"Please, please don't do this Edward" I begged holding his arms tightly towards me

"Bella I have to do this, it isn't right" he said

"It is, please don't make my parents separate us"

He sighed

"It's over Bella"

I looked at him shocked

"No, it isn't" I said in disbelief

"It is" he closed his eyes briefly but then opened them again "I…don't…love you"

I nodded "Yes you do your lying I can always tell when you lie Edward" I cried

He looked at me with pained eyes

"It's for the best Bella" he responded

"Please don't leave me" I begged "I love you" I said stroking his face, he closed his eyes

"I" he began but sighed heavily closing his eyes while he leaned into my touch "I don't…have the strength…to stay away from you"

I breathed out relieved

"Then don't" I responded breathlessly

he looked in my eyes while I looked in his eyes

"O Bella" he whispered before kissing me holding my face in his hands