Ice Moon

Summary: Ice Moon- derives from the Neo Pagan name for a full moon in January, also called Moon of Ice, the Celtic name for a full moon in February. Sequel to "Blood Moon." Alice's life is finally complete now that Jasper is a part of it. But when her heart is shattered again, she has to pick up the pieces to not only put her own life back together, but also to save the life of the one she loves most.

Rating: T

Genre: Angst/Romance

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. Neither are the references to either "New Moon" or "Eclipse."

A/N: Yep. You are really seeing this. Welcome to the preface of "Ice Moon!" It's so good to be here. I'm so glad all of you enjoyed "Blood Moon." Your reviews mean a lot to me. Since it is a sequel, I would like to say please read that one first since there are references here that will only be understood if that one was read first. It's a sequel, so yeah, lol. I hope you guys enjoy this too! As a reminder, this is a cross between "New Moon" and "Eclipse," so it's not just the second story. I only have time to give you the preface today, I'm sorry. But, it is a bit longer than the "Blood Moon" one, so it's a little better. I love you all, and please enjoy! I will try to get chapter one up as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Preface- The Half-Open Door

"Down, down, down. Would the fall NEVER come to an end!"

-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter I-"Down the Rabbit Hole, Lewis Carrol

Tears immediately filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks when I heard another familiar, tortured scream, having to move my gaze away from the half-open door. It was heart wrenching… How could she be so cruel? How could she be so heartless? How could she just stand by and allow him to suffer at the hands of the newborns? I nearly cried out in frustration at my helplessness. I only wanted the screams to stop so the one they came from wouldn't have to be in pain anymore…

This was all my fault. It was because of me that she was doing this since it was because of me that her mate was dead. If I hadn't been so reckless, I wouldn't have been in this position. It was because of me that he was suffering through such tremendous pain…

But… hadn't it been his fault for leaving me broken to begin with? Hadn't he caused me so much pain and suffering when he left me behind him, only leaving a big, gaping hole in his place? Hadn't he

No, I couldn't place the blame on him since this was truly my fault… All the anger I felt toward him immediately slipped away as I watched him fall to the hard floor when he was tossed into the small, dark room through the half-open door, hardly having the strength to push himself up again. A quiet sob escaped from me as I looked at his beaten, battered form across the room from me as the door slammed completely shut behind him.

He had a deep tear in his throat where one of the newborns had viciously torn into it, more scars and gashes scattered across his upper body that hadn't been there before. There were also some burn marks where she had taken a match to his bare skin, setting in on fire and letting it burn for a short time before putting it out, which had caused him excruciating pain. But how else could you torture a vampire but through venom and fire?

I highly doubted he even had the strength to scream anymore…

I shakily whispered his name, knowing that he could hear my nearly silent voice. After a long moment, he slowly turned his head to look at me, his black eyes weary and filled with pain. But when he saw the tears streaming from my eyes, a new emotion entered his gaze- compassion. He was trying to assure me that everything would be all right, despite the extreme pain he was obviously in. But I knew it wouldn't be all right, and I knew he knew it wouldn't be, since I was soon going to be forced to make the most important decision of my life.

She had promised me that only one of us would leave this small, dark room alive… the crimson eyes of fate were constantly watching us, bent on revenge… reminding me that the time for my decision was drawing near…

I would either allow her to continue the torture with the newborns so that he would die… or I would give up my own life to save the life I treasured most.

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