It's been a year.

They say 'Time heals all wounds'.

Maybe it hasn't been long enough for me.

I go about my day making appropriate responses. I breathe because I have to… I do what has to be done, what's expected of me and when the day ends…

That's when I'm more alive.

It just hurts too much; I miss the warmth, the comforting sound of his heartbeat-. It's a hollow in my soul, an emptiness in my chest… Prosy shit, right?

Like I care.

I don't care.

I know how I feel.

I know how empty this all seems…

But I'm here.

All I have is JD.

Proof that it wasn't just a dream. That I really did live the past year. That we were really there…

I can see him…

JD has his eyes…


The Hyperion…

Angel wasn't going to sit around and wait. He hadn't been much help to Phade before, kept her from being punished by those Powers of hers… This time it was going to be different. He wasn't the only Champion for the Powers That Be but he was a major player in whatever was coming next.

What would happen if he refused?

What would the Powers That Be do if he wasn't willing to play along anymore?

Would it matter to them if one Champion refused to fight?

What if there were more….


AN: I know I shouldn't have started writing this fic until I finished all the other one's I have in the works but I just couldn't get this out of my head, plus I had it all planned out anyway...

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