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Ben 10: Alien Force/Much Ado About Nothing crossover. Gwevin.

Much Ado About Aliens

Chapter 1: Manly Misdirection

Kevin Levin and Gwen Tennyson: allies and comrades, not really best friends but they put up with each other for Ben's sake. As much as they hate to admit it to themselves, they really do care for each other. It was obvious that there was something between the two; so much so that even someone as oblivious as Ben Tennyson could see it! True, during their war against the DNAliens and the Highbreed Kevin and Gwen had grown close, but not close enough for the two to get over themselves and admit their feelings. And so, it was up to Ben, Julie and their friends to bring the two brooding teens together.

Kevin was, as usual, working on his green and black Camaro in his garage. He had gone with Ben and Gwen to a movie earlier that day, and had ended up fighting with Gwen over certain details of the movies plot! As a result the three teenagers had been thrown out of the theatre.

Ben and Gwen had gone to their respective homes, and Kevin had gone to work on his car, just as he did whenever he needed to empty his mind of the stresses of life (namely Gwen). He didn't even realize he was musing to himself: 'One girls cute, but I don't care. One's smart, but I don't care. One's got a strong personality, but I still don't care! Until all those characteristics are in one girl, I got no reason to waste my time on any of 'em.' Kevin stopped tinkering with the Camaro's engine long enough to realize what had just popped into his mind. Deciding he needed a break (he must have breathed in too much fumes and was high) he stood up straight and walked over to a chair nearby. He sat down and decided to let his mind wander more.

'She's gotta have money, and lots of it. She's gotta have the brains as well as the body. She's gotta have a strong sense of right and wrong of course. She's gotta have bright green eyes that're as sharp as her tongue. And most importantly: she's gotta be able to resist my roguish charm!' Kevin chuckled at that last one, remembering an instance months ago in which he had bragged to Gwen and Ben about his so-called 'roguish charm'. Hearing footsteps Kevin pulled himself out of his mind to peak around the corner and see who it was.

It was growing dark outside, the sun almost completely set, and all he could make out were two silhouettes. One was of average height and build, male. The other was slightly shorter, kind of chubby, and also male. Straining his ears he could just barely make out their voices. He instantly recognized them. 'Heh, the halfbreed Pyronite, and the Technopath; I'm sure they don't mind me eavesdropping!'


Alan Albright, a half Human/half Pyronite, and Cooper, a Technopath, were heading over to Ben's house with three tangerine/cucumber smoothies in tow. They were on a mission, the drinks being a reason to be anywhere near here. As they neared Kevin's garage Cooper released one of his spy bots (which looked like your average fly) to see if Kevin was in there. After it's affirmative response the two began their performance.


Kevin listened intently to the two boys talking to each other as they neared the garage. He was shocked when he heard what they said.

"So tell me again, Alan, what Gwen told Julie over the phone after she got back from the movie?" Cooper asked. Alan did his best not to crack up and replied in mock astonishment: "It's true, I was there when Julie called Ben and relayed the news to him. Gwen loves Kevin!" Cooper was holding back tears of mirth now. "But I thought that Gwen hated Kevin, they're always fighting!"

'Is it possible?' Kevin wondered as he listened.

"So do married couples who've been together for years." Alan said in reply to Cooper's statement. Cooper imitated a disbelieving look and said, "I still don't believe it, what proof is there?" Allan froze, he completely forgot about what he would say for this part. He had to think quickly and make it good. And then it came to him! He smiled and said, "Ben and Julie are going to the beach-side fair tonight and Gwen asked if she and Kevin could tag along. Any time now she'll call Kevin and ask him if he'd like to come, all the while making it look as if it was Ben's idea, not hers!"

At that exact moment Kevin's cell phone started ringing, pulling him out of his daze. He fumbled the phone for a second before putting it to his ear. "Yeah?" he asked. He could almost hear eyes rolling in annoyance on the other end. "Listen, Kevin…"a sharp intake of air, "would you like to come with Ben, Julie and I to the fair?" Kevin was speechless, Gwen had asked him just as Alan had said! Taking a smug and slightly seductive tone he replied with: "If it's not to much of an inconvenience." "No more of an inconvenience than it is for me to ask you," Gwen replied, "but if you don't want to go then whatever! On her end Gwen was about to hang up when she heard Kevin say, "No, I want to go. I'll be there!" Gwen gave another "whatever" before hanging up and heading out the door. Kevin put his phone back in his pocket and prepared himself for a night with the young woman who secretly loved him.

End Chapter 1