A Merging : Lord of the Rings and Twilight

In the world of Twilight:

Bella got her books out of her backpack as she slammed the door of her old cruddy truck. It was an icy, cold, and cloudy day. Edward was across the lot next to his Volvo….

In the world of Lord of the rings:

Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli were running down the field in pursuit of Pippin and Merry and the herd of orcs that had captured them.


Hello readers, I am Brianna. And now we come to the section in my story where both stories ( Lord of the Rings and Twilight) will merge together! ALL THAT ONCE WAS WILL BLEND TOGETHER! Now…enjoy… let us begin the madness!


Now we begin our story as :

Suddenly- a blue van skidded across the ice heading towards Bella! Edward was just about to jump to save her when he spotted an extremely hawt blonde chick across the lot... Edward got distracted, Bella screamed! And was just about to hit Bella when BUH DUH DUH DAAAAH! Aragorn comes in and stabs a sword into a wheel stopping the van moments before hitting him and Bella. Then the hawt distracting blonde chick turned around and Edward found it was Legolas! He made fake barfing noises and turned away embarrassed. Bella looked at Aragorn, "You saved me!" Aragorn looked up at the sky proudly, " It appears I did."

"Wanna go to La Push?"


Aragorn and Bella walked away leaving Gimli and Legolas in the parking lot, "Come! I think I found Pippin's broach!" exclaimed Legolas, picking up a piece of chewed gum from the ground. "Ah, hmm.. It seems so… The orcs must have gone that way! COME! Onward!" shouted Gimli following the road. They passed by Edward whom was sobbing on the ground finding that not only had he checked out a guy, but Aragorn was with Bella! "WHY?!" he cried. Meanwhile Aragorn and Bella had reached LaPush Beach. There were some cars parked here and there but it was pretty empty. The two were walking on it's shore when Frodo emerged from the road on horse back, going full speed! "AHH!" screamed Bella as Frodo mounted.

"The black riders… they… are coming…" sighed Frodo then he passed out.

"AH! A drunken midget!" cried Bella.

"Not it's Frodo!" said Aragorn picking up Frodo and shook him which woke up the hobbit, "Huh?" said Frodo coming back to consciousness. "Well…not what?" said Bella.

"Now you must ride and deliver Frodo to safety! (At least that's what happens in my story line,)" said Aragorn.

"Where could safety possibly be?!"

"Across the water! AH! Here come the riders!" cried Aragorn as the Blackhorse men paused in front of Bella, one whispered, "Did Arwin get a haircut?" as another stated, "Arwin's gained weight,"

"No, no… she obviously got stung by bees and is swollen now… "

Then the murmuring stopped the black riders started their horses running as Bella hopped on her horse with Frodo and shouted "giddy-up!" so then the black riders chases Bella. But they weren't to far when Strider shouted "HEY! MAKE THE WATER DO THAT TIDAL WAVE THING! SAY Nämbiä Mêinba!"

"SAY Nä WHA-?" DOOOSH. She fell off the horse as Frodo fell too but he got caught on the horse's saddle and got carried away to the horizon dragged by his foot. The black riders pulled Bella on a horse and rode away….

Aragorn sighed, "Well… I would go off and save her- but… Bella isn't exactly worth saving…" and with that he walked away eating an apple Edward gave her.

Meanwhile…Edward was on a cliff as Legolas and Gimli followed a road just a few feet from the edge Edward stood on….

"Hey look! The desperate kid we met earlier is gonna commit suicide!" said Gimli stopping his tracking. Legolas halted too, "AWESOME! Let's watch… maybe we'll get paid by CNN to get pictures of him jumping…" said Legolas taking out his camera phone and walking closer to Edward. "I'm not gonna jump off the-" SNAP Legolas took a photo… "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Edward who was startled by the flash and took a step backwards off the cliff. Legolas got interrupted by the THUD Edward's landing made, "Are you gonna see if he lived?" said Gimli.

"Pssh! Yeah right! He's Edward Cullen! No one cares.…" said Legolas walking away.

"Hmm, good point." said Gimli following. Then this kid came up to Legolas, "Hey Jessica!" called the kid running up.

"What?" said Legolas in response.

"Jessica! It's me! Mike!" said the kid… then Legolas turned around.

"AHHHH! It's a dude!" said the kid and ran away.

"Hmm, this happens to much in this town." said Legolas walking away with Gimli not far behind him…

MEANWHILE: Hello again, peoples of fan fiction. This ends our merging of Lord of the Rings and Twilight…*GONG NOISE* … Now let's see how they're adjusting to their normal lives after the merging.

In the world of Twilight:

Bella looked out over the meadow… "Edward?" …her voice echoed.

'Edward Edward Edward'

In the world of Lord of the Rings:

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were running through the field chasing Pippin and Merry's tracks when some guy came from behind Legolas… "Hey gorgeous!" he called then Legolas turned around and the guy shrieked "GASP! IT'S A GUY!?!?!"

Brianna : Little did Bella know, Edward had in fact died in the merging…you see, in Lord of the Rings vampires don't exist, so in response he was indeed human during the merging and as any human would do after a devastating fall off a cliff… he died. YAY…. Watch out Bella…more mergings will come, and after Edward's chosen fate… who knows what will happen to you!