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Chapter 9

I wound my arm up around to feel his neck. My fingertips brushed hair.

Suddenly his body and mine were humming with electricity. He felt amazing. I ground my hips against his more. He bent over and nipped my ear. I felt my head lean to one side.

"Mm, how I've missed you lover."…

My heart stopped. I could literally feel it hitch in my chest and then sputter and start frantically beating again. I was suddenly hyper aware that Eric was behind me. I felt danger and relief at the same time. I was ecstatic and terrified to see him. My first impulse was to fight through the pulsing crowd away from him, but Eric could tell that was what I was thinking. He put his hands firmly on my waist and pressed my body hard against his. I couldn't help myself feeling the lust. I hadn't slept with him in more time than I hadn't seen him and my crazy lusty hormones were all systems go and ready for take off.

Eric was too. The hardness in his jeans said as much. It was almost too much for me to just do it right there on the dance floor. Eric was probably thinking the exact same thing because he slipped his hands down under my dress where I was suddenly reminded that I was not wearing any underwear. But is wasn't like I'd had anything that I could wear under my white dress and have it not be visible, color or outline wise. I tried to turn away from him, but Eric had already found the wet heat between my legs. I gasped, remembering just how deftly he could use his fingers. He was rushed though; I could feel his desperation.

"Eric, please not here." I managed to get out.

I was amazed that I had even a shred of sanity left. I was breathing heavily and Eric was just as ready as I was. I didn't know if it made more sense to get the sex through with and then talk or the other way around. But then I figured that Eric would probably want to spend hours in bed. I managed to pull far enough away from him so that we weren't touching in the heady crowd. Eric turned his eyes on mine then and I could see the burning in them. I felt a fire blaze through me from the bottom of my toes to top of my head. Eric must have been able to sense the heat changing in me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me along behind him to a private booth in the upstairs of the club.

He settled into the booth and pulled me along with him. I was pulled onto his lap so that i was straddling him. Eric's striking face was right in front of mine. His lips were so close to mine. It was too tempting, especially if we were supposed to talk.

"I need to be touching you." He told me. Eric's eyes bore into mine as I shifted in his lap. My legs sat on either side of his. His hands stroked my legs and I shifted again, brushing against his erection. Eric's eyes widened.

"Don't move like that." He gasped. "Don't move if you want to articulate anything other than moans."

"Sorry." I blurted out. "I'm Sorry." I said again. I hung my head in front of him; wishing I could have found another way to deal with my problems and wishing I could have been more supportive to Amelia so maybe she wouldn't have felt like she had to get away. Mostly though I was wishing that I could just let myself fall in love with him. Fall in love so thoroughly that even all the vampire politics in the world wouldn't tear us apart. Was it too much to dream of?

I could see it for a second, but then I realized that even my fantasy wasn't what I thought it was.

"Eric, I wish I could stay with you forever. I wish I could give you strength when you need it. I wish you could love me and care for me like I want to love and care for you." I didn't look him in the eyes. I didn't want to be able to guess what he would say next.

He wrapped his hands around me, grabbing my butt and grated me forward onto him, so that if he was perfectly poised to start sliding into me. I quivered in anticipation.

"Do you really mean forever?" My head snapped up to meet his gaze. It was soft now. He looked at me imploringly. Did I mean forever? No, I was still profoundly against becoming a vampire. Then I realized something, Eric probably felt the same way I did. He knew that given a certain amount of time we would no longer be together and there was yet to be any change in my resolve. His fears were the same as mine. We were both scared to care too much.

"No." I smiled sadly at him. Eric looked down. It was strange to see him so emotional. I kissed his nose. "I love you." I told him. He looked up at me and I felt the tie between us. It felt like it gave a quirk, or tightened. The bond felt tangible, like I could reach out and tug on a string that connected us. Something was happening.

Eric kissed me then. I knew what he wanted. It was also what I wanted, but I was still scared as hell that everything was just going to end badly. I felt his tongue pressing against mine demanding I respond to him. For a second I doubted again, but then I was lost in a wave of emotion. It was a furry of touching. Eric had unbuttoned his jeans so that he could enter me. My fingertips skimmed his shaft and he shivered. It felt like the whole world just sucked in a breath and then he slowly sank into me. I thought that he would be pounding in haste like before, but he was slow and intense. I shook with every thrust. He pace quickened little by little and I could feel myself building up with such an extreme pleasure. Eric leaned his forehead against mine and he stared into my eyes. I knew he liked it. I liked it too though. I liked being able to see the pleasure in his eyes. I nipped his bottom lip and he pawed my carotid artery. It was definitely working on overtime desperately trying to get more blood to my brain so I could think, but the only thing I could think was that I wanted to kiss Eric. I did and Eric's thrusts started coming quicker. He bent his head to my neck and lapped at my pulse. I was so near the edge. His teeth scraped my skin and I was almost done for.

"Eric" I moaned his name over and over trying to coax him into giving me what I was almost upon.

"Together Lover." He whispered near my most sensitive ear. He pounded into me quick and rough then, and we came at the same time. I was so swept away by how fiercely the orgasm ripped through me that I didn't notice him bite into me and take blood.

I slumped against him. Eric too leaned against me, but he was still hard inside of me. I sighed. The sound from the club seemed to suddenly reappear as I regained my thoughts and my head pounded with the loud beats.

"I understand why you ran away Sookie." I looked up at him confused. "You wanted me to follow you. You wanted my to come and find you." He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Your insights into my decision making are remarkable Eric." I told him and he rubbed his cheek against mine. He had wrapped his arms around me and was placing feather kisses along my neck and down to my collarbone.

"Come on." Eric maneuvered out of me and zipped up again. I had thought we were going to go for another round. "Lets get back to someplace where it's just us." He pulled my with him. Away from the club that now seemed too crowded and too noisy.

Eric and I took a cab down to the hotel that he was staying at. It was kiddy corner to the one Amelia, Raul and I was at. He had probably known where I was the whole time.

As we made our way inside I found myself feeling uncomfortable if Eric and I weren't touching. It wasn't conscious, but at one point we were jostled apart and it made me feel uneasy. I let it slip. I was probably just excited after finally being able to see him and be near him again.

Eric led the way up to his room. Once inside I could tell that we would be up all night. The air hummed with our eagerness.

"I need to let Amelia know I'm safe." I told him. Eric pulled me away from the phone that sat on the nightstand.

"It's okay. She'll be informed that you're with me." I rolled my eyes and grinned. He'd probably been planning this for a while now. Eric pulled me towards the bathroom and I knew what was in store for me. By this point I was ready to follow him anywhere. All reasons on my "Why not to be with Eric" list were abandoned.

By the time I was falling asleep I was so drained I could barely tell what I was doing. I wasn't sure if we were still at it, or basking in the after glow. I was so out of it that even the strong feelings of greed and menace that seemed to waft through the walls didn't faze me.


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