Namikawa's eyes glared curiously over the rim of his brandy glass.

Higuchi gulped down yet another drink. It had to have been about his fourth and it was beginning to show. His words were starting to slur; consisting mostly of groans and exaggerated vowels. His face was flushed; his brow glistened with a light dusting of perspiration. His eyes were glazed over, giving him an absentminded stare, strongly degrading his usual professional appearance.

"... So, it seems that she is quite fond of you." Higuchi continued as though he had merely paused for breath.

Namikawa was a little surprised at his statement, but still it was nothing to concern himself with, according to Higuchi even if a woman glances at you she is apparently 'fond' of you.

"And this bothers so much Higuchi, that you felt it was necessary to force your way into my home and interrogate me about it?"

Higuchi laughed a loud hearty, clearly drunken, laugh. "Bothers me? Certainly not. The thing that bothers me, Namikawa, is that fact that Amane-san appears to have lost confidence in me."

Namikawa was aware it was because of what he had said to Amane-san that earlier that evening. Of course, he didn't think she would actually show that she no longer trusted him, but nevertheless he still found it rather amusing.

"Confidence?" Namikawa questioned, "Why? Did you offer her more than just an endorsement contract?"

Higuchi laughed again, this time louder. "I didn't have the opportunity. She barely looked at me."

Namikawa smirked, "Well, you are not really a sight to behold now, are you Higuchi?"

"And you are?"

Namikawa lay back, resting his back upon the rear of the couch, he couldn't help but sneer. "I would say so, yes."

Higuchi leant forward, clutching the brandy bottle and, messily, poured himself another drink. There was something in the air, a sensation almost, that made Namikawa feel as though he had been horribly tricked.

He was correct.

"Well then, Namikawa." Higuchi gulped down yet another glass. "Considering you are, as you so politely stated 'a sight to behold,' then it seems you are just the person to persuade Amane-san."

"Persuade her of what exactly?"

Higuchi slammed his glass down on the coffee table, so forcefully, that for a moment Namikawa was certain it had broken. He got to his feet, swaying in his drunken stupor. Namikawa held out his hands, just in case he lost balance and decided to fall. He didn't thankfully.

He staggered toward him, and for a second, was convinced that Higuchi was going to punch him. He didn't. He simply allowed himself to sit down, heavily, beside Namikawa. He lay back, before reaching outward, resting is hand on Namikawa's shoulder.

"Namikawa..." He had an uneven smile spread across his face, which normally would have been comical, but as of right now was quite startling. "... I need you... to erase Amane Misa's suspicions of Yotsuba."

Namikawa choked slightly on his drink. "What did you say to her?"

"On the contrary, it was what you said to her." Higuchi moved his hand upward to stroke his face. Namikawa, uncomfortably, moved over, giving Higuchi more space. "You need to fix this, otherwise -" His eyes grew instantly sober "- We'll all be executed."

Namikawa felt his breath catch in his throat. Executed? Could it really come to that? Still, he couldn't take the chance. He had to do what Higuchi said, if not, his life was over. But, what could he do? How could he obliterate Amane-san's suspicions of the Yotsuba Corporation? What could he do? He did not know.



"You have beautiful hair..." Higuchi gently caressed Namikawa's lengthy hair, his ridiculous smile had returned and he was completely overwhelmed with the unpleasant smell of alcohol. "Very beautiful hair..."

Namikawa turned to slap him away, only to find that he had fallen asleep.

The vice president of sales managed to release himself from Higuchi's grip, who by that time, was snoring very noisily.

What was he to do? Was Higuchi serious? Or was it just the alcohol speaking for him? Regardless, he was right. If Amane-san suspected them of something it was only a matter of time before the authorities catch on. And if that happened – Shit. This was major. He had to do something.

Only what?


It was seven-thirty the following morning.

Namikawa was wide awake. However, he had been wide awake all night, and it bothered him.

Not the fact that he couldn't sleep, mind you. It was the fact that he could not rid himself of this constant worry. It was unlike him. He was usually so dignified; so composed.

But now...!

It was Amane-san. She had always made him feel such unfamiliar sensations. Did she truly pester him that much? He wasn't sure. Truth be told, he had never really given it much thought.

He gathered his things for work; there was yet another thing that caused him such troubling concern – today they were to hold their so called 'death meetings.'

Again, they were to decide on whom they should kill to benefit the company, and if they did not comply, the Yotsuba Kira would indubitably make do with them, as he had done with Hatori Arayoshi.


Namikawa sat, somewhat irritated, in the conference room.

What was he doing there?

He did not belong there. This principle of plotting murder was something that, quite frankly, made him want to leap from the highest window of the Yotsuba building.

Sitting around with a dozen deceitful gentlemen, whose only interest was to line their own pockets regardless of the methods in which it is achieved, was not something that he morally agreed with. In fact, he would have put a stop to it if his life were not in danger.

The only person truly capable of putting a halt to such avarice was either the Yotsuba Kira if he decided to stop with the murders, or they were caught by the police, which ever came first.

He also had a fairly good idea of who the Yotsuba Kira was.

Higuchi Kyousuke, head of the Technology department, was himself, a very covetous person. Power and finance seemed the centre of his interests. It was foolish; that a person could take life for something as widespread as money.

However, Namikawa also loved money; otherwise he would not have bothered working up to the status of which he has now accomplished, but not to the same extent. Still, it could be expected of Higuchi Kyousuke.

"What is it that you find so satisfactory, Hatori, that you feel the need to question Kira's judgement?" he had become quite displeased with Hatori's persistence.

Hatori sighed; again he would have to explain that he disagreed with this conspiracy.

"Higuchi, we are going to get caught out. There is no way this will go undetected by the police, there are too many risks. If they find us we are dead. Do you not realise what a serious matter this is?"

Most of the men in the room merely shrugged, rolled their eyes, a few even laughed.

"Perhaps you all wish to through your lives away for something as worthless as money, but I sure as hell don't, I want out of this arrangement."


That was pretty much the last time he had ever seen Hatori. It also told the others to stay in line. He certainly didn't want to die; might as well follow along a little longer. They hadn't been caught out so far, right?

Namikawa seized his car keys, as well as a box of aspirin for his migraine, before leaving for work. He hadn't really drunk all that much last night, yet he felt as though his skull was about to explode. He could only imagine how Higuchi was feeling.

Higuchi had left in the early hours of the morning.

Typically, Namikawa would have offered him a ride home considering it was hazardous for him to drive while under the influence, but still, it wasn't as though he would be missed either way.

The sky was smudged in silver clouds; the morning sun had ascended covering the ground in a cold shadow.

Namikawa continued down the motorway.

He sighed, tiresomely, aware that he would have to confront Amane-san today. He needed a reason to converse with her. Not just once or twice but frequently.

But how?

He didn't know.