This is a short chapter because it's the last chapter of Corrupting Innocence :( I feel like I'm about to cry :'( Thanks for supporting me through this and sticking with me, love you all my beautiful supporters

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Only one

Bella's POV

"Flight 363 to Ireland from Chicago will be boarding now, please have your tickets ready, thank you"

"You ready" Edward and I had agreed we would go to Ireland for our break, I always wanted to go back to Ireland, my parents and I used to go there every year to visit my uncle and auntie, unfortunately they passed away a while ago

"As I'll ever be" we walked hand in hand towards the terminal getting glares from male and female people who wished they were with either one of us.

"Hello sir, can I see you passport and tickets please"

Edward handed the woman our proof and she smiled kindly at us

"Have a nice trip"

We walked down the booth, my head leaning on Edward's shoulder

"I can't wait to see the cottage, it's been ages since I've been here" I kissed Edward's neck and he smiled down at me

"I'm glad your excited" he held my hand tight in his and walked me through the tight path of the plane, Edward had insisted we flew first class, much to my dismay. The woman handed us our champagne and we both relaxed comfortably in our seats.


I woke up and saw the bright light hurt my eyes, I moaned and moved over to Edward, I looked at him and realized he was already awake, he was looking at me with so much love it almost hurt

"We'll be landing soon"

"Good" I sighed and cuddled up next to him "We'll have to get souvenirs for everyone while we're here"

"I know, they'll never forgive us if we don't"


The soft singing of the birds woke me up, Edward and I arrived at our breathtaking cottage about 6:30, we didn't bother eating we came straight to bed and…well christened over and over again. I wrapped the sheets round my naked body and sat on my elbow looking at the surroundings in front of me, it was beautifully antiqued. The clock ticked away it's black rusty ticker around the wooden frame which held roman numerous around it. The bed spread was white linen with a soft touch of pink flowers on, the walls were painted white with a black line going through the middle of the walls I looked to my side and saw Edward sleeping peacefully, I smiled wickedly thinking how I must of worn him out last night. I got up and dressed in a soft pink dress with flat pink shoes. I tied my hair up in a pony tail and walked out of the room leaving Edward in peace.

I wore my sunglasses as the surprising Ireland weather was hot enough for me to relax and not have to worry when the next rain will come.

"I wondered where you went" I soft tingle touched my cheek and I smiled softly, looking up I saw Edward in just his pants, a cup of tea in his hands, he sat in the seat opposite next to me

"It's so peaceful out here" I held onto his free hand

"I know, that's why I chose to come here, do you like it"

"I love it"

"I'm glad" he looked down and I lifted my head up slightly "Would you like to move here?"

I sat up instantly catching Edward off guard

"Are you serious" I took my sun glasses off and looked at his smiling face

"Deadly, this is my summer house, I come here to relax every so often"

I thought about it for a minute, could I leave Charlie all alone back home? I loved the idea of staying here I did but wouldn't it be cruel on Charlie? He just found out me and Edward have been dating would it be fine to just leave right away?

"Could we give it a couple of months first? To let everyone get the idea of you and I being together?"

"Of course that would be fine, I need to finish work off back in Chicago anyway"

"Then if I still love the idea here, and you want us to move here, we'll do it"

Edward smiled and kissed my lips lightly

Things couldn't be more perfect right now and that was the way I wanted it to be

That's it folks

have a look at this

"Do you think it's ok Edward seriously, you're out of your mind"

"What the hell Bella, she's a client"

"It doesn't matter if she's a client Edward, are you telling me you think she won't make a move on you just because you've got a girlfriend?" I was fuming with anger, was he really that naive?

"No, but I expect you to trust me and trust I would never do anything to hurt you Bella" Edward paced but still looked at me with fury and hurt eyes

"I do trust you Edward but you've got to understand where I'm coming from, would you like it if I was in your position and some guy stroked my arm flirtatiously and made me laugh, no, that's what I thought"

"God you're so infuriating" he waved his hands through his hair in frustration

"Yes, well you not telling her to stop touching you is infuriating me"

"Marry me?"

I stood their in silence while he just looked at me, his hands either side of him, his breathing was ragged after the fight we just had

"D-Did you just ask me to marry you?" I looked at Edward still full of shock


That's when everything went black

You guessed it folks, it's the sequel to Corrupting Innocence I haven't thought of a name yet but when I do I'll post it up on the soon to be published stories :)