AN: Ok this wasn't my idea. It was from The all knowing Hyper. The all knowing Hyper sent me this idea, and offered it to me. But I am nice and wanted you to know the plot wasn't my geniuses.

My life couldn't get any worst. I thought to myself. I plopped on my bed, and my cat Scarlet (which is odd because she is black) jumped up and began to claw at my top. I brushed her away, and she curled up next to me instead.

I got fired today from the local Diner. I got kicked out of my apartment. And I caught my boyfriend Eric cheating on me. All in one day. My friend Kelly walked in and sat next to me. "I heard everything. Life must really suck huh?" she asked. Kelly always makes me laugh. With her wavy brown hair with red tips. Her blue eyes and skinny figure. You'd be shocked, she's a twig, and eats like a pig.

"Yup, life sucks. I am 24, and have no life. I live with mom and dad, no college degree, no hope of a life. I got fired from a diner. How lame can I get?" I asked putting a pillow over my head.

"You know what you need?" she asked. Knowing Kelly I can guess what she's going to say.

"A man, money, a life." I answered.

"All of that. Especially a good man. But I was thinking more along the lines of a vacation." She said with a smile. "How about Vegas?" she asked.

"Are you crazy? I don't have money to go to Vegas." I answered.

"Oh come on Gwen. How suckier can your life get? Go to Vegas, catch a few shows, gamble, sleep with a hot stranger, and go home." She said. I just glared at her. "You know I'll even throw in a spa day. You, me, and the city of lights." She said staring into space.

"Fine. Why not? But if we are watching shows I pick them." I said she groaned. Last time she chose the show, she picked a toddler show. "Oh and we need a drink, and money limit. Oh and…" I was cut short.

"No what you need is to just relax. Chill. Have fun." She said. "What shows?" she asked turning on my laptop.

"Circuses de sole. And Bite." I said. She looked at me weird with that last show. "It's a vampire thing. You'll love it." I said.

"Gwen, vampires aren't coming for you. Give up." She said in a tone like a mom telling a child their socks don't have minds of their own.

While she booked our tickets, and hotel rooms I packed. I scavenged my room for all the money I had. Only 100 dollars. I'll ask my mom for some.


"Thanks for the money Kelly." I said on the plane. It won't be a long flight, and we'll land soon.

"No problem Gwen. This weekend is all on you. That's why I gave you window seat." She said not taking her eyes off the Bite pamphlet. "Oh my god. Gwen you want to see this?" she asked shocked. I looked at her confused. "It has the girls topless in it. Are you trying to tell me something?" she said. I laughed.

"No, it's art. Most art work is done nude. So it's dirty, big deal. Vamps are known for being sexy." I said looking out the window. She didn't say anything else.

We landed soon, and picked up our rent a car. A red convertible. Where did Kelly get all this money?

We made it to the hotel and in our rooms. We took time to unpack, and wash up. She wanted to go out for drinks tonight and some slot machines. I will stick to the bar. With my luck I'll lose every dime I have to my name.


I ordered an Apple Martine and spotted a poker table. I am a beast at poker. So I decide one game can't kill me. I sat down and let my black silk dress, given to me by Kelly, flow over the seat. I quietly sipped my Martine as I played. I won the first round. Like I said, beast.

2 games latter and a man walked up to me. Oh god please go away. I don't want to wake up married or worst with you. But I can tell he won't take no for an answer. "Hello there." He said. His voice was absolutely sexy. But I tried to ignore him. "It's rude to ignore people when they are talking to you." He said not taking his eyes off me. I turned to face him.

"Can I help you?" I asked. He chuckled.

"I simply wanted to talk. But if your already willing to 'help me' then your not as innocent as I thought." He said. I turned away in disgust. "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked. I picked up my Martine still half full and turned to him.

"I am good thank you." I said raising it to take a sip. Instead he takes it from my hands and pours it on the floor. Then he gave it back to me.

"Wow look at that. Looks like you need a refill. Allow me." He said grabbing another apple Martine form a serving tray and handing it to me replacing the empty glass.

