Title: An eye for an eye

Author's: sidle77 & ELM22 (sidle'sLittleElmer)

Rating: M

Pairing: GSR

Summary: They thought they had left the insanity of Vegas behind but when a face from the past catches up with them intent on revenge Grissom and Sara become pawns in his twisted game. They must participate in order to save their own lives, and their sons but will the clock run out before the chase ends?

A/N: This is the first pairing of sidle77 and ELM22 so be warned, it's going to be fun!


Their hearts raced at the same pace as they ran as fast as they could through the jungle. Gil held a death grip on Sara's hand as he pulled her behind him.

"Come on, Sara, run!" He screamed in desperation as they both heard a bullet whiz passed their heads. They were so close now.

He pulled on her hand, hard, her weary legs now struggling to keep up the pace.

Grissom winced through his pain as did his wife, the burn of exhaustion quickly creeping up on both of them. But as they burst through the next set of trees into a small clearing the chase came to a skidding halt – there was no where left to run.

The couple stopped abruptly and looked dead ahead, disbelief highlighting both their faces. Slowly they crept forward until they reached the edge, both breathing heavily in urgent need of oxygen.

"What do we do now?" Sara gasped in anguish as she looked over the cliff, only the vicious roaring waterfall and a seventy foot drop before them.

Gil looked back at the tree line, then down at the water before back up at Sara who now stood beside him.

"We have to jump." He said as he fought for the next breath.

"I don't know if I can." Sara shook her head.

"We have to," He cupped her face with his hands. "You can do this."

Sadly they had no more time to put their plan into action as the cock of a rifle caused them to spin around quickly.

"No where left to run my friends..."

Quickly, Grissom moved Sara behind him in an attempt to shield her, no matter how futile his action may be. But as footsteps approached in the distance the gun man became distracted and Grissom saw his chance. Leaping forward he grabbed the rifle and a fierce struggle ensued.

Sara ran from the edge as the two men scrambled on the ground and the rifle went off.

"Gil!" She shouted, thinking the bullet had struck him but she sighed when he moved and the two men continued to roll around on the ground, closer and closer to the edge.

Grissom managed a firm hold on the rifle and it went flying but taking his attention from the fight was a mistake and a heavy fist connected with his jaw, then his nose. He was pulled from the ground, his head spinning.

"Gil watch out!" Sara screamed as the two men grew closer to the edge but then she jumped as firm hands grabbed her from behind. She struggled but couldn't break free.

"Just enjoy the show, my dear," The cold voice sneered.

"Get off me!" Sara screamed as she kicked against his strong grip but she stilled when the barrel of a gun came into connection with her temple.

"Struggle again and your fight is over," He informed her and she settled in his hold.

Shaking his head Grissom struggled to see straight, it was only when he saw the chilling grin on the face before him that he knew he was in trouble. He couldn't react when he was pushed and found the ground beneath him, disappear.

"NOOO! Gil!" Sara screamed as he vanished over the edge of the cliff.....

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