Was it mentioned that, by saying the line "this was the best birthday one had ever had," one would appear cliché, tacky, corny and hackneyed?

It was?

Oh well, the truth does not always appeal to the imagination of many. Which is why, when the truth included a deliciously-dressed, sleep-claimed, gorgeous brunet in bed beside one when one woke up the following morning after a perfect birthday celebration, one had to question the validity of the situation, such as Remus was doing right now.

The soft light of the morning sun managed to slip through the drawn curtains and settle exactly over Remus's shut eyes. As you can imagine, even with closed eyes, this was still not particularly comfortable for a person grasping at the last remnants of sleep. Finally, Remus gave up his tug-of war against the sunlight for the sleep he should be getting after hours of partying that managed to continue well into the wee hours of the morning. He opened his brilliant amber eyes only to settle them upon the prone form of a certain dog animagus.

His breath hitched in his throat as he watched the steady rise and fall of the pureblood's chest. Each breath drew back memories from the previous night.

Were they even memories or were they actually dreams?

Well, given that they were still clad in the garments James had given them and given that they were wrapped in one another's arms akin to a newly-married couple, Remus could guess with a decent amount of certainty that what he was remembering were, in fact, memories and not dreams. However, it seemed so surreal that he could not help but question the factuality of it all.

"I can't believe you're thinking so deeply at a godforsaken hour in the morning after going to sleep just minutes ago" came a soft grumble. Remus felt the chest his hand was lain on vibrate and he knew that it was Sirius talking. Not that he would have not known by the voice of the brunet, having memorized every pitch and octave of said voice.

"Just because you can't think at any other time..." was his automatic playful banter. Sirius grinned sleepily, peeking open one eye to glance at the boy beside him.

"Good morning, beautiful" he murmured, leaning over to place a kiss on pink lips. Remus braced himself for the butterflies that were about to burst from his stomach as his best friend neared, but then the curtains were thrown wide open and there stood a triumphant James, hands on both hips and wearing a smug smile. Beside him stood Peter. When he caught sight of the pair, though, his smile faltered.

"Look, James" Sirius started, getting up. James turned to him, his eyebrows raised in question. He crossed both arms over his chest. Sirius looked a bit guilty but steeled himself nevertheless. "I... I want Moony... I know you do too, but I'm prepared to win him from you" he stood face-to-face with his best friend, "And I'm really sorry, but I am definitely going to win." Sirius thought he would start smacking him around after that, but instead, James grinned.

"I was just going to say how disappointed I am in you, Sirius, for, shall we say, 'falling asleep' with clothes on" he snickered. Sirius and Remus's jaws dropped.

"What?" Sirius asked, thoroughly confused. James sighed and patted his shoulder before continuing as if talking to a three-year-old.

"I've known you 'wanted' Moony for a long time now. Ever since you 'caught' us in the dorms a while back" he explained, "I was hoping... nay, expecting you to get together at yesterday's birthday celebration. This was why I did everything the way I did starting with the roses in the Great Hall!" he declared with triumphant flourish.

"You told me you were trying to make Lily jealous" Remus growled.

"Yeah, that too" the stag grinned, unaware or otherwise uncaring of the deadly stares he got, "It wasn't originally part of my plan, but when Sirius pointed it out, it became a very welcome side effect. I didn't particularly make any steps toward that direction, save for the dress and stuff I got her. The rest of the things I did were to make Sirius here jealous." The canines shared glances. "Now come on, Sirius, let's get breakfast while Moony cleans up." James started tugging on Sirius's arm, pulling him toward the door.

"Why? Don't I get to shower?" Sirius asked, annoyed, pulling his arm away.

"No" was the short reply before the resumed tugging.

"You spend all this time, effort and money to get us together and the first morning of our relationship, you drag him away?" Remus tugged Sirius back on the other bed by his other arm, "Take Peter with you. Go on! Shove!" James scowled playfully and declared:

"Fine! Be that way! After all I've done for you!" with a dramatic huff, he pushed Peter out of the dorm and followed. Just as the door was about to close, though, James poked his head back in, a teasing smirk on his lips. "Don't forget to use protection and STAY OFF MY BED!" Remus blushed brilliantly, but Sirius yelled back:

"I WON'T MAKE ANY PROMISES!" before plopping back down on the bed beside Remus. They stared at one another thoughtfully and hesitantly.

"So..." Remus started.

"So..." Sirius mimicked.

"I... um..." Remus gestured between himself and the bathroom, indicating that he was to start getting ready for a day of classes. The animagus nodded absently, contemplating on the next actions he was going to take. His boyfriend was almost out of reach when he eventually decided that thinking should be reserved for pranks and nothing more. Tossing aside all remnants of thought, his hand darted forward and grabbed Remus's wrist. In one simultaneous movement, he kneeled up on the bed and pulled Remus closer toward him, pressing their chests together and kissing him gently on the lips. The werewolf's eyes fluttered shut as he melted in the pureblood's arms.

