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Chapter one - Whoa nice cars …………..and nice imprint?


"Did you hear….?"

"Yeah, the new girl"

"I heard she's coming tomorrow."

That all I heard as I was walking out of school and across the parking lot to Jake's car. Apparently there was a new girl in town that would be starting school tomorrow and everyone is chatting about her already. Here, in La Push it's very rare that anyone moves into this area because it so small. So that's why this new family is so interesting to everyone. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't interested to know more about them, but I don't really care, to be honest.

I saw Jake stood next to Rabbit with Embry. Rabbit was Jake's car, he spent ages putting it together and he has finally finished. I started to walk towards them.

I felt someone lightly grab my arm and start running there fingers up and down my bare skin. I turned to see no other than Lola. I pulled my arm away from her and gave her a disgusted look.

Lola was one of them sluttish girls that always flirted with every guy in school in hopes of getting laid. Well, she tried to flirt but she wasn't very good at it. She thought she was the hottest girl in school and walked around like she owned the place, along with her clones, Rebecca and Chloe. Their not as bad as Lola though. At least they know that no body is interested. Wait, no that's a lie, some guys at this school are really desperate and would go with anything, so maybe they would stand a chance with them.

"Hi Quil, I was wondering if you a wanted to hang out tonight? Maybe you could come to my place. My parent aren't home so we won't be disturbed " She winked at me and tried to push her self up against me. I just pushed back. It made me feel sick to have her near me.

"No, Lola" I said in a bored tone, after all we have this conversation everyday. Some times even twice a day.

"Come on baby, you know you want me" She whined in her sleazy voice.

I heard Jake shout me across the parking lot. Thank god.

I walked over to them quickly trying to get away from the thing behind me. When I got over to Jake and Embry they burst out laughing. Some friends they are.

"That's it laugh it up. One day she will move on to you guys and believe me when that day comes I will be the one that's rolling on the ground pissing myself!"

"Stop your moaning and get in the car" Jake laughed as he hit me up side the head and got in the drivers seat.

I went and sat in the back. As soon as Embry got in to the car he reached for the radio.

"No, I want to choose what we listen to, you always choose Embry and this is my car" Jake moaned.

This caused the two to start hitting each other and scrambling to get the radio first. I just sat back and enjoyed the show. Embry will win, he always does. Jake ends up giving up.




"Fine you win." Jake sighed as Embry yelled "YES!"

"About time you guys. Can we please leave now. Were the only ones that are still here" The guys looked around the parking lot and laughed.

Eventually we were on our way to Jakes house. I don't know why we just always go to Jakes.

Jake was talking about how the new family is moving in across the street from him. Embry obviously asked the question "do you think she will be hot?" Typical, that's all he ever talks about. Hot girls. That and cars, oh and wolf duties. Which is sort of the same for me and Jake.

We make up half the pack. there is also Sam, Jared, Paul and Seth. Seth is the youngest and only phased last week so he is still getting used to the lifestyle. Sam phased first and is our Alpha. Even though we all know that should be Jake.

We pulled up outside Jakes house and piled out of the car.

"WOW!" I heard Embry shout. I looked over at him. He has his eyes fixed on something across the street. I followed his gaze and was shocked at what I saw.

There parked on the driveway on the house on the opposite side of the road was a black Mercedes Benz and a white BMW M6 Convertible. I was in heaven. Those cars were amazing. We just stood there and stared. These new people must be really rich. But again, what do they want to move here for?

"Boys, stop staring!" We heard Billy shout from behind us. We ignored him like we normal do. Billy was Jakes dad. He was one of the few that new about the pack and he seemed like a father to us all. "Stop staring. Charlie, the man that lives there is driving up the road look" He pointed to a police car that was moving slowly up the road. Oh so he's the new chief. We all tried to look natural when he pulled up outside his house. I casually glanced over at him when he got out the car. He was tall and was quite big built. He was wearing the police uniform but he looked very uncomfortable. He walked to the front of the car and pulled up the hood. He looked at the car as if it may eat him at any minute. The car was a mess, I do admit and this guy is used to driving around in top of the range cars.

"BELLA, GET DOWN HERE" I heard the man, Charlie called up to the house. Bella must be his daughter. Embry was looking point blank at the door waiting for her to come through no doubt wondering if she's hot.

I looked at the door too.

Then it opened slowly and there stood in the doorway was an angel.

She had long curly brown hair that gently fell down her sides. She was about 5'2 and had an amazing tanned, curvy body. She was wearing a short denim mini skirt and a simple white tank top. She also had huge heals on that looked impossible to walk in but she managed to move gracefully. Her legs looked never ending. I looked up at her face and saw that she had the most breath taking brown eyes that I have ever seen she looked amazing, out of this world.

I just couldn't take my eyes off her.

I want to run over to her and pull her into my arms and never let go. I want her to be mine and to belong to me, only me. I would make sure she was safe and never let her get hurt by anyone. The angel should be mine. I know we are meant to be.

I don't know how long I was staring but I managed to pull my gaze away, I looked at the boys. They were just staring at me, not the angel across the street. I know I'm hot but I really did think that my friends were straight. I gave them a confused look.

"Dude, what did you just say?" Jake asked me. I looked at him like he was mad. What does he mean what did I say, I haven't said anything.

Embry and Billy were giving me the same kind of look. I must have said something. I thought back I cant remember saying anything-

"Did I just say all that out loud?" I asked as I realised what I said. Embry let out a weak laugh.

"Yes dude. The angel should be mine. I know we are meant to be. Think about what that means"

Obliviously I know what it means. I wouldn't have said it otherwise. Then it clicked.

I looked over at the girl again she was talking to the Charlie person.

Could she be the one that is meant for me.

Is she my Imprint?




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