A/N: Thank you to S. Meyer for creating the fascinating and exciting world of "Twilight" - an incredible series that ignited so many imaginations!

Chapter 1

I sat on the vanity stool in my bathroom, looking at my reflection in the mirror. I wonder what it would take to make my Jacob look at me…really look at me. According to the calendar, I was only 8. But according to Poppy Carlisle, I was 18 and wouldn't be growing any older. Jacob still sees me as an 8 year-old little girl, and not the 18 year-old young woman that I have become.

Jacob was constantly telling me I was beautiful, but surely he didn't really believe it. To him, I'm still just a kid tagging along, holding a teddy bear (actually, a teddy WOLF). A wicked grin appeared on my face as an idea came to me. I would force Jacob to notice me…and I knew just how to do it, too.

I ran to my dresser and opened up my swimsuit drawer. Last week, I had gone shopping for new clothes for summer with my Aunt Alice. Alice had laughed and winked at me when she saw me picking up skimpy bikinis. I bought several, but one of them was a bit risqué. That was the bikini I wanted today…I finally found it - it was a purple with white polka dot string bikini…very, very string bikini. I laughed softly, remembering Alice saying she wanted to be at the cottage when my dad saw the bikini for the first time. Thankfully, Daddy wasn't home. I knew if he had been at home, he would never have let me out my bedroom door.

After I put on the bikini, I found myself at my mirror again. Auntie had gotten a matching purple with white polka dots headband and sandals that were white with purple polka dots. My bag matched my shoes. My body fit nicely in a bikini. Lots of curves…lots of cleavage…If Jacob didn't notice I was a woman in this swimsuit, he never would. I slid on a pair of very short cut off denim shorts and made my way downstairs.

Jacob had his back to the stairs, but turned to face me when I was halfway down the stairs. Mom turned to look at me, too. Her jaw fell open. I looked at Jacob…my heart skipped a beat. He smiled his most beautiful smile at me. I smiled back – I knew my outfit would work! But then he opened his mouth and killed my fantasies.

"Renesmee, it's still to cold for you to be dressed like that. Go put on jeans and a t-shirt."

"I thought we could go cliff diving today." I glanced over at mom and saw that her mouth was still open. At least one of them was figuring out that I had a grown woman's body.

"Lets wait a while longer before we cliff dive. I don't want to risk something happening to my little Nessie."

"Uh…yeah" mom faltered. She looked at Jacob like he was an idiot (go mom!). "I think it would be best to change, Nessie."

I didn't say anything, but I turned and went back in my room. Hot tears spilled down my cheeks. How would I ever get Jacob to open his eyes? I sat on my vanity stool again and looked at myself in the mirror. What is wrong with me? Why can't Jacob really look at me? Maybe if my hair was different. Maybe I could color my hair blonde. And my eyes...boring brown…I could get colored contacts…would Jacob want me with blue eyes or green?

A face appeared in the mirror next to mine. "Nessie…I don't have to have your father's gift to know what you are thinking. Stop thinking like that." Mom said softly. "You are perfect the way you are."

"But mom," I couldn't finish my sentence because of the fresh tears that had started falling.

"Why don't I get rid of Jacob and you and I will talk. We'll figure out a plan to get Jacob to notice you. The real you and not a store bought version of yourself…and with more clothes on your body, too."

I couldn't help but smile. Mom kissed my check and went downstairs to tell Jacob to go home. Bottom of Form