Edward Jonathon Cullen, Anthony Cade Cullen and Emma Beatrice Cullen were welcomed into the world on July 11th, at exactly 1:00 am.

None of them, were exactly alike, in fact, not one of the Cullen twins or triplets were identical, but they all possessed something that was unlikely there's, and a mixture of the features of their parents.

The first son to be born, EJ as they adoringly called him was completely and indisputably identical in every shape form and manner to his father, Edward Senior. HE had his eyes, his hair, his face, his hands, his manner, his voice; he was completely 100%, Edward. Emma Beatrice Cullen had something in common with him, the fact that she was identical in every way to her mother, Bella. She too had her brown eyes, her full lips, her small figure, her amazing strength, her blush. She had her character, shown in an obvious manner when at the age of five, she attacked a boy of ten that had bullied her older-by-a-minute brother, Anthony. She was in all possible ways, completely, Bella.

Then there was the curious case of Anthony Cullen. Of all the children, he was the most unique. All children had some of the features of both of their parents, in the exception of Emma and EJ, but Anthony was the only of all the Cullen children to be a complete, perfect mesh of both parents. While some had Edwards green eyes, and some had Bella's brown, Anthony had the perfect blend in a hazel color that mixed Edward's emerald green with Bella's chocolate brown. Unlike the other children, he had a unique shade of hair color that could not belong to any one group or shade. His hair was neither brown nor bronze, but completely mixed in highlights and lowlights a dark and light contrast that had the color of both parents.

He had similar lips to his father, but had his mother's slight imperfection in that his upper lip was a bit to full for the bottom.

His body was neither as tall as his fathers, but wasn't as slight as his mothers, his attitude and way of conducting himself was also a mixture. At times he would become extremely shy, and be unable to mutter a single coherent word, at other times he could be arrogant and cocky, and confident in himself. Of all the children, he was the only one to inherit both of his parents' deadly skills.

He was, beyond what words could describe, he was, Anthony.

The Cullen family only grew in size once more over the years to come, at least in the second generation of the living. Alice and Jasper were the last of the trio of pairs to welcome a child. Their daughter, Isabel Rose Hale, was nothing like either of them, and by some miracle, was very much like her grand-aunt, Esme. She had her eyes, and her hair, and her calm nature, and for a long time the Cullen Family was mystified as to how Alice could have produce a calm child.

Life continued for the Cullens as it does to every family. Together they grew through adversity, love, loss and heartbreak. The Cullen children, stayed close together, for their entire lives, living in unison as their parents had.

Lillian Swan married at the age of 23. She fell in love with a British man that worked in Seattle, where she lived. Love was something she was fortunate enough to find early on. After high school, she decided to study business, and took over the female family business, as CEO, replacing her aunt, Bella, at the age of 32.

Her brother, Charles Henry Swan, was the only missing piece of an everlasting puzzle. Once he graduated from College, with a degree in foreign affairs, he worked for the US government in various international liaisons. Charles Henry Swan became the youngest US National Hero when he died, five days shy of his 32nd birthday, defending, and saving his country from a terrorist attack, and a nuclear bomb, he was immortalized in Seattle, the place where he was born, and remember forever as the savior of our nation.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen was the youngest person to ever graduate from Harvard University, and all of the universities for that matter. At the age of 10, Renesmee managed to graduate from the prestigious school, to the shock of the entire world. Her name would also be forever remembered, for in the year 2020 when Renesmee was only 17 years old, she discovered the cure for Cancer. On her 21st year, she shocked the world again, by finding a vaccine against the aids epidemic that would not only cure, but prevent further spread of aids. At 25, Renesmee married her old family friend, Jacob William Black II, the son of Leah and Jake.

Allie Jette Cullen, was not as famous as her sister was, at least not worldwide, but was completely magnificent in her own right. She became a concert pianist, and was said to be the Master of the millennium for all the years to come. She was always happy, but never complete until she found her match, in none other than Samuel (SAM) Clearwater, the son of Carlie and Seth. She lived in happiness, from then on, always content to find the true one for her.

Brandon Hale joined the military, just like his father, the war long finished, he defended his country with honor and bravery, he grew to be exactly the man his parents wished his son to be, except for his fashion sense, which was the only thing his mother was ever discontent with him about. Brandon lived like many do, he lived a simple life, when compared to his famous relatives, but that never bothered him, for Brandon was always happy and cheerful, a welcome face to all those who knew him.

