Tada! The last chapter of 'Much Ado About Aliens'! I hope you all enjoy this epic conclusion. Warning: random, silly, cheesy-ness will ensue. The likes of which you have never seen before I'll wager. Furthermore, some kinky humanxalien making out at the end (a little treat for my loyal viewers and fans). So without further ado...

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Much Ado About Aliens

Chapter 3: Love, Like A Three-Cheese Fondue

So the Ferris Wheel idea didn't work, there's more where that came from, Kevin thought as her searched for Gwen. After several minutes of searching he found her sitting on a bench sipping from a bottle of water. When Gwen spotted Kevin she smirked and asked, "Enjoy your ten minutes of personal time?" Kevin stuck out his tongue and grumbled something about 'rude, red-headed, pain-in-my-ass chick'. Gwen snorted in amusement.

"So, since you obviously don't care for Ferris Wheels, how 'bout something else?" Gwen raised an eyebrow, curious as to what cheesy yet romantic plan Kevin had up his sleeve this time. "What did you have in mind?" she asked. Kevin smirked and held out a hand, silently asking Gwen to take it so he could show her. Gwen got up and refused the hand, instead walking a few steps before asking, "You coming or not?" Kevin 'hmph'-ed and took the lead again.


High above the fair, invisible to the naked eye, floated a teenage girl and a humanoid creature. They were rendered invisible by the creature's own natural powers. At that moment they were laughing their ass's off, watching as Kevin and Gwen move from one attraction to the other. Each time Kevin would try to get closer to Gwen…and each time Gwen would do something to totally ruin the moment. In Big Chill's cold voice Ben said, "This is just too rich. First she dumps him at the Ferris Wheel, next she switches places with a guy who then tries to flirt with Kevin at the Love Tunnel, and when he tries to share a funnel cake with her…snicker…she sneezes into it!" Ben and Julie broke out into another bought of laughter. They were never going to let Kevin forget this.

"Yeah, it's nice to see Kevin being made the fool instead of him making you the fool. Poetic justice at its finest." Julie smiled at and looked to Ben who turned his head and smiled at her. Suddenly Julie's mind took a dive for the gutter. As a sly grin spread across her face she leaned in to Ben's ear and whispered: "I wonder what it would be like to make out with a Necrofriggian." Ben's grin was made even more devious in appearance thanks to the fact that his alien was a ghost-type. "Wanna find out?"


Kevin was at his wits end. Every attempt to win over Gwen had been sabotaged by the redhead. It was almost as if she didn't want to be won over. It was seriously irritating and depressing. He had one last plan to use, and he had hoped it wouldn't come to this, given the outcome of his past attempts.

Coming upon the haunted house he noticed Gwen standing back, fear already evident in her eyes. Kevin understood the situation but couldn't walk away from this one.


About 6 months into their teaming up to fight the DNAliens Kevin had discovered that Gwen had a paralyzing fear of ghosts, zombies and the like. According to Ben, it was partly to do with the fact that when they were ten and had been visiting an overly preppy boarding school during that fateful summer, Ghostfreak had possessed Gwen! He had then threatened to throw himself over the edge of a building if Ben didn't submit himself to Ghostfreak.


Kevin came back over to Gwen and said, "We don't have to do it if you don't want to." Gwen looked to him, eyes filled with relief. She then immediately rapped her arms around Kevin and kissed him full on the lips. Kevin was totally caught off guard by this but decided to go with it.

After they broke apart Gwen asked, "So how did the haunted house fit into you plan to woo me?" Kevin grinned sheepishly and replied, "I knew you were afraid of haunted houses, so I figured if I could get you into one you'd get so scared that you'd jump into my arms and beg me to save you." Gwen chuckled and said, "Sometimes I wonder if you and my cousin hang out too much, I swear he's rubbing off on you." Kevin chuckled then asked, "So does this mean you're my girlfriend?" Gwen thought for a second before replying, "Definitely."

And so arm in arm they walked back to Ship, still in his Mazda6 form. They were meters away when they heard moaning sounds coming from the car. Kevin put his finger to his lips, telling Gwen to be quiet. They snuck up on the car and swung the passenger door open. What they saw would require years of therapy to erase.

In the back row of the car was Ben in Big Chill's form with Julie sitting on his lap. The two were in a serious lip lock and Kevin could have sworn he saw Julie's tongue rapped around what must have been a proboscis jutting out of the Necrofriggian's mouth. Ben's hands were set on the girl's lower back slowly drawing circles into the exposed skin. It was all too clear who was producing the moaning sounds and why. Gwen cleared her throat and said, "Well, it appears that you've been rubbing off onto both Ben and Julie you sick little kink!" All Kevin could say was: "Damn…that is HOT!"

The End