"So what's a beautiful lady like you doing in a dump like Vegas?" he asked.

"Listen, I don't want what you're offering. Please leave me alone." I snapped at him. Then I saw I lost. All my money. Great. I got up and began to walk to the tables.

"How can you possible know what I am offering, if you don't know me?" he asked following me. I turned to face him. He was wearing a button down black shirt, and black dress pants. His hair was also black and shaggy. He also had the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen.

"I don't need to know you." I said turning around. He chuckled and followed.

"Com on now. I could be a real ass, and spill something on that lovely dress of yours. Giving you reason to take it off." He said I turned to slap him, but he caught my hand. "At least sit down with me, so we can have a civilized conversation first before you judge me." He said a little sad. He sat down at a table and I sat across from him.

"So ass hole. What's your name?" I asked drinking my apple Martine.

"It's Trent. I am a lead male performer for Bite." He answered. I nearly choked at the mention of the show. "Heard of it?" he asked.

"Yes, actually, I was going to see it tomorrow." I said, and he simply smiled.

"I can give you back stage passes." He said but I ignored him.

"What do you want with me?" I asked, and he smiled again.

"I want to have fun with you." He said. Then a waiter came and set down a long island ice tea and a glass of red wine for him. "Drink love. Let your life begin." He said drinking his wine. I followed finishing my Martine so I can start my ice tea. Oh well. This is why I came here. To have fun, and let lose so I don't fall into a depression. Might as well share a few drinks with him.


I woke up the next morning, not in my hotel room. I sat up and looked around. This place is very pretty and fancy, but I don't belong here. Shit. Kelly was supposed to watch me, and make sure I avoided this. I looked down at myself and got what I expected. I was wearing absolutely nothing. I groaned and plopped back on the bed.

I heard someone walking toward me, so I gathered the sheets to cover myself. I sat up, and looked at the door as it opened. And who else walked in, but that Trent guy from the casino. He seemed all too happy to see me. "Morning love. Sleep well?" he asked walking across the room.

"I don't know. You tell me since you slept with me while I was drunk." I hissed. He chuckled.

"Ok, I deserve that. I knew it was wrong but…" he trailed of and he sat next to me on the bed. I tightened my grip on the blankets that covered me. "You just kept begging me. And that dress looked so much better off you. I couldn't resist." He said kissing my neck. Disgusted I got up, and began stumbled out of bed. But I fell. "Easy love, you could get hurt." He said picking up.

"Stop calling me that." I yelled as I got to my feet. "Where's my clothes, and purse?" I asked in an angry tone.

"Your purse is over there on the dresser. Your dress how ever….didn't survive." He said. I looked at him.

"What happened to the dress?" I asked remembering Kelly telling me it was important, and I can't get it messed up.

"I was to excited." He said brushing my hair from my face. "I tore it up trying to get it off. Sorry." He said. I walked away from him still carrying the sheet to cover me. "I can lend you clothes if you want. But honestly, I think you look fine they way you are now." He said looking back at me. I looked in the mirror really quick. My hair was a mess, my lipstick smeared, and nothing on but a sheet to cover me. But that wasn't what grabbed my attention.

My arms where bruised up. I had scratches every where. I looked like I was in a fight. But what really grabbed my attention was my neck. On my neck next to a couple of hickies where two puncture wounds. I traced them with my fingers and it stung when I touched them. I turned to him.

"What did you do to me?" I asked as tears began to stroll down my face.

"Nothing you didn't ask for." He said. I can't believe he did this to me while I was drunk thinking it was ok.

"I look like I was in a fight." I said examining myself again. Then my eyes were glued to the wound. "Did you drug me?" I asked staring at the two small holes.

"No. I didn't. The scratches and bruises are me. Sorry, I was a little too rough. And those holes…" he said. I looked up from the mirror. He was there behind me. He had his hands around me and his face close to my neck. "Where from me too." He said with a smile revealing two fangs from his upper teeth. "That's what happens when you wake up in Vegas." He said with his fangs hanging down. I fainted from shock.