Leah had thought she had faced a lot of pain before. Even before the quick healing had taken place, her numerous injuries had hurt her a lot.

That was nothing compared to how she felt now.


Jacob, standing next to Leah, holding her hand, winced at both her voice and her grip. "It's gonna be alright, Leah," he soothed her.

It didn't work. "Easy for you to say, you don't have a full grown child clawing their way out of your uterus."

Jacob was immensely glad about that fact.

"Alright, Leah, we're going to need you to push some more."

Leah let her head rest on the pillow. "I don't want to push anymore. Can't just reach in there and yank it out or something?"

Carlisle smiled. "I'm afraid not. Come on Leah. Push."

She pushed. She pushed again. She pushed some more.

It was still in there.

"Come on Carlisle, just put a lighter under there and smoke it out, or something."

Carlisle laughs. "I must say, you are by far the most amusing patient I've ever had."

"Well I'm glad you're getting some amusement out of this!"

"Hey Leah, I guess this means our baby's going to be late for everything, right?"

She stared at Jacob. Finally she screamed, "NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR LAME JOKES, JACOB BLACK!"

Carlisle, with his advanced hearing, winced. Out in the waiting room, Billy laughed.

"I always thought she'd be good for him," he commented. Bella and her daughter glared.

Back in the hospital room, Leah was pushing some more.

"I will never push anything ever again, never in my LIFE," she said, finishing the last word with another push.

"Okay Leah, one more push, alright? One more big push," Carlisle urged.

"Is it really one more push or are you just saying that to get me to keep pushing?" She moaned.

"One more push, Leah," he said, and she gave one more big push.

Carlisle pulled the baby girl out and cleaned her up while Jacob wiped Leah's glistening forehead. Finally, Carlisle brought her over.

"Here she is," he said, presenting her to her parents. Leah took her gently, eyes glowing.

"Oh God, Jacob, she's beautiful."

He nodded his agreement. "She's the most beautiful thing I've seen."

Nessie, with her advance hearing, gave a hmph.

Leah rocked her daughter. "You," she said, "are never going to phase. You are not going to be a werewolf. You are not going to imprint. You are going to love the old fashioned way. Do you hear me?"

Jacob laughed quietly. Leah looked up at him. "Do you want to hold her?"

"Are you going to let me?"

She glared. "I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want you to."

He smiled and kissed Leah's forehead, taking their daughter in his arms. "She's tiny!" He marvelled. Leah snorted.

"You didn't have to squeeze her out of your vagina."

He laughed. "This is true."

She looked up at them. She never thought she would see Jacob Black as a father, let alone of her baby. The past nine months had been surreal. It was like she was living in a dream. But this- this little bundle of pink- that was real. Her daughter was the realest thing she had ever seen. She was hers. All hers. Hers and Jacob. They were a family. They were a mismatched family, with a few extra pieces thrown in here and there (some not necessarily welcome), but they were a family none the less.


She could not believe how late she was. It was her daughter's first birthday, and she was bloody late! She was going to have to drive like a mad woman to get back to La Push in time. She tapped her toe impatiently. Why was this woman taking so long to bag her things?


She looked up suddenly. A young man was standing in front of her, with brown eyes and one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen. She stared. Why was he talking to her?

"I'm Brian," he said, holding out his hand. She stared at it.

"I have a year old baby and am still living in my mother's house," she blurted out. She clapped a hand over her mouth, wishing she could sink into the earth.

Brian laughed. "Was that supposed to throw me off? I, coincidently, love children. And mothers."

She smiled. "Then I'm Leah." She stuck out her hand.

He gripped her hand, holding onto it much longer then was probably necessary, not that she minded. "That's better."

one. I don't know whether that birth was realistic. I'm sixteen, ergo, I've never exactly given birth. Plus, I slept through all my sex ed classes. I'm going off what I see on television here, people.

two. people like Brian don't exist. If you blurted that out to a guy, he'd be off quicker then you could say commitment. But it's my story, and I wanted Leah to find someone awesome, so I made someone awesome. Case closed :)

three. She didn't imprint, just in case anybody happens to think she does. Noooeeesss.

four. It's over! It's been a fun ride. I have another Blackwater story all planned out, it's just a simple matter of writing it down. Thank you all SO MUCH for your reviews, I really didn't think I'd get this many xD