Robert breathing quickened and he groaned. "O-Oh." He heard the knob of his office opening and quickly pushed forward. He cried out in pain.

"Are you all right?" A woman with really- really bushy brown hair asked as she walked in. Robert nodded biting his lip. The woman was normal in a sense but then again in a straight man's view she was something to tap. The other woman that had followed behind her had black hair and elegantly sat herself down. Robert groaned and banged his head against the table.

"Are you sure you are all right?" The woman asked again. Robert could only guess that Hermione was really slow at this stuff. The other woman, Pansy, seemed to be more aware then her spouse. Harry had 'warned' him that they'd be coming in. Even Blaise and Ron wrote a letter to him 'apologizing' for the amazing show.

Pansy's eyes narrowed.

Robert shakily sat up straight and forced a smile. His face was flushed. "I-I-I'm just a littttttllle tired. So…why exactly did you decide to come heeeeereeeeE?"

Hermione sniffed and glared at the floor. She looked like she was cursing something. Pansy also glared but it didn't look like it was the same reason. "They thought it was unfair that we haven't come here yet. Although they didn't think about how we already knew you Robert! Seriously we are the ones who sent them to you! I can't believe Harry can be so slow sometimes-" Robert moaned but it sounded like a groan. He flushed and clutched something soft under the table. Hermione gave him a worried look. "Are you really sure you're all-"

Pansy stood up aruptedly and stalked out of the room slamming the door behind her.

"P-P-Pansy?" Hermione stuttered in shock. Robert moaned and banged his head against the desk again. Hermione's face went red with realization and she finally noticed the pair of feet sticking out from under the desk. She also stood up. "H-Have a nice day Robert…maybe…we'll…come back another time." She left in a rush after muttering a good day to Matt too. Hermione caught up with her wife.

Pansy was at the entrance and turned to Hermione. She gave Hermione a sharp glare. "Hermione…how come everyone you have so far introduced me to or already knew is gay?"

"Blaise is gay." Hermione pouted.

"No he is bisexual there is a difference."

"Why are you so against gay people?!" Hermione whispered angrily.

"I'm not. I just draw the line at sex."

Hermione gave her wife a glare and huffed. She crossed her arms but smirked playfully. "You prude."

"I resent that." Pansy muttered.


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