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Word: Chest with Sam being impaled!

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As Dean ran to catch Sam, who was falling down after Jake had impaled him with the knife in the back, he could make out the knife coming out of Sam's chest. Dean's breath hitched as the extent of his brother's injuries became obvious to him. There was only a small smear of blood from Sam's back but his chest was covered with the dark red liquid giving off an awful metallic smell. Dean brought Sam down with him, all the while whispering that he has got him and everything was going to be okay. But Dean, no matter how much he wanted to believe, knew in the depths of his heart that his brother, his baby brother was beyond any help. As he lifted Sam's face, he could see the blankness making an appearance in his brother's eyes every now and then, but Sam was trying very hard to communicate to his brother, but Dean knew what his brother was telling him. He had been telling him that everyday. When Dean smoothed Sam's hair back, Sam smiled in the comfort that Dean knew that Sam loved him, and finally breathed his last, just as Dean yelled out for him.