Title: The Way It Came To Be
Disclaimer: Harry Potter does in no way belong to me nor do I claim in any way that it does. I am merely using the characters to fulfill my twisted imagination.
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: M
Pairings: RLxSB, RLxJP (in a purely platonic, friend-with-benefits sort of way), JPxLE
Summary: James finds out who Remus is in love with and is determined to get them together. Sirius, meanwhile, thinks James and Remus are getting far too close for comfort.
Authors' Notes: I love RLxSB, and I also love RLxJP. I most especially love RLxJPxSB. I'll try to keep the third to a minimum, though. Maybe in future fics :)


Their prank had gone exceptionally well. It was absolutely hilarious when all the professors stood up after dinner and their robes flew up past their noses Marilyn-Monroe style (not that Sirius or James knew who she was). In fact, it was quite funny when students discovered what was up their professors' robes. Who knew Dumbledore had such great legs?

It was fortunate that he also had such great humor as he chuckled it off, waved his wand and the robes of the professors stopped keeping flying up. All those who ate at the head table, save for Dumbledore, forced their glares toward a particular table in the Great Hall: the Gryffindor table. More specifically, toward a group of four teenage boys who were almost fully succeeding in keeping their sniggers to themselves. They finished their meals quickly and departed to avoid the heated stares from their professors.

Upon exiting the Great Hall, they all burst out laughing, clutching their sides and wheezing out breaths between chuckles and tears.

"That was a fabulous idea!" crowed Sirius, tossing an arm over Peter's shoulder. James giggled the last of his giggles, wiping a tear out of his eye. Remus had long stopped laughing and was now slightly frowning as his sensitive hearing picked up a soft, hushed voice. Upon realizing who it was, he grabbed the naerest person and hauled him into an alcove behind a tapestry. He was just about to call out to the two other boys but his frantic whisper could not be heard over Sirius's boisterous voice. "Ahh, Wormtail. You keep hanging out with us and soon, you, too, will learn the secrets of how to think up a fabulous plan just like that last one I thought of!" Peter was just about to mention that that was James's idea and Remus's wand waving but he was interrupted.

"So it was your idea, was it, Black? And I suppose Mr. Pettigrew here was your accomplice?" came Filch's voice from around the corner. Caught nearly red-handed, the two boys froze and looked around for Moony and Prongs. Unable to locate them, they tried to run but Filch caught them by the scruffs of their necks and hauled them to McGonagall's office for punishment.

"Oh no..." Prongs moaned. He knew what was in store for them. McGonagall wasn't particularly impressed with the prank after it had proved to everyone that she, in fact, wore sexy, red, lacy panties. Remus hushed him while Filch and the two Marauders passed. Their was nothing they could do now. Their souls were in God's hands. After they had departed (no pun intended), the stag and the werewolf ran for cover to their dormitory. They would hole up there while tempers cooled. They knew, by Marauder code, Sirius and Peter would not rat them out (again, no pun intended). Upon arriving at their room, they again burst into laughter, falling over one another on the floor.

"That was so awesome!" James snickered, heading to his trunk and pulling out a bottle of firewhiskey and two shot glasses, as he always did after a particularly good prank. Remus breathed out deeply after the last of his chuckled died down.

"That was particularly good" he agreed, filling the glasses with the alcohol. Prong plonked down beside him and raised his glass.

"To Sirius and Peter, who took one, or two, for the team!" he toasted. Remus clinked his glass with James' and gulped down his share of firewhiskey. They knew Sirius and Peter wouldn't be back for quite a couple of hours due to the detention given to them, but the remaining Marauders had the grace to wait up for them, knowing as it was their fault too why the rat and dog were in detention. Thus, they spent the next hour drinking and talking about random stuff... well, mostly James' love life.

"This is what I don't understand" Remus started, "Why is it that you claim you love Lily, and yet you continue to sleep around with other women. I mean, if I loved someone, and I'm not saying I am" he added rather too quickly, as James noted, "I wouldn't sleep with anyone! I'd probably be pining away trying to get that person to notice that I am reserved exclusively for him... er, in your case, her."

"You are forgetting one thing, Remus. I am a boy" James declared, as if that explained everything in the world.

"What am I, a tree?" the werewolf asked sarcastically, one eyebrow raised. The stag rolled his eyes and huffed.

"I am a BOY. A teenage boy with random, excessive hormonal bursts that need to be satiated if I want to remain a functional human being" he clarified, "I mean, I NEED sex. What else am I supposed to do when I get a raging hard-on?"

"Jack off? Take a cold shower? Ignore it? Think of Dumbledore and Serverus getting it on?" Remus counted down with his fingers. They both turned toward each other and laughed at the last one. After they had quieted down, James asked, "You know all about my love life. But I never remember you talking about yours. Is there anyone you like in particular?" Remus frowned very, very slightly.

