Title: Yama snippets
Pairing: Kurogane x Fai, pre-pre-slash you could call it.
Words: 207 (and counting)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Genre: General
Spoilers: Fai's backstory, Kurogane's backstory, and the events up to and including Yamaf
Disclaimer: I own nothing; Clamp does. Isn't that lovely?

Summary/Excerpt: This is the prologue for something like a multichaptered fic dealing with a few mundane, everyday things that Kurogane and Fai might have got up to during their stay in Yama. Better said, a group of little Yama-fics all rolled into one, connected and chronological to boot ^^

Yama is difficult and easy. There are no words between them; and, while they do not need the conversation, living together in one place is nothing but a trial without it. But then, there are no words between them, and so there are no questions to be asked, no answers to be hidden. There are no other worries except staying alive and working for their living. Apart from this, they wait.

Yama is frustrating and time-consuming; they need to learn how to be patient, with each other, with themselves. They both learn many things, in time, like fitting in this world and grappling with each other. Slowly, unthinkingly, Kurogane learns all of Fai's smiles and gestures and Fai learns Kurogane's silences and looks. They get used to each other, their presence, their place and role in battle; in everything they do. Against all odds, they suit each other well, and the people they fight with see this and rarely think of one without the other.

Yama is loud and silent, and it brings them together through necessity. Yama puts all questions and doubts on hold. Yama makes them find out how well they can work together.

Yama only lasts for six months.