Master Six 2:

Truth and Consequences


Jack is on the left.

And Frank is on the right.

When Jack and Frank reached the age of going off on their own to start life, both of them opted to be professional bikers instead of a normal job or even pokemon training. There has just always been something about racing through the world winning prize money and just going at really fast speeds that gets the heart racing.

Both Jack and Frank feel that they are at the top of their game. Like the Elite Four of biking, only with two.

They've both got really fast bikes.

They've both won a lot of races.

They're both pretty smart, at least that's what they say.

But don't let their sloppish looks and street-punk attitudes fool you.

Jack and Frank aren't at the top of their game.

But neither Jack nor Frank will admit that they aren't the best.

They won't admit defeat.

Especially not to a girl.

Who does this girl think she is challenging them to a race down Cycling Road?

"Who do you think you are challenging us?" Frank asked the smirking black girl a question.

"Who do you think you are?" Jack repeated.

The girl wore a bright red tank top with tight black jeans. She had short, dark hair tucked close to her head. She had a bright red bike that matched her top. It looked like a normal bike, except for a sliver teardrop sitting on the handlebars.

Who does she think she is challenging Jack and Frank to a race?

"Who do I think I am?" the girl asked in a mocking tone, "I'm just a wannabe biker who has just challenged two tough looking bikers to a simple widdle race."

"Are you mocking me?" Frank questioned in anger.

"Are you mocking him?" Jack repeated.

"No," the girl answered with a sneer, "now are we going to race or what?"

"How much?" Frank asked, always interested in money.

"Yeah, how much?" Jack repeated.

"Hmmm," the girl thought aloud, "fifty bucks."

"Deal," Frank agreed, no longer thinking about the race but the money.

"Deal," Jack repeated.

"Alright then," the girl responded, "racers to your places."

So the three of them lined up at the top of the hill that was Cycling Road. Various onlookers moved closer. One rather slutty looking blonde stood in front of the three, she would be saying the all-important "go".

Jack and Frank took one last look at this mystery girl who came out of nowhere. She didn't look ready. Where as Jack and Frank leaned over their handlebars ready to pedal as fast as they could as soon as the blonde said go. The girl was standing, with the bike between her legs and her arms crossed. She didn't look ready to go. Jack and Frank would beat her easily. They were going to blast off at super speeds and race like the wind down the hill to collect their fifty dollars.

Maybe, Frank thought, they would make it fifty dollars each when they reached the ground.

What a fool this girl was.

"GO!" the blonde screamed as she waved her arms starting the race.

Like a bolt of lightning Jack and Frank blasted off from the starting point. They were fast, and the girl hadn't even put her foot on the pedals yet.

"Aren't you going to start?" the blonde asked as if the girl was a fool.

"Sheesh, fine," the girl surrendered as she pressed a small button on the silver teardrop and finally put her feet on the pedals.

"Well..." the blonde started, but the girl was already gone, "go then."

Jack and Frank could feel the air whipping through their hair and clothes. They were moving at speeds so fast that they couldn't even make out what they passed by. This was going to be an easy fifty bucks, thought Frank.

But what did he know.

Soon, the race was over, and Jack and Frank were stopped at the bottom of the hill looking up.

"Hah," Frank laughed, "I don't even see her up there."

"Don't see her at all," Jack repeated.

"Maybe because you're looking in the wrong direction," the boys heard from somewhere.

They turned around slowly recognizing the voice. And there stood the girl, arms crossed, and bike leaning against a tree.

"How did you get down here so fast?" Frank questioned the winner.

"How did you get down here so fast?" Jack repeated.

"Enough chitchat," the girl urged, "make with the moolah."

Frank may have been a punk, but he was true to his word. He grumbled a bit as he withdrew the fifty dollars from his wallet and handed it to the girl. Lousy witch.

"That will be fifty dollars each," the girl added, looking at Jack.

"But...I," Jack complained. Frank elbowed him in the side.

Jack reluctantly reached into his own wallet and took out the fifty dollars. He handed it to the girl, then Jack and Frank mounted their bikes and rode off. They had had enough of her.

When Jack and Frank were gone, and Amber Lynn Mason had counted her winnings, a cell phone in her pocket rang out loud.

She answered it.

"Yello," Amber Lynn spoke into it.

"Velocity, this is Whistler. Same time, same place. Bye." The phone hung up.

"Bye Whistler," Velocity said into the phone.

She mounted her bike, turned on the device, and was gone a split second later.

Same time.

Same place.

Something was up.