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Story start

Laughter sounded at one side of the boat and everyone looked over there. Calypso was standing there in her human form with a large smirk on her face. "It seems you four have finally showed your feelings," Calypso said looking pointedly at Jeremy, Lexi, Jack, and Tiffani.

Tiffani gave Calypso a peace sign before running over and hugging the woman. "You know you are so much prettier this way than when you are a sea snake, but you still good as a sea snake," Tiffani said before letting go of Calypso.

"Um thank you," Calypso said as Tiffani skipped back over to Jack. Tiffani hugged Jack and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"But Jack is the cutest woman on this ship," Tiffani said and everyone was shocked before Lexi and Calypso busted out laughing. Jack growled as he slowly turned his head to look at Tiffani.

"What did you say?" he hissed as Tiffani backed away slowly with her hands in the air.

"What? I saw those dresses in your closet so I just realized what your true gender is, but don't worry I still love you," Tiffani said with a big smile on her face.

Jack gave a devilish smirk as he started stalking towards Tiffani. "A woman huh? Let me show you how much of a man I really am," Jack growled as he quickly grabbed Tiffani and threw her over his shoulder. He placed one of his hands on the back of her thighs as he started walking towards his quarters.

"No, no it was a joke. Don't take my innocence yet. Lexi save me. Dang it woman don't laugh at me, get your butt over here and save me," Tiffani yelled as she pointed at Lexi.

"No thanks, I'll keep my butt here while you enjoy the view of Jack's butt," Lexi yelled and waved at Tiffani. Tiffani growled and then she realized that Jack's butt was in her line of vision.

"Just want to bite it," she thought before sinking her teeth into his clothed bottom. Jack yelped and Tiffani fell to the deck laughing like crazy.

"What did you bite me?" Jack yelled as he tried to tackle the now running Tiffani.

"Because number one I know you are a guy so you don't have to prove it to me. That naughty stuff is for the later hours, not now. Number two I was annoyed with being carried like a sack of potatoes. Number three it looked yummy so I wanted a bite," Tiffani yelled as she hid behind Lexi and Jeremy, while Jack tried to grab her.

"It looked yummy?" Jack whispered before looking at his butt. Lexi busted out laughing and she and Tiffani ended up hugging while sitting on the deck. Their laughter was contagious as everyone else started laughing. Jack was just standing proudly and showing off his butt.

"Tiffani, Lexi you both know that you will be hunted by the navy for the rest of your lives now, right?" Calypso asked when everyone was done laughing.

Tiffani and Lexi looked at each other and Lexi sighed, while Tiffani yelled, "Bring it on, they can't touch this." Lexi chuckled before standing up.

"Would you prefer to go back home?" Calypso asked with a small smirk.

"Never," Tiffani yelled dramatically as she hugged Jack and Momo. Momo griped at Calypso and Lexi quickly ran over to Jeremy.

"Leave the dude that is as hot as Jensen Ackles I don't think so," Lexi thought as she shook her head at Calypso. Jeremy smiled at Lexi and held her closer to his body.

"Well if you two do not want to go home now then you will never be able to go home," Calypso stated as she was trying to lure the girls into not staying pirates forever. She cared for the girls but she just wanted them to make the right decisions and she knew they had other lives back in their world.

"I'm never going home. Sure I'll miss people, but if staying here means I get to be in love with a sexy pirate and never have to go to college than I choose here," Tiffani yelled.

"What's college?" Jack asked and Lexi and Tiffani both groaned in pain.

"It's a prison. A prison I tell you," Tiffani said.

"It's worse than a prison," Lexi said as Jeremy ran a hand through her hair.

"So you don't want to go home?" Calypso asked one more time.

"No," Tiffani and Lexi said at the same time and Calypso nodded before snapping her fingers and disappearing.

Tiffani and Lexi let out a sigh of relief before screaming when Jeremy and Jack threw buckets of water over their heads.

"Lexi can we kill them?" Tiffani whispered as she popped her knuckles.

"No," Lexi said in a growl as she moved some of her hair out of her face.

"Can we torture them?" Tiffani whispered in an evil tone as she looked at Lexi. Lexi smirked and then looked at the cowering Jack and Jeremy.

"Yes," Lexi said and Tiffani took off running at Jack and Lexi ran after Jeremy.

Mr. Gibbs sighed as he steered the ship. "Well life on the Black Pearl will never be the same again. Jack and Jeremy found the loves of their life, Jack can never be a womanizer again, Jeremy is no longer as shy, I have lost a very nice pimp cane, which Lexi still has to get me another, and life is now much more topsy turvey," Mr. Gibbs said as he stared out at the horizon with shouts of pain and evil laughs filled the air.

"We run this place now," Tiffani and Lexi said as they sat on top of a tied up Jeremy and a tied up Jack. Both of the men were gagged with rope as well. Tiffani and Lexi highfived before Tiffani started singing topsy turvey from a Disney movie.

Calypso smiled as she created the waves that moved the large ship. "I turned their world upside down and they turned this one upside down in return," Calypso whispered happily before watching the sunset.

The End