"No" was all he said, but James made a mental note to pry it out of him later.

"But I mean we've learned about werewolves and such and I, of course, have done some research myself. Don't your hormones, you know, go out of whack when the full moon is approaching?"

"Well... yes..." Remus bit his lip, in a way that James found oddly... attractive.

"So what do you do about it?" came the impossibly innocent inquiry. Remus knew better; he knew that the inquiry was far from innocent. He did not answer, he did not move. James did though; he moved closer... just a hairbreadth away. "Like now for instance?" he asked in a whisper. Remus bit his lip again as he felt himself harden. He didn't know if his friend what joking or being totally seductive.

Maybe it was the full moon or maybe it was the firewhiskey. It may be even both. Remus didn't know. But at that moment, Remus was more interested in something other than in thinking. He and James nearly simultaneously closed the distance between them, pressing their lips together in a heated battle for dominance, one that Remus was quickly losing. Not that he cared. James's leadership instincts started to kick in as he took control of the kiss, pushing Remus to lie back of the ground without breaking contact. The werewolf moaned softly as James lay down on top of him, interlocking their legs. As their matching erections pressed against one another's, it was James who moaned this time, just a little bit more loudly and more lustfully than Remus.

Seconds passed as both boys found the need to part for air. James was first to break the contact, seeing as Remus could not very well do so. They stared at each other, millions of thoughts running through their heads. Why were they doing this? What was going to happen afterwards?

At some point, after these thoughts came and passed, another thought came into Remus's head. He was sure James was thinking the exact same thing: who cares? He grabbed James by the front of his shirt and pulled him closer, pressing their lips back together. James responded hungrily, grabbing the edges of Remus's shirt and pulling on them. Buttons popped and flew everywhere but went unnoticed as James, without pulling his lips away, drew his legs up beside Remus's arms so that he was kneeling over his bestfriend to support him while he ran his hands over the werewolf's chest. Remus, with a little more care, hurriedly undid James's buttons and pushed the shirt down to his elbows. James let his lips leave Remus's mouth and wandered down to his neck before picking a spot of the flushed white flesh and absently sucking on it. Remus moaned softly and arched his back to press their clothed cocks together, drawing a hiss from the boy above him.

Encouraged by Remus's actions, James's hands found the buckle of Remus's belt and started removing it along with his pants and boxers. After freeing the prize inside, he grabbed it and started, in Remus's opinion, painfully slowly pumping it. With his free hand, James pulled Remus up by the neck into a sitting position and hissed into his ear: "Suck me." Remus nearly came at his lust-filled voice, giving him no choice but to obey.

Remus forced his shaking hands to James's waist and struggled slightly to get to his task. Upon freeing James's straining erection he took it into his mouth and proceeded with his ministrations. James groaned and entangled both of his hands into Remus's shaggy brown hair, guiding the werewolf's head up and down his length.

"Oh God, Remus... Where did you learn tha- thaaaat..." he moaned. Remus smirked around his cock. Did his friends truly believe he was as innocent as he looked? Experience should have told them that, while he may look like a prefect on the outside, he was definitely true Marauder on the inside. Encouraged by James's moans, he sucked on James's long, hard cock until the stag was just about ready to come. That was when James pulled him off, much to his suprise. James did explain when, moments later, he growled: "Get on your hands and knees." Remus complied quickly, feeling no need to stall. With the same thought in mind, James grabbed his wand and performed a spell that was certainly not meant to be used during sex, but was pretty much acceptable to lubricate both himself and Remus. "Hold still. This might hurt a bit" he muttered.

"Silly deer. Whatever made you think I was still a virgi-in" he drew in a breath mid speech as the head of James's cock slipped into him. James made another mental note to ask the werewolf about it at later date. Right now, he was too busy fucking said werewolf's brains out to care. He pushed himself slowly to the hilt and waited for Remus to adjust to him. When he gave a small murmur and a wriggle, James took that as a cue to start pulling and pushing in and out of him. He set the pace slowly at first but as Remus's moans did nothing to quell his sexual appetite, his pace became faster. Soon, he was pounding into the werewolf who was very nearly crying out in pleasure. He damned himself for not putting on a silencing spell so that he could hear every yelp clearly and unrestrainedly, but there was no time for regrets now. He grabbed Remus's cock and started pumping him as he felt himself nearly climaxing. With a guttural cry he pushed himself to the hilt inside the werewolf one last time and came hard, Remus following not long after.

They both collapsed on the floor, James trying his best not to squish Remus. He pulled out slowly, moaning, before rolling over to lie on his back beside his best friend. They both spent a few moments trying to regain their breath before Remus mumbled: "This was not what I had in mind when I pulled you out of Filch's way." Then they both burst out laughing.