Yes, it's a Leah gets knocked up story, but there's actually a theory behind mine, which probably contradicts about seventeen medical studies, but whatever, I'm not a doctor.

Chapters will be about the reactions of people. This first chapter is called Carlisle. The next chapter is Seth. I'm going to tell you right now, the chapters aren't very long. Some of them are only drabbles, depending on who it is I'm writing about.

I'll also tell you right now- it won't be Blackwater. I don't think. It just won't happen. Sorry.

The little pink plus sign on the stick she had just pissed on was mocking her. It was staring up at her, laughing. It was saying, 'haha, you thought you couldn't conceive and now you're pregnant with his child. What're you going to do now?' She wanted to throw the stick against the wall, so she did, because some things she still had control over. Then she took another one and chugged half a glass of water and sat down on the toilet and tried not to pee on her hand for the third time that day.

The pink plus sign shone up at her again, and this time it was saying, 'third times the charm, right? What're you going to do now?"

That was the million dollar question, wasn't it?


Leah hadn't gone anywhere near the Cullen house since Nessie had grown up and she and Jacob had went on their way, skipping down the path to eternity, holding hands and singing about how perfect their lives were. She stayed firmly in La Push, far away from the vampires and their smell and their creepy little mutant daughter. But now here she was, walking towards their stupid perfect home, and she had never wanted to phase more in her life, but she couldn't. Not if there was really something living inside of her. So she walked all the way there, trying not to think about another time, when she had walked this path with him by her side and she had thought that maybe, just maybe, somebody might fight for her.

She knew better now.

She put a hand on her flat stomach. She just couldn't imagine it. She couldn't imagine swelling up like a balloon, morning sickness, random cravings. She couldn't imagine something living inside of her. Especially not a child. Especially not his child.

The smell assaulted her nose and she crinkled it, and all too soon the house was in her line of vision and Jesus, if he was there she would just have to turn back around.

She leaped up the steps and rapped three times on the door. In less then a second it opened, showing a tall, beautiful, blond woman who was glaring at her in contempt.


Leah brought herself up to her full height and smiled when she towered over her. Rosalie glared at her.

"I need to speak to Carlisle," Leah told her, happy it hadn't been Edward who had answered the door, because there was absolutely no way she could have controlled her thoughts.

Rosalie gave her one last look before spinning around. Carlisle was at the door in a blink of an eye.

"What can I do for you?" He asked, smiling kindly, and Leah felt herself relax, just a little. If there was one vampire on this planet she didn't mind, it was Carlisle.

"I need to talk to you, preferably in private."

He nodded, following her out of the door. The question bit at her tongue, swirled around her teeth, fought to get out of her mouth, but she wouldn't let it. She wouldn't let it, she wouldn't let a vampire- even one she maybe didn't mind- know that she wasn't over it yet. She would not allow herself to ask whether Jacob was there.

Carlisle didn't stop walking for a while, and Leah wondered just how advanced his families hearing was. She wondered why he hadn't asked her to phase so they could run together and get there faster.

And then she realised he had led her to the hospital.

"How...?" She asked, her eyes growing wide. Carlisle put a hand just behind her back, not quite touching her, and led her through the doors.

"Edward heard your thoughts. I figured I would wait until we were here to tell you I knew. Less chance of you running away," he said, smiling at a woman who had called out a greeting to him. He led Leah into a room with an ultrasound. She halted at the door.

"Oh no. I'm not ready for this."


"You can't just expect me to submit to this without knowing what's going on! I haven't gotten my period in years, and you suddenly expect me to just act like this isn't scaring the shit out of me?!"

Carlisle nodded. Then he asked, "Why did you decide to take a pregnancy test, Leah?"

Leah sighed, sitting down in a chair. "I was throwing up a lot."

"And you immediately jumped to pregnancy?"

Leah glared up at him. "What, are you a psychiatrist now, too?"

Carlisle smiled. "Well, I have studied psychiatry."

Leah groaned. "The only thing I want to know is how is this possible?"

Carlisle crouched down in front of her. "I have a theory. I don't know how plausible it is, but it's a theory."

Leah shifted.

"My theory is that you're body has been going through the normal menstrual cycle, however, due to the accelerated nature of healing that takes place because of your species, your body has healed itself before it got a chance to normally effect you."

Leah stared at him. "You're saying that I've actually been getting my period, but because I'm a werewolf and I heal quickly, it hasn't actually shown?"

Carlisle nodded, straightening up. "Like I said, it's just a theory. However, now that you have a baby growing inside of you, your body will be working normally."

Leah shook her head. "This is all just… so much."

Carlisle nodded in understanding. "Would you like to do the ultrasound?" He asked her. Leah shivered.


The gel was cool on her stomach and she tried not to shiver. This was not happening. There was no way this could be happening. She couldn't be pregnant with his child. She couldn't be pregnant, period! She didn't need this. She couldn't handle this. She couldn't constantly be reminded of him, of his lips and his hands and the way he had made her feel, couldn't be reminded of how hard she had fallen and how much it hurt when he left anyway.

She had been so utterly stupid, to think that nothing would happen. She knew it had to end, knew the lie they were living couldn't last. She knew he would leave for his imprint, knew that she was just something to pass the time. Why had she let herself be used like that?

"Leah," Carlisle said, his voice low.

She didn't want this baby. She couldn't have it. She would be a terrible mother. She had always wanted a baby- but not like this. She would get rid of it. She would.

"Leah," he repeated, and she looked up.

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