The robust sound of organ music surged through the Seattle church as Alice walked slowly down the center aisle, her feet moving in time to the traditional music. As the maid of honor, Bella stood to one side of the altar while Jazz and his brother, who was serving as best man, waited on the other. The church was decorated with poinsettias and Christmas greenery, accented by white roses. Alice's brother, Emmett, stood directly ahead of her. He smiled at Alice as the assembly rose and she came down the aisle, her heart overflowing with happiness. Alice and Jazz had planned this day, their Christmas wedding, for months. If there'd been any lingering doubts that Jazz really loved her, they were long gone. He wasn't the type of man who expressed his love with flowery words and gifts. But Alice had known that from the first. He'd insisted on building their

home before the wedding and they'd spent countless hours going over the architect's plans. Alice was helping Jazz with his accounting and would be taking over the task full-time when they started their family. Which would be soon. The way Alice figured it, she'd be pregnant by next Christmas.

But before they began their real life together, they'd enjoy a perfect honeymoon in New Zealand. He'd wanted to surprise her with the trip, but Alice had needed a passport. They'd only be gone two weeks, which was all the time Jazz could afford to take, since he had several large projects coming up.

As the organ concluded the "Wedding March," Alice handed her bouquet to Bella and placed her hands in Jazz's. He smiled down on her as if he'd never

seen a more beautiful woman in his life. Judging by the look on his face, Alice knew he could hardly keep from kissing her right then and there.

"Dearly beloved," Emmett said, stepping forward, "we are gathered here today in the sight of God and man to celebrate the love of Jasper Whitlock

and Mary Alice Brandon."

Alice's eyes locked with Jazz's. She did love him, so much that her heart felt close to bursting. After all these months of waiting for this moment, Alice was

sure she'd be so nervous her voice would falter. That didn't happen. She'd never felt more confident of anything than her feelings for Jazz and his for her.

Alice's voice rang out strong and clear, as did Jazz's.

As they exchanged the rings, Alice could hear her mother and Jazz's weeping softly in the background. But these were tears of shared happiness. The two women had renewed their friendship and were excited about the prospect of grandchildren.

Alice waited for the moment when Emmett would tell Jazz he could kiss his bride. Instead he closed his Bible, reverently set it aside, and said, "Jasper Whitlock, do you have the baseball cards with you?"

"I do."

Alice looked at the two men as if they'd both lost their minds. Jazz reached inside his tuxedo jacket and produced two flashy baseball cards.

"You may give them to your bride."

With a dramatic flourish, Jazz did as Emmett instructed. Alice stared down at the two cards and grinned broadly.

"You may now kiss the bride," Emmett declared.

Jazz was more than happy to comply.

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