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"Not until we get married!"

Ten year old Emmet Brandon slapped his thighs in disgust. "I told you she was going to be insensible about this!" Alice watched as her older brother's best friend withdrew a second baseball card from his shirt pocket. Her brother and Jasper had this mania to kiss a girl because there friend Jacob black came back from summer camp saying he kissed a girl and now they wanted to know what it was like. And Jasper Whitlock thought that he was going to kiss without getting married first he had another thing coming. He was going to have to do this the right way. She might only be eight, but Alice new about these things. She glanced down at her Barbie Doll she held in her arms. She knew immediately that Barbie would not approve of kissing a boy without getting married.

"Jazz says he'll throw in his Don Drysdale baseball card." Emmett said.

"Not unless we are married!" she told them again, smoothing the front of her dress with haughty air.

"All right, all right, I'll marry her!" Jazz muttered as he walked across the backyard.

"How are you gonna do that?" Emmet asked.

"Get your bible."

For someone who wanted to kiss her so badly, Jasper didn't look very pleased. Alice decided to press her luck. "In the fort."

"In the fort?" Jazz exploded. "No girls allowed!"

"I refuse to marry or kiss a boy who won't let me in his fort!"

"Call it off man. Call it off!" Emmett demanded. "She is asking for way to much."

"You won't have to give me the second baseball card." She said. The idea of being the first girl inside their fort way exhilarating. And it also had a certain appeal to it. It meant that she would get invited to Jessica Palmer's birthday party.

The boys exchanged glances and started whispering to each other; Alice only heard certain parts of their conversation. Emmett wasn't to thrill with the idea of letting Alice inside the fort and kept shaking his head as if he couldn't believe that his best friend was going to go through with it. For her part, Alice didn't know whether to trust Jasper. He liked to play practical jokes and say silly things. Jasper was a boy's boy.

"It's time to feed my Barbie." She said preparing to leave.

"Fine, fine" Jasper said with obvious reluctance. "I'll marry you in the fort. Martin will say the words but you can't tell anybody you were in our fort."

"If you do you be very sorry." Emmett threatened her.

"I won't tell!" Alice promised. She liked to keep secrets.

"You ready?" Jasper demanded. Now that the terms were set, he seemed to be in a rush, which rather annoyed her. The frown on his face didn't please her, either. A bridegroom should at least look happy. She was about to say so but didn't.

"You'll have to change your clothes!"

"What why?"

"You look dirty! Maybe you should put on that suit you wore for Easter mass?"

"No! You marry me as I am or not at all!"

She sighed, rolling her eyes expressively. "Fine! Just let me get something."

Alice ran back into the house and up to her room. She got four of her favorite dolls. Straightened her pig tail, tied pink ribbons around them. She always wore pink ones because pink was a girl color. Colors like blue and brown were boy color. Boys were okay sometimes but they were usually annoying and disgusting.

Her four dolls accompanied her all the way to the fort. She opened the door and then slowly marched her way to the packing-crate-and-cardboard fort. Pausing at the narrow entry she glanced around. It was nothing to brag about. Emmett always made it seem like a palace at dinner.

Her brother stood tall and proud on an upturned apple crate with the bible clutched to his chest.

"You can't bring those dolls in here!"

"There our children, right Jasper?"


"My daddy says that children are just a gleam in the eye little angels waiting to be born. I thought I should bring them here so you could meet them!"

Jasper obviously annoyed asked her "Are we getting married or not?"

"All right, All right"

Emmett then began "Do you Jasper Whitlock take Mary Alice Brandon for your wife?"

"Lawfully wedded" Alice corrected. She remembered that part from a TV show she was watching.

"Lawfully wedded wife," Emmet corrected.

"I do" Jasper said. Alice noticed that he said it without any enthusiasm "I think there something out in richer or poorer in sickness or health."

Emmett nodded. " Do you Mary Alice Brandon take Jasper Whitlock to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness or health in richer or poorer?"

"I will only marry a man who is rich and healthy so that he can buy me ponies!"

"You can't put conditions now"

"Just say I do!" Emmet said.

"Fine. I do"

"I hereby pronounce you married" Emmet proclaimed, closing the bible with a thud. "You may kiss the bride."

Jasper turned his face to Alice it was only a few feet away. His eyes were a pretty shade of blue. They reminded her of the sky looked after a bad storm. She liked Jasper eyes.

"You ready?" He asked?

She nodded, closed her eyes and pressed her lips together as she angled her head to the left. Truth be told she wasn't really opposed to not kissing Jasper. But she never let him know that. Kissing was something good girls talked about.

A long time passed before she felt his lips on hers.

"Well?" Emmett said.

"Nothing like how Jacob said it would be."

"Maybe Alice didn't do it right?"

"I did to do it right. It was probably Jasper who did it wrong." She was now enraged. How dare they blame her!

"Whatever. Here take the card." Jasper said.

"What? She didn't do it right and your still going to give her the card?"

"A deal is a deal."

"Keep the stupid card!" Alice yelled and went running out of the fort. She was very mad. And then she had the best idea ever! They never said that she couldn't say that she kissed Jasper and that they got married!