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I regained consciousness, and immediately knew something was wrong. Extremely wrong, in this instance. My sense of balance was off, I currently had various appendages I hadn't had prior to this, I currently lacked a certain appendage I had had prior to this, and I could hear the familiar sound that meant that the TARDIS was leaving without me.

"Wait for me!"I yelled, getting up and trying to sprint to the TARDIS. I failed miserably at the first step, tripping up over my feet. Remind me never to trust small pink cat-like creatures ever again. Running off with the TARDIS… I looked down, noticing something pink. Mew?

They were my feet.

They looked ridiculously oversized.

She effected a mind transfer. And then, I really hope she's coming back. I mean, how am I supposed to walk around like this anyway?

I checked my arms, which were currently also pink.

This sucks. Oh well… it's only going to be for a week. If Mew keeps her promise, that is.

I picked myself up again, and decided to explore the island a little, since there didn't seem to be anything else to do right now. Unfortunately, I encountered the same problem with the feet. They were really starting to get on my nerves; who needed such big feet anyway?

After the second stumble, I gave up on walking, deciding to focus on levitation. It's not generally a skill that gets used a lot by most creatures, mainly due to the large amounts of energy it uses up. However, considering how much energy Mew (i.e. moi) had anyway, I'd probably be fine using it. The journey became much easier after that.

The island I was currently stranded on was fairly small, mainly grassy, with several palm-like trees, varying from being in full flower to bearing large green fruits. The sea surrounding the island was calm and undisturbed. I guess this place hasn't been discovered by humans.

As I returned to the spot where the TARDIS had left, I noticed a small plinth with a crystal set on the top; it shimmered strangely as I approached it, then a 3-D hologram flickered into life, revealing a masked face with four green eyes, filling the projection. It quickly drew back, revealing that it belonged to a white horse-like creature in a vast-looking room. Arceus… wow. I'm probably the first outsider to see her in any way.

She turned to look at someone out of sight. "Mewtwo, did you get this thing to work, then?"

There was a sigh, then Mewtwo replied, "Yes, yes, it should be fine, as long as you don't touch it before you're done. It's fixed now, and fully resistant to fire, water, ice, grass, psychic, dragon – "

"Right, then." Arceus took a breath. "Mew, you idiot, when you get this, teleport to the Hall of Origin before I'm forced to haul your pink ass over here myself. You know you're meant to – " There was a sizzling noise from out of sight, as the projection was filled with light and crackled. The last thing audible before the hologram terminated was a yelled, "DIALGA!"

"End of message. To repeat this message, say 'repeat'. To save this message, say 'save'. To delete this message, say 'delete'."

"Delete." New problem: how to get to the Hall of Origin. I'm guessing Mew probably teleported there… unfortunately. I hate teleportation, and I don't have any way to – wait, that was the Hall of Origin in the background? I reached for my sonic screwdriver, only to remember that I wasn't currently wearing my suit jacket. If I had my sonic and a vortex manipulator, I could trace it and get there.

Mew must have a better way of getting there.

I considered the possibility. It's worth a try. The only problem was how exactly this ability was activated; without direct knowledge, I could be stuck on this island for quite a while.

I shut my eyes, focusing on the Hall of Origin, the vast, high-ceilinged, pillared room far away on another island…

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