I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. I only own Tiffani and well I don't really own Shea, but she is my creation lol.

Story start

Tiffani sighed as she sat on the boat with Shea. She repositioned her pirate hat and glanced down at her attire. She was wearing a pair of brown shorts over her red bathing suit bottom. A white peasant shirt was unbuttoned around her red bikini top. A red sash was wrapped around her waist and she was wearing brown leather boots. Her brown leather pirate hat sat proudly on her head of wavy brown hair that went to mid-back. Tiffani let out a bigger sigh when she glanced at her soul mate Shea.

Shea growled at Tiffani and Tiffani drew her fake sword at Shea. "Ok I know you didn't want to wear the pirate outfit, but you look awesome Shea," Tiffani said with a smirk.

Shea shook her head and looked at her outfit. She was wearing some black high-heeled boots. Black knee high pants covered her pale legs. Her black bikini showed proudly with a red short sleeve button down shirt surrounding it. A red bandana covered her shoulder length brown hair. Shea growled at Tiffani again, drew her fake sword, and stood up as well.

"This is retarded Tiffani. Why the hell are we out on a lake in pirate outfits? I didn't even want to wear this blasted thing," Shea yelled and Tiffani snickered.

"But you already sound kind of like a pirate," Tiffani said and pointed at Shea. Shea was silent before slashing her sword at Tiffani. Tiffani yelped and blocked the attack.

"Arg, bring it ho," Tiffani shouted as she and Shea entered an epic sword fight. The small dingy that they were floating in started rocking dangerously as they jumped and dodged attacks. Tiffani put up her sword and tackled Shea. Shea yelled in surprise and Tiffani laughed. However, her laughter ceased when the boat flipped over too quick for either woman to realize.

Tiffani and Shea flailed in the water before pushing the boat right side up and climbed back inside.

"I hate you," Shea spat out as she pushed her bandana out of her face.

"Oh you love me and you know it. Um why does the lake taste like salt water?" Tiffani said with a curious look as she picked her hat out of the water and put it on her head.

Shea looked at Tiffani like she was an idiot before she reached her finger into the water and then stuck it in her mouth. "Oh hell no, what's going on?" Shea squeaked out as she stared around her. Tiffani also scanned the area and all that could be seen was vast amounts of water. The forest surrounding the lake was nowhere to be seen.

"I don't like this Shea," Tiffani whispered and Shea drew her sword. Shea held the sword towards Tiffani and both women's eyes went wide when the fake sword was gleaming in the sun.

"It's real," Shea yelled and Tiffani quickly drew her sword.

"Sweet," Tiffani yelled as she petted the shiny blade. Shea sighed and sheathed her sword.

"Freak," Shea yelled and Tiffani paused her petting of the sword.

"Bring it monkey," Tiffani yelled as the girls turned to anger instead of panicking over what they had no idea over. Shea roared and drew her sword. Tiffani struck at Shea and Shea blocked the attack.

"It's your fault we went to the stupid lake in the first place," Shea yelled as she blocked an over the head attack.

"Well maybe if you weren't so crabby about the costumes then we wouldn't have fought at the lake," Tiffani yelled as she jumped an attack aimed for her ankles.

"Oh you are not blaming this on me," Shea yelled as she twisted to the side to dodge an attack.

"Um yes I am," Tiffani yelled as she and Shea crossed blades and glared at each other.

"Boat ahead," a loud male voice yelled and the two women stopped glaring at each other to see a large boat heading towards them. The black sails made their eyes widen.

"No way," they whispered together as the realization hit them that the black pearl was before them. They failed to notice that it was about to crash into their small ship.

"Abandon ship," Tiffani yelled and pushed Shea off the dingy. Tiffani laughed silently before doing a dive off the dingy.

Shea dunked Tiffani under water when the two were far enough away from the black pearl, which now destroyed their small dingy. Tiffani came up spitting out salt water and spit a little at Shea. Shea screamed at Tiffani and Tiffani laughed as she swam away.

"Man overboard captain," a man yelled, which Shea and Tiffani recognized to be Mr. Gibbs.

"We are so not men. Get your eyes checked," Tiffani yelled and flipped off Mr. Gibbs.

Shea shook her head and said, "That's it. You are never having coffee again."

Tiffani cried out in shock and hugged Shea as they treaded water. "I'll be good. I promise. Just don't take away coffee. Not coffee," Tiffani screamed as she brought out small tears.

"Hey shut it, grab the rope," a new man's voice yelled and Shea and Tiffani stared up at the deck of the black pearl. Captain Jack Sparrow was staring down at them.

Tiffani went to flip him off, but Shea grabbed her hands. "You said you'd be good," Shea hissed.

"He's not being good so I don't see the need to be nice," Tiffani said matter of fact.

Shea sighed and hit Tiffani on the head. Tiffani frowned as she fixed her hat. "Don't mess with the hat ho," Tiffani said as a rope landed in the water between Shea and Tiffani.

Shea looked at the rope and then up at the crew on the black pearl. "You know I never did get the whole rope climbing thing in gym, so you can just pull me up," Shea yelled as she grabbed the rope.

"Oh yay Shea gets to go up to the sky," Tiffani sang as she spun around in the water, while Shea was pulled up the side of the boat and up to the deck. The whole crew stared at Shea curiously and Shea rolled her eyes. Some of the crew were staring at her like she was the prime meat and they were starving mongrels.

"Oh do me, do me," Tiffani yelled as she thought she saw something swimming in the water around her. "Hurry damn it," Tiffani yelled.

A few of the men snickered and Shea wanted to hit them when she heard them muttering that they would gladly do Tiffani. Tiffani sighed in relief as she made it to the deck. She quickly ran over and hugged Shea.

"Shea I was almost eaten," Tiffani cried and then stared at the men around her. "What are you guys looking at? Shove off," Tiffani yelled and then hugged Shea again.

"Oy all of you shut it. Now who the hell are you two wenches?" Jack Sparrow yelled as he approached Shea and Tiffani.

Tiffani and Shea looked at each other before Shea nodded at Tiffani. "Go ahead. This time I won't stop you," Shea said calmly.

Tiffani smiled happily at Shea before smirking at Jack. Jack gave Tiffani a small smirk in reply before gave Shea her hat. Shea took the hat with a small laugh as Tiffani cracked her knuckles. Tiffani jumped at Jack and he cried out in surprise. Tiffani stole his hat and put it on her head before grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and shaking the dear life out of him.

"Don't you ever call me a wench. Don't call my friend a wench. I'm the only one that can call her names and you're not me so suck it. also don't ever call a woman a wench or you might make the mistake one day of pissing a woman off bad enough that she will make you a eunuch," Tiffani yelled as she slammed Jack's head onto the deck a few times.

"Get this bloody woman off of me," Jack yelled as Tiffani started pulling on a dreadlock or two. Shea was doubled over in laughter until she saw the pistols being drawn at Tiffani.

"Shit, girl down," Shea yelled as she pulled Tiffani off Jack.

"Oh come on, you wimps having to pull a gun on little old me. Pansies," Tiffani yelled as she kicked Jack in the shin.