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Arya stared down at the rider, brown hair tusled in the light breeze. It was silent except for the wind in the trees and her jagged breathing. How could he feel that way? Was it true? He seemed mearly sleeping, as he lay unconsious on the sun parched ground before her. His breathing was even, and his eyes were closed without the tell-tale twitching of uneasy sleep. Arya wasn't sure what to do. She knew he needed the rest; the puffy bruises under his eyes told her that much, the product of many sleepless nights and hard, pain filled days.

She had witnessed his steady decline over the past months, but she felt that it did not concern her, so she stuck to the everyday paths of her life and let him go his own way. She had had no idea what was causing his temper to shorten and his eyes to droop at the heigt of the day. Quite frankly she hadn't cared. It had nothing to do with her, or so she thought. Oh, how wrong she was. It had everything to do with her. It was her. His dramatic personality change, his loss of social activity, the lack of luster in his eyes was all her fault. And she had had no idea.

She had been hurting him. The one person in the world who cared about her, not Princess Arya, or the Egg Courier, or anything else but her. She was his only valued friend and she was practically killing him... She hadn't a clue. Everytime he saw her, it caused him pain. Red hot swords, torture tables, poisoned, shot, it didn't matter. He had been putting up with it for months, apparently, and finally he had broken. He had run out of the pain reserves, her had run out of resistance. He had been giving her his whole heart and he had just... run out. So he had finally collapsed, right after he had told her exactly what he thought, and exactly how he felt... He was going to be out for a while.

So there she was, in the middle of Ellesmera, birds singing and emerald shadows flitted across the ground. Eragon lay unconsious at her feet, but it wasn't long before she collapsed onto her knees and joined him. His strong words broke through her High Princess facade and one tear fell from her eyes, trailing down her chin, and was quickly joined by many others. What should she do? Take him to the infirmary? What would she say? 'Excuse me, but Eragon's unrequitted feelings for me have been causing him excruciating pain, and he collapsed in the middle of the forest. Would you tend to him?' Not likely. She couldn't just leave him there, and she had no idea where Saphira was. She decided to try and contact her mentally, hoping she was close by.

She flung her mind out in all directions, brushing every living being within a two mile radius. She felt birds, moths, mice, deer, wolves, wild hogs, and even a few elves but nothing like the vast expance of the dragon's mind. She sighed. She couldn't leave him here and she had no where to take him, so she'd have to stay here until he woke. She rose shakily, and it was moments before she trusted her wobbling knees to move her forward. She checked his pulse rutinly, and after she was sure he was simply sleeping, she gathered dry pine kneedles and made him a cunshined area to lay on. The intence fragrence of the pine sap sent her mind back to earlier days, those of her childhood, and she stilled her body as daydreams enveloped her waking mind.

She was running through the forest, the trees were much taller then, or maybe she was just shorter than she was now. Her tinkling laughter was accompanied by that of others as she dashed along, weaving in and out of ferns to avoid the morning dew. 'Hurry up, Vanir! Faolin's gaining on us!' Vanir laughed and sped up. They crossed a small path, turning onto it. Vanir had passed her, and was far ahead, she saw his white tunic vanish around the bend she was coming up to.

The children's game of tag was almost at an end, as Faolin was almost in tackling distance of her. the noise behind her suddenly dissapeard, and she heard an 'oof' and a muffled curse. Skidding to a stop, Arya turned around, expecting to see Faolin sprawled out on the ground behind her, but instead did a double take; there was no one there. She jogged back along the trail she had just come and looked around on the ground. 'Faolin? Faolin? Where did you go?' Her voice was light and rang with the innocense of childhood, it was light and acsented with a smile, a smile that she no longer knew.

She was about to call out to Vanir, when something hit her from the side, and sent her sprawling off the path, through the wet ferns and skidding through the discarded pine needles that carpeted the forest floor. Their sharp scent filled her sences and she was dazed. A weight was pressing on her side. She tried to sit up but was unable. Then a laughing rang out loud and clear from somewhere nearby. Her vison cleared to see Faolin half sprawled on top of her. Arya was about to start yelling at him when he said 'Tag, you're it.' She had had to join in on his mirth then, and neither took care to move from their close position on the forest floor.

'Arya Drotiningu! Come to me this instant' Her mothers voice rang out from behind them and quickly subdued their mirth. Tears grazed her eyes, reluctant refusal at what she knew was to come. 'Daughter, arise from the ground and come to me at once! Look at your new garbs, they're filthy! You can not be seen in public if you can not act up to your title! Leave the pesant boy and come with me! We have a council meeting to attend and you must sit in with the war council to gain experience! Now, Child! Now!' With that, queen Inslanzadi had swept back along the path, leaving the two children stunned and Arya in tears.

Arya was thrown back into the present, to find herself in the same position, but was unaware of the time. Eragon still lay peacfully on the bed of pine she had made for him. Her childhood had always been thus, all work and no play. Is that how it had been for Eragon? All hard work but no time to relax, nothing to vent his frustrations or malfeelings? She knew very well what it had turned her into, was that how Eragon would end up too? It pained her to imagine never seeing his reasuring, boyish smile again. She couldn't remember her own smile, and only vagly knew her laugh, or at least the hollow thing it had become.

Thr truth was, she couldn't afford to show motion anymore. She had mastered the art of blocking out the pain emotion brought her, the same pain Eragon was facing and the same pain that had sent him spiraling into the calm embrace of unconsiousness. Everything reminded her of him. Of the loving elf who had alway stayed by her side, the one who made her happy, the one who had loved her for who she was, and the one who had reassuringly held her hand when a game of tag had turned into one of many childhood nightmares. Everything she did, saw, or said reminded her of Faolin, and unless she was always to be unconsiouns, she had traded no pain for no feelings.

Eragon had not. He was stronger than her, braver than her. He loved her more than he feared pain, and she knew that pain well. But why? Why would he do that for her? For the elf that 'Didn't Care for Him', for the strange one, the odd elf out? She was nothing special, had no special skills, was not better than anyone else. If anything, she was less than ordinary, she didn't even have the happy attitude of an elf. She was a hollow shell of what an elf should be, and she knew it. Why didn't Eragon? Or did he know and he just chose to ignore it? She wasn't worth it, he deserved better than what she had to offer him. Why wouldn't he turn away from her?

Everyone else had...


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