1Sophie turned the water off, smiling proudly at the freshly washed, homegrown cherry tomatoes. She lifted the little bowl and wandered through the large building. They were between jobs, all just staying somewhere in MCHammer's place. She wandered up the stairs, eating a cherry tomato every no and then, and after a few minutes, she heard music. She started humming along absently, moving down the hall to the tempo. It took her a moment to realize that for her to hum along, she had to know the song.

Moonlight and love songs, never out-of-date

Hearts full of passion, jealousy and hate

Woman needs man and man must have his mate,

Sophie wandered down the hallway, searching for the music. She stopped outside of Nate's room to see him at a piano, his fingers dancing skillfully along the keys. The familiar tune was coming from here. Sophie closed her eyes and sang along, crescendoing to a decent volume and coming to his side.

"That no one can deny...

It's still the same old story,

A fight for love and glory

A case of do or die..."

He looked up at her, and she smiled. She tossed a cherry tomato at him and he caught it in his mouth and smiled at her.

"The world will always welcome lovers

As time goes by..."

The music ended, and Nate stood up and pulled the cowl of tomatoes out of her hands, placing them on the piano bench behind him and taking her into his arms. "Woman needs man..." He quoted.

Sophie slid her arms around his neck with a smile. "And man must have his mate." She whispered. She dragged his lips to hers.

The fundamental things applied.