Merry Christmas!

As luke looked down at the peice of paper on his desk, he scratched his head. What was he going to do? He read through the writing for the third time, carefully gazing at every last word, as if something was going to change. But it wasn't a test. It wasn't a puzzle - it was his list of people to buy christmas presents for...

The Professor - Notebook (the red, leather one from the stationary shop on earl street)

He knew the professor would appreciate this, especially with the amount of paper he uses over his puzzles. And when he saw the notebook in the shop he had decided, there and then, it would be a great gift.

Riddles the cat - Erm, a collar?

Well, what else could he buy? It's not as if Riddles would smile at the sight of a fob watch on christmas day!

Flora -

Oh, Flora - Luke sighed at the very thought. What could he possibly buy for Flora? He had sat at his desk for hours on end thinking the same thought over and over again...

" I really don't have a clue, do I!?"

And it was true - He didn't! He had tried to find out what she liked. Luke had been looking for hints on the way to and from school for about a fortnight.


Then it struck him - Flora loved to write. She would rush upstairs to her room every week to write to everyone she could possibly think of. There was always something she could tell Dahlia or Bruno that was worth writing to them about. Whether it was something really important or just some sort of general news, they knew everything that went on around there!

Before he even had time to write anything next to her name, he rushed out to 'Earl Street Stationary' for her perfect present.

Christmas day came so quick after that! And on christmas morning everyone opened their presents. The professor loved his notebook and Riddles loved his collar! (Well, He scratched Luke's face when he tried to put it on him but that's beside the point...)

Just one person left.

As Flora carefully the red ribbon on the long, thin box, Luke gulped -

She picked the silver parker pen out of it's container and smiled.

" Wow! Thank you, Luke! It's beautiful!"

That's when she noticed the message engraved into her gift...

Dear Flora, I know how much you love to write and thought this would make you happy this christmas! hope you like it! Luke...

Luke smiled as she swung her arms around him. He knew the thought he had put into buying her the perfect present had been worth all the effort!

The next day he woke up to find a peice of paper folded up on his bedside table. He opened it up.

Dear Luke, I love the christmas present you gave me, and could think of no other to write my first letter to than you, Hope you had a very merry christmas! All my love, Flora xxx

All her love!?

Luke blushed and sighed happily as he got out of bed -

What a great christmas!!!