brushed off the hands.

"That's a Devil's Gate," Bobby yelled over the loud noises emanating from the open doorway. "It's a door into hell. We've got to close the doors now!"

No longer trying to argue or stop the hunter, Dean grabbed Bobby under one arm and helped him to his knees. The blood was still slowly seeping from the wound, but Bobby just ignored the pain and struggled to his feet. The two stumbled over to the doors, Bobby occasionally leaning on Dean's shoulder.

"Can you do this?" Dean shouted, as he braced himself against one door and Bobby took the other one.

"No other choice," Bobby growled.

Leaning their full weights against the doors, the doors slowly started closing inch by inch. As he looked around the side of the door, Dean noticed that Bobby looked ashen. Sweat was beading on his forehead, and his white knuckled grip on the door didn't look like it would hold for long.

"One more push, Bobby! Don't you dare pass out on me," Dean threatened.

With their final strength, they heaved and finally got the doors to slam shut. Breathing heavily, Dean let his head fall back against the door as Bobby slid down to sit on the ground.

"You may have closed the doorway," a mocking voice called out, "but I still have many more plans in motion. Such as plans for our dear Sammy."