Edward Jonathon Cullen was a happy man. If he were to describe his life he would have said something along the lines of "I am not a brilliant man. My name might be famous but I am not famous on my own. If anything, I've never done or will do anything that will change the course of history. I was never proud or vain, I was never jealous of my siblings or cousins. If anything one could say I was the only one in my family who never accomplished something grand and magnificent. My family and I, of course, would disagree. I might not have changed the world, but I do know that I fulfilled my destiny and purpose in every way possible. I've loved a woman with all my heart, forever and have done everything in my power to keep her happy, I have maintained the same love and never gone back on a promise of love to her, and in that instance, I am the luckiest man alive, for I have loved in ways that people only dream about."

Anthony Cade Cullen worked for the CIA for most of his life, before becoming president of the deadly organization that protected his country. He was one of the most popular and favorite of all the leaders of the organization, using that adoration to convert it into votes when he ran, and won, the elections for President of The United States at 45. He was also the most popular president America had for a very long time, bringing peace and economic stability to a global crises. He was, notorious, and remembered for a long time for his work in the betterment of America.

Emma Cullen graduated from Dartmouth University, and became a doctor, like her father and grandfather. She lived for a very long time and loved everyone around her. When she was older, she conjoined with her older sister, Renesmee and together they brought sight to the blind people in the world, using Renesmee's studies, and Emma's technique and knowledge of the surgical procedures. Of all the Cullens, she was the only one that divorced, marrying into a unstable relationship, with a brutal man, that almost cost her, her life, and then recovering, only to find that love had been waiting for her all along, in the form of a childhood friend, whose name was Robert. Together they found the love that had been missing in Emma's life, and that he so craved from her.

The last of the Cullen family, Isabel Rose Hale, was a young beauty. She was adored by all for her calm nature, her quiet demeanor, yet loving personality. She did not change the world in any drastic way, but by changing one mentally incapacitated person, at a time, just like her father, Jasper. She became a psychologist, and made it her mission to help the people that were so often neglected by society.

Rosalie and Emmett lived in love for the rest of their lives, as did Jasper and Alice, and Esme and Carlisle.

Bella and Edward, grew old together. They lived a life completely their own, and with their family, they grew, as did their children, each day, something new learnt from there brilliant sons and daughters.

Together they mourned the loss of the eldest Cullen boy, Charlie and together got there family through the adversity and difficulties his loss brought.

Edward and Isabella Cullen were known as the parents and uncles of the most brilliant minds of the century. They were known for a long time after they were gone. If anything, they were best known for the book of their love, A students Love, a teachers Torture, by Renesmee, Allie and Emma Cullen.

There pictures were forever in the rooms of their houses, from the first one, where the two eldest Cullen girls sat together, to Bella's angelic portrayal, to a line of pictures depicting there family and there life. The only one that remained, forever in its original place was the portrait of a young Bella, being held in the arms of her love, on their wedding day. The photograph was made into a painting, and the love in their eyes showed clearly to the world the meaning of true love.

Edward and Bella did not care for the fame of their family, or for the legacy they left behind, they were not at all interested in what the media would say, or what stories were told, all except one.

Edward and Bella loved each other every day of their lives. They loved each other in ways an author could not describe in a book, a poet in poetry, an actress in a movie, a writer in a song. They loved each other in ways pictures could never portray, and with a passion that would cause the surface of the earth to heat up, to the notice of all those on it.

It was because of their love that they were never proud, or arrogant in their life. It didn't matter how rich they grew, or how many people knew their names. None of that mattered to them. Because what really was important, wasn't the fact that they lived a life so incredibly improbable and uncommon, so unique and special and wonderful, what mattered to them, is that they lived together every day of their lives being able to wake up in each other's arms, and kiss the other's lips, every day they were able to show each other their love.

It is a legacy that will not soon be forgotten, and for a long time, Edward and Bella accepted this, but never let go of their roots. They always knew who they were, and always relied on it to make decisions. When difficulties would arise, they would remember the place they came from, Forks, and the lessons it taught them. They would forever remember that when they thanked God, they would not forget to thank him from the start to the end, for each story has an end, as this must come to its own. When they thanked him, they would remember their love, and remember when all they were, was A Students love, and a Teachers Torture


Thank you so much, for being here to the end. Goodbye to you all, Betty.