Nowhere In Sight

His head bowed over her prone body as he tried to will the tears away. She wasn't here, it just wasn't possible the icy corpse before him was the shining star that had been Lily Evans … Potter … No; she would forever be Evans to his mind.

Severus slowly let his eyes glide open and study the shell lying inside the rich velvet lined coffin. He couldn't see Lily anywhere inside the casing that was soon to be buried in the earth that was as cold as the November wind. His Lily couldn't be seen, not in the vibrancy of her hair, which he had so often seen tossed out of her face angrily, or happily, sometimes even sadly.

Lily wasn't there in the perfectly formed waist he had relished hugging or the slim fingers, which she had placed in his hand too many times to count

....So may little things he had taken for granted.

Gone now.

No more little smiles, or that soft laughter she could hear even now. No more cheeky winks as she teased him about becoming attached to a Gryfindor. No more sparkling green eyes when he made her laugh with the dry wit she so adored…
No more…

A choked sob escaped the broken man as shaking hands reached to touch the empty shell that imitated his one love. The one person he had ever really cared for.

How dare this corpse attempt to portray the glowing inner light that woman had?! The brightness that she had shared with everyone around her, everyone she had ever met …

The star that had kept his soul intact when he had done the most unspeakable crimes in the name of Voldemort

The glow of kindness that had escapes from her into his own deeply hidden heart and changed the core of his very magic without either even knowing it …

"Expecto Patronum…"

The silver doe cantered around the coffin, before turning to the broken Master of Potions, sorrow for him clear on her ghostly face and suddenly… Severus Snape breathed again.

Lily wasn't here. And he was disgracing that wonderful woman by weeping over an empty and desolate corpse. The Potions Master reluctantly allowed the doe to fade, tears still sliding silently down his weary face as he left the room, a stronger man than before.

He would honour the memory of the woman he loved in the only way he knew how – by surviving.

Voldemort would pay for destroying the only good thing in Severus' life. If it was the last thing he ever did, Severus swore in the depths of his slowly freezing heart that he would do everything he possibly could to help destroy the monster, Tom Riddle.