Hymn to the defied Caesar

In the times of ravage and hate
When demons sneak behind you,
Conspirators hide in the shadows-
Do not let your fear control you

In the days of contempt and betrayal
When those closest to you
Become your worst enemies
Do not let your wounds be seen

In the age of no-forgiveness
When avenger is approaching your palace
Former deeds hunt your thoughts
Do not let the guilt oppress you

When life is nothing more
Than a frightful dream
And no one shares it with you
Do not let this nightmare hold you back

When death looks you straight in the eye
Smile at her and don't shudder
Raise your head and look at the sun
Feel the rose petals falling softly on your face

And as the knife cuts through your throat
And blood is staining your garment
Endure the pain, stifle the moan
Don't let your murderer see how you suffer

And as you collapse on the ground
The darkness starts shroudng your eyes
Do not die in despair
For though you've been beaten, You shall never be conquered...