His arms moved of their own accord, wrapping themselves around Sirius's neck as Sirius's did around his waist. He felt a warm tongue slide over his lower lip and vaguely wondered who it belonged to. But when he involuntarily parted his lips and a foreigner plundered his mouth, he got his answer.

Sirius skillfully pulled him from a standing position to lying down, deliberately delaying the action of pressing down against the smaller boy's body. With his tongue, he traced every inch and contour of the werewolf's mouth, eliciting moans that shot down straight from his ears to his loins. Clearly, his ministrations had the same effect on his lover as the prefect sought to rectify the distance between them by arching up and crying "Merlin, Sirius!"

When their clothed erections came into contact with one another, Sirius could no longer restrain himself. He tore the white blazer off Remus's shoulders and grumbled incoherently with every button he had to undo on the shirt underneath. Remus followed at a slower and calmer pace, although he felt no less desperate than Sirius. Seconds of parting were far too long and, in the middle of undressing, they pressed their half-naked bodies together one again, lips and teeth clashing in the midst.

Remus's hands ran over every muscle on Sirius's shoulders, chest, stomach and back as he clawed for a foothold on the raging emotions he felt. Sirius left his lips and trailed his way down to the thin neck of the werewolf, ensuring a path of love bites with each minor stop he made. Said boy could only groan and pull Sirius down against him tighter to rub himself against the other. The animagus grasped at the button and zip of the black slacks he wore and undid them, before pulling both the pants and the underwear in one swift movement. Remus helpfully kicked them off of his feet before returning the favor with Sirius's pants.

The friction they had experienced earlier could not compare to what they felt now, and they both nearly came as their naked erections came into contact with one another. Remus moaned headily as Sirius grasped his cock while making his way down the length of his body. Teasing would come at a later date. The only thing Sirius could think of was being in Remus right now. He slid two of his fingers into the prefect's vacated mouth and commanded him to "suck" while he himself proceeded to do so with Remus's cock.

Remus moaned loudly, his hips bucking into the warm cavern that was quickly engulfing him. He obediently followed Sirius's command, ensuring that both digits were wet enough when their owner pulled them out. He drew his legs up subconsciously, knowing what was soon to come and was rewarded when Sirius pushed his fingers experimentally onto his entrance.

Sirius sat up, enjoying the sight of Remus writhing on the bed as he finger-fucked him. With his other hand, he fumbled around in his bedside drawer for the small bottle of oil he always kept there.

Remus's mantra of "Sirius, Sirius, Sirius, please!" did nothing to quell his raging libido. He prepped himself sloppily but quickly and withdrew his fingers from Remus. The werewolf wrapped both of his legs around Sirius's waist and drew him closer, lifting his hips up off the bed slightly. Sirius murmured appreciatively and grasped both sides of his pelvis for leverage as he pressed forward.

"Oh!" Remus gasped as the head of Sirius's cock slipped in. Sirius bit his lip apologetically but his hips seemed not to obey him by pushing forward. He couldn't restrain himself from entering, although he managed to do so slowly to allow Remus to adjust to him. The smaller boy seemed to test his patience, though, as the legs around him tightened, drawing him in faster and his lips uttered "Faster, Siri... God, please, harder!" With such a beautiful boy begging in such an amorous way, Sirius could do nothing but comply.

He withdrew himself all the way but for the head before slamming himself back in to the hilt. Remus cried out and arched his back off the bed. Sirius repeated the motion with much enjoyment until he was pounding into his lover quickly and roughly. The werewolf's cries only served to encourage him and he grasped the neglected cock before him.

Remus's eyes snapped open as soon as the calloused hands grasped him. A few pumps was all it took before his seed came spurting out and onto his stomach. He cried out "Oh, god, Siri...!" as it did and his muscles clenched around Sirius's cock. Sirius didn't need much incentive to come as well. The sight of his lover in bliss was enough, but the muscles' contraction was more than welcome. He rammed his way into Remus one last time and pressed his face into the crook of Remus's neck before groaning loudly and coming inside his lover.

They spent the next few minutes that way. Breathing heavily and reveling in the aftermath of their lovemaking. It was Sirius who finally made the first move by sitting up and withdrawing his now flaccid erection. He brushed a stray lock of hair off Remus's brow and smiled.

"You are so beautiful" he murmured and leaned down for a gentle kiss. Remus moaned softly and smiled back when they had parted.

Needless to say, they never did get to History of Magic that morning, and for once, Remus couldn't care less about school work.



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