The pillar of stone stood obstinately in their path, refusing to budge. The two tiny, brown-knit figures had tried for five minutes to get by it, but to no avail.

Sackgirl surveyed the situation with a critical eye. The end of the level was just beyond this rock, but it simply could not be passed! Too high to jump, too heavy to push.

A tug on her arm interrupted her thoughts. "Sackgirl? What do we do?" her companion, Sackboy, bleated.

"I'm thinking," she muttered.

"But I'm so tired and this level took forever and I musta died, like, five times--"

"I'm working on it," Sackgirl irritably snapped, casting about for a solution.

Then she saw it. Ensconced in the shadow of the pillar, unnoticed until now, was an impact detonator.

That's it!

Sackgirl shushed her teammate (who was now prattling on about score bubbles and stickers), and tiptoed forward. "Hey, Sackboy," she called nonchalantly. "Come see what I found."

He toddled over. "Well. . ." he said slowly, scrutinizing the bomb, "it. . . looks like a detonator."

"Exactly! This is a job for you!" She plastered on a grin, but Sackboy, in a rare burst of intelligence, wasn't fooled.

"Nice try, Sackgirl," he scoffed. "How can I make it explode and have enough time to get away? It's an impact detonator!"

"That's the point."


"Um, this one is special. It has a timer on it."


"Yes! Watch." Sackgirl kneeled and (lightly!) tapped the bomb in a few random spots, making a big show of it. "There," she said. "I've programmed it so you'll have a second or two to get away. Happy?"

Sackboy grinned. "I love explosions!" he exclaimed, pushing Sackgirl away. He maneuvered the detonator into position.

Sackgirl opened her Popit Menu and firmly clamped on a yellow hardhat.

Sackboy charged for the stone wall, pushing the detonator ahead of him . . . .

And exploded in an orange bang and a fragile wisp of smoke. The stone pillar groaned and toppled, clearing the way and revealing the level's end. Sackgirl clapped and cheered, bouncing up and down.

Now, that had been fun!

As she sashayed past the scorch mark that had been her teammate, eyes on the prize, Sackgirl reflected on how lucky she was, in the end, to have Sackboy around.

Turns out he had been good for something after all.