Title: Bubble Bath

Author: bleu-bella

Word Count: 637

Created: July 8th, 2012

Completed: July 9th, 2012

Author's Note: It's been so long! Words can't express how awful I feel - but re-reading through all of your sweet and thoughtful reviews has made me determined once again!

This installment takes place a year after the last chapter.

"So anyways, enough about me and my lazy-ass boyfriend. Tell me aaaalllll about your man... Sakura, dammit, put down your biology notes!"

"Finals are next week, pig."

"Don't you sass me! This is the first time we've seen each other in, like, three days!"

"How am I friends with you - no! I haven't memorized those yet!"

"You'll get them back afterwards, if you're a good little girl and tell me everything I want to know!"

"I hate you."

Ino was absolutely relentless earlier; the mere thought of the interrogation tactics the pig had used against Sakura made her groan and sink lower into the bathtub. She had avoided being alone with Ino ever since... Problems started, but eventually felt guilty and therefore gave into the pig's seemingly heartfelt demands. Ino was a master manipulator, clearly. Sakura couldn't believe she had been so easily outmaneuvered. She should have noticed the gleam of victory in Ino's eye... Even worse was the thought that it actually had been good for her to talk about him. She hated when the pig was right.

Itachi hadn't been the most attentive recently. In fact, Sakura was beginning to think it was a miracle if they talked every couple of days - on the phone. Yes, she understood that finals were even tougher on law students, but this wasn't really a recent development. He had been growing distant for a few months. It had been a pretty shocking change, after the better part of a year being so wonderful... She really just couldn't understand it. And so, as she normally did with such things, Sakura tried to ignore it.

"Get it together, Sakura! You have to confront him!" Ino's words had been a near constant presence in the back of her mind for the entire afternoon. The more she thought about them, the more worried she became.

And a worried Sakura was a desperate, slightly poor-thinking Sakura.

By the end of the week, she was exhausted. Sakura had seen him, alright. A total of times slowly approaching twenty.

And they hadn't said a word to each other. Mostly because Itachi had absolutely no idea that Sakura was essentially stalking him (at least, she hoped he didn't know). Every time she spotted him on campus or in the park he likes or from the coffee shop window he passes on his way home, instead of steeling herself and running after him to give him the good profanity-infused shouting that part of her thinks he deserves, Sakura would just duck into the nearest building, or slink behind a tree, or quickly raise her cup in front of her face.

The worst part was that, more often than not, she spotted him with another, older, woman.

Enough is enough! She berated herself, on the verge of tears. You have an o-chem final three days from now! So what if that bastard is a good-for-nothing, cheating, lying, horrible excuse for a boyfriend! With awful taste in women, apparently. Blue hair? Seriously?

It didn't add up. Never, in the years she had known him, did Sakura ever expect Itachi to do something so horrible as cheat on her. But he was smart, maybe too smart. Maybe she was more naïve than she thought. Maybe he had played her from the very beginning.

Maybe it had taken him this long to finally slip up.

And now, as realization after realization came crashing in, Sakura wasn't sad anymore.

Oh, no.

She was angry.

A/N: So, not the happiest return... But exciting, right? It's exciting. I promise. Or it's going to be. Really.