The Escape

Kyle Katarn surveyed the burning hangar. All of the Stormtroopers appeared dead. Satisfied, he turned the AT-ST and blasted down the door to his left. He then moved over to a TIE port, just the right height for the walker, and climbed out through the hatch. For good measure, he set a timer on one of his thermal detonators for three minutes and put it under the seat. Then, he got on an elevator and rode down to the ground floor.

* * *

"So, Al, do you think we can hold off this work station?" asked Leo, gripping his blaster pistol tightly.

"In dire situations, I like to be optimistic," replied his coworker.

The door opened. A man rushed in. There was a sudden blue blur. Both Imperials hit the floor, not knowing what hit them.

Katarn looked up at the reactor outside the window. "Phew. Look at that beauty," he commented. Using his lightsaber, he cut a small hole in the glass. Then, he set another thermal detonator and tossed it in. Guiding it with the force, he inserted it directly under the main body of the machine.

* * *

"Uhn… oh… my head…" groaned Rost. He was sitting in the hangar, surrounded by destruction and flames, dazed.

"TK-632?" came a weak voice.

"Commander Theron!" Rost called, searching for the Stormtrooper officer. "Where are you?"

"Over… h-here…"

Spotting the commander, Rost rushed over and knelt beside the mangled body. "Oh, Commander…"

"-632, listen… care-carefully. K-Katarn helped destroy… the first… Deathstar. Now he… wants to finish what he started."

"What do you mean?"

"D-do you know what this b-base is… for?" said Theron, barely above a whisper. He did not wait for Rost to respond. "They are building the cannon for another… here… in this b-base…"

"Wait… are you saying Katarn will probably go for the—"

"The r-reactor! He's g-going to blow… the base… get out now, before… it's too… late…"

A beam fell nearby, almost striking Rost on the back. "I won't leave you!" he shouted, trying to lift the gravely wounded commander.

"G-go! That's an order!"

Rost paused, watching the man. He was motionless. Suddenly, the rookie Stormtrooper realized Theron was dead.

"This is your base commander," boomed the intercom. "Reactor is at critical. Evacuate the base immediately. Repeat: evacuate immediately." A loud siren blared as debris rained down on the hangar. Rost was jarred into action a TIE fighter fell from its mooring and crashed down on the floor. He sprinted for a shuttle and prepared for takeoff.

The transport began to hover. The landing gear folded inward as the wings fanned out. Rost gunned it for the hangar door. A beam abruptly fell in his path, and it was all he could do to avoid it without loosing control.

Finally, he reached the open door, and the Imperial Shuttle rocketed out over the Bakurian canyons…

* * *

Two weeks later, Rost Fenrir found himself in the office of an Imperial major. "How are you doing?" he asked. Before the rookie could answer, the major yelled, "Better than the comrades you left behind on Bakura, I suspect!"

"Sir, the Base Commander ordered immediate evacuation, and the hanger was falling apart! Not to mention, Commander Theron ordered me in person to take the shuttle and leave immediately!"

"We did not find this order on the audio recording," said the major coolly.

"Well, perhaps the Commander's helmet systems stopped functioning when he was BLOWN UP by an AT-ST!" Rost cried.

"Hm. Perhaps," said the officer, abruptly reclaiming his composure. "Regardless, I am very disappointed in you, Private Fenrir. However, you did display quick thinking and well-rounded skills. Therefore, I am reassigning you."

"What?" asked Rost, shocked.

"Mess this up and its over."

"M-mess what up, sir?"

The major folded his hands and looked Rost straight in the eye. "How would you like to be a Jedi-hunter?"


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