Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley sat in class on a Monday afternoon. Danny's ghost senses went off and he looked out the window. He saw an evil looking ghost in the distance hurting people and destroying things.

"Guys! We have a problem." He whispered to his friends.

"We'll cover for you." Sam said with a smile and a wink.

"Oh Danny! You don't look so good!" she loudly said.

"I think I'm gonna…" Danny said as covered his mouth with his hand.

"Take him to the nurse!" Mr. Lancer franticly said.

Sam, Tucker and Danny ran out of the room grabbing the trashcan on the way out. They looked around and ran to the nearest exit. They looked around again.

"It's clear." Tucker and Sam said at the same time.

Danny quickly went ghost. His black hair turned pure white, his blue eyes turned to green, and his white t-shirt and jeans changed into a black and white jumpsuit with a small D on the front. He flew up into the sky and looked back at his friends.

"We'll catch up with you." Sam said.

Danny nodded and flew to where the evil ghost was.

"We need to find some other way to travel besides running. He can't carry both of us, you know." Sam said as she and Tucker started running in the same direction as Danny.

"Well we are old enough to drive." Tucker said. He was right. They were both seventeen almost eighteen. They both had their driver licenses but no car.
The ghost Danny was about to fight looked oddly strange to him. The ghost had a mixture of black and white hair pulled back into a ponytail, his skin was a pale white color, he had long sharp fangs, his eyes were blood red, his ears were pointed with a small gold hoop in the left one, and his clothes were strange too. He wore a white 1700's or 1800's shirt that had a v-cut to it, a pair of black pants, black boots, a red waist wrap sort of thing, and a red cape that hung over his shoulders.
What he saw was like a scary dream. There were cars that were destroyed, houses and buildings that were damaged, and people that were dead lying lifeless on the ground. There wasn't too many people that were dead though. Most of the people had been turned into mindless zombies. But Danny didn't know why or how. He landed on the ground and tried to walk quietly up behind the strange looking ghost. But of course the ghost had real strong hearing and heard him coming. The ghost turned around and smiled an evil smile that showed his fangs.
When Sam and Tucker arrived at the same spot as Danny they had the same scary dream feeling.

"Are those people…dead?" Tucker asked as they both noticed the dead bodies.

Sam went up to one and checked its pulse. As she did she noticed two small wounds on the person's neck. She didn't think anything of it though; she just thought it was damage from whatever the ghost had done to it.

"They're dead alright." She said leaving the body.

Tucker shuddered as they kept walking. They didn't walk for very long though.
They then saw Danny just standing in front of the ghost. He wasn't doing anything at all. Then suddenly the ghost shot a red ecto-blast at Danny. Danny flew backwards into a brick building, making a huge dent in it. Danny shook his head and slowly got up. As soon as he looked up into the ghost's eyes though, he stood still, not even blinking. Sam figured it out.

"That ghost is hypnotizing Danny somehow." She whispered to Tucker.

Tucker picked up a rock and chucked towards the ghost. It hit him, ruining his concentration. He glared at Sam who was grinning. The ghost thought it was her who threw the rock. Then Sam stopped grinning and stood as still as possible. She was under his spell. Danny shook his head and saw what the ghost was doing to Sam. Just as the ghost was about to throw an ecto-blast at her, Danny shot him with an ecto-blast.

"Don't you dare hurt her! And who are you?" Danny yelled.

The ghost turned around and Danny refused to make eye contact with him.

"I am Azarath." The ghost said with a very smooth but evil voice.

Since the ghost broke his concentration, Sam was no longer under a trance. The ghost started shooting ecto-blasts at Danny over and over again until Danny was lying almost lifeless against a building. One more hit and he would die. Sam hadn't realized she had started crying with fear until she saw the tears falling to the ground. Then Azarath's hand started glowing dark red. Sam started running towards them.

"NOOOO!" she screamed.

But she was too late. She was two seconds too late. She had ran in between the two of them just as Azarath was pulling his hand back. Sam had been nicked on the arm with Azarath's blast. She fell to the ground and grabbed her arm with her hand. She looked over at Danny. To her it looked like he wasn't breathing at all. He had cuts and bruises all over his body. She got up to run furiously at Azarath but was stopped. Tucker grabbed her by the waist and turned her around to face him.

"Let me go!" she yelled at him with tears still falling from her eyes.

"Let's get out of here before he gets us!" Tucker said glancing at Azarath.

"But what about Danny?!"

"We'll come back for him. I promise. But we have to go now."

Sam glanced back at the lifeless looking Danny and ran with Tucker at her side. What they didn't know though was that Danny was still alive. He was just unconscious and not breathing real well. He was slowly dying. Once Sam and Tucker were gone, Azarath got closer to Danny. He bent down and put his fangs to Danny's neck. Then he bit him, sucking the blood and the life out of him. Azarath was in fact, a vampire. He didn't want Danny to become one of his mindless zombies so he killed him all the way. Danny was officially dead.
Sam and Tucker had reached Danny's house, huffing and puffing while they leaned against the Fenton building.

"Do you think we should tell anybody that Danny's injured?" Sam asked Tucker. Tucker looked at her like she had missed part of the fight.

"Sam, Danny is dead." He said this slowly and with precaution.

Sam just looked at him as more tears started streaming down her face. Tucker was just as sad and shocked as she was. He just wouldn't show it.

"No he's not! What makes you think he's dead?" she yelled at him as she slid down the building and onto the ground.

"Sam, he wasn't breathing and he was unconscious. He had wounds and cuts and bruises all over him. If I wasn't mistaken I'd also say that he was bleeding internally."

Sam buried her face in her hands and started sobbing. She couldn't believe it. Tucker was right. Danny was dead. Her best friend, the person she was in love with, was dead. Tucker reached over and wrapped his arm around Sam. Sam leaned into him and buried her face in his shoulder.

"How are we going to tell his family? When will we go get his body?" Sam whispered.

"We have to tell his family as soon as possible. Then they will go get the body." Sam tried to compose her self and stood back up.

"I guess we better go tell them then." She said. Tucker nodded in agreement and they headed towards the door.
Sam rang the doorbell. A couple seconds later, Jazz answered the door with her usual cheery smile. But when she saw the looks on Sam and Tucker's faces and that Danny wasn't with them, she knew something was wrong.

"W-what's wrong, guys? Where's Danny?" she nervously said as she let them in the house.

"Are both your parents home, Jazz?" Tucker asked.


"Can you bring them in here please? We have something important to tell you."

"Yes. Of course." Jazz looked at them both before leaving the room to get her parents.

Tucker and Sam sat down on the couch and grabbed the box of tissues. They would definitely need them. A couple minutes later, Jazz came back with both Jack and Maddie with her. They all stood there looking at the two teenagers with curiosity.

"Mr. And Mrs. Fenton, maybe you guys should have the couch." Sam said as she and Tucker got up. The two parents sat down on the couch and Jazz sat in a chair.

"Where's Danny?" Maddie asked.

Sam and Tucker looked at each other, then looked back at the parents. Tears started falling out of Sam's eyes.

"D-Danny is dead." She said slowly.

The three Fentons just sat there in silence. Maddie was the first one to start crying. Tucker handed her the box of tissues.

"Are you sure? What happened?" Jack asked with a scared voice.

"I'm guessing you guys want the whole truth?"

"Well of course, Sam." Jazz said.

"Ok, this might be a shock to you guys so just bear with me. Danny was a half ghost. He was Danny Phantom. He tried to defeat another ghost named Azarath. But Azarath was too strong. I tried to save him but I was too late."

"H-he was a ghost?" Jack and Maddie said at the same time.

"A half ghost! A good ghost!" Jazz cut in with tears streaming down her face.

"You knew about this?" Maddie said.

"I knew he was Danny Phantom." She ran to her room sobbing the whole time.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. We know where his body is." Sam said.

Jack and Maddie looked at each other and got up off of the couch.

"Take us to him." They both said.

You could see the devastation, the sadness, and the shock in their eyes. The two parents followed them to where Danny's body was.
As soon as Maddie saw Danny's dead body she buried her face in Jack's arms and sobbed. Sam went up to Danny and bent down. She put her hand on his cold pale face and ran it along his cheek. Tears started pouring out from her eyes. She hugged his body.

"I love you, Danny. I will always love you." she whispered.

She kissed his cheek and went back to where Tucker was standing. She noticed that he was wiping some tears away also.
A few days later his funeral took place. A statue of an angel that had both Danny's name and his ghost name engraved in it was made as a remembrance of him. Sam wasn't listening at all or paying any attention to what the pastor was saying or what people were saying to her. She was too devastated to listen to anything.

"Samantha, it's time to go." Her mom said.

"I'll walk home. I just wanna have some time alone for a while."

"Ok. I understand." Her mom got in the car with her husband and gave Sam an understanding smile.
Once every one was gone, Sam walked up to Danny's now dug grave and sat down in front of it. She organized all the flowers that had been put around it. She sat there for a while just letting her thoughts race. She saw that it was getting darker and later. But she did not want to go home. She decided to walk. She didn't know where to or how long, but she wanted to walk and never look back.