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Everything is so upside down now. Some of the Bad guys are doing good, some of the Good guys are doing bad. Even I am having trouble deciding what is right and wrong. What makes everything is worse is that because of me people are dying…good, bad…innocent. Well not anymore, I have to end this.

May 2004

Ugh high school, I swear this place was invented by an evil genius to destroy the best of us. For seven hours of the day I am stuck in this place surrounded by these people whose biggest problem seems to be that they got a zit. It is insufferable to sit here next to Lauren Mallory and have to listen to her complain that some guy actually walked past her without noticing that she was trying to get her attention. While these people go on and on about their lives, my friends and I have the self appointed task of protecting their sometimes completely undeserving, selfish, conceited behinds from the most dangerous people in the world.

"Oh my God, why is Edward Masen coming in our room?" I heard Lauren say. That was another thing that I couldn't stand, hearing these girls gush over guys, even though I had to admit that I was sometimes a bit jealous. I wish that I had time to think about guys but unfortunately being a "hero" narrows my selection to other heros and that leaves me Emmett Cullen who is like a brother to me since I was adopted by his family, Jacob Black who I have known my entire life and Carlisle Cullen, the man who adopted me, yeah that's a no. Life is quite lonely when you are saving the world.

"Ah Mr. Masen, I received word that you were being transferred into my class," Mr. Banner, the biology teacher started. "I expect that you understand that I will not be tolerating any misbehaving in my classroom, in my opinion you have had more chances than anyone deserves but unfortunately I do not make the rules. Here is a copy of the syllabus and a text book, you may sit next to Miss Cullen."

I really hope this is only temporary. It's not that I have anything particular against this Masen kid, I don't really take the time to get to know any of my classmates, but I know that the girls tend to flock around this one in particular and he tends to be a bit of a smartass to teachers. I usually sit alone and I really like that because it helps me stay off of people's radar and keep my personal distance from people, and now Mr. Banner has placed the school's biggest attention magnet next to me…great.

Edward strolled through the classroom like he owned the place before taking his seat next to me. "So Miss Cullen," he started. I turned my head towards him. He had these brilliantly green eyes which were focused on me with curiosity. "Do you have a first name?"

I nodded my head, "Yeah, it's Is-"

"Hey Edward" wow that didn't take long. Lauren was leaning over our lab table with her chest practically hanging out of her shirt right in front of Edward's face. Edward was still facing me as his face became stern and he rolled his eyes, then became arrogant as he turned toward Lauren, was it an act?

"Hello Mallory." Lauren looked very perplexed.

"My name is Lauren." She corrected him.

He slightly shook his head, "I am aware of that, your last name however is Mallory, so that is what I called you, just like I could call my new lab partner here Cullen because that is in fact her last name." I tried not to laugh as Lauren Mallory was rendered speechless. When she didn't move from her perch on the desk Edward spoke again, "Is there something else I can clarify for you or can I get back to getting to know my new lab partner?"

Lauren looked furious that Edward wanted to get to know me, if only she knew that I would rather he kept on with his conversation with her since it was not only amusement but it kept me out of the line of questioning.

"Do you want to come be my lab partner instead?" She asked him, and I swear if looks could kill she would never have to worry about her hair not falling right again.

"No, you can go sit down now." Ouch, that was harsh, how could these girls like him if this is how he treats them? Lauren went back to her seat and Edward shifted his attention back to me.

"So as you were saying before we were interrupted, what is your name?"

"Isabella," I answered quickly, "you were really mean to her." he shrugged his shoulders.

"She should know by now that I am not interested. So Isabella, do you really go by that or do you prefer a nickname like Izzy or perhaps it's Bella." It seemed like he was very confident that I went by Bella, and it wasn't that he was wrong, but how did he know?

"Bella's fine." I turned my attention to Mr. Banner as he explained our lab assignment, but I could feel Edward's eyes on me making me conscious of my every movement.

Mr. Banner passed our microscopes that we would be using along with some slides and the tools to make our own slides and reminded us how important it was to hold the microscope properly and to use it correctly since it is expensive equipment. I could almost hear the gears in Edwards head turning…something bad was going to happen to our microscope, he was known for it...and he was going to make sure of it, I could tell by the crooked smile on his face. I was going to make sure that didn't happen.

I kind of had a soft spot for Mr. Banner. He had such a passion for teaching and science and he really just lives to see that spark ignited in his students. Unfortunately, the students at Forks High School aren't too interested in how living things came about and work, although there is occasionally one or two.

I put in the first slide we were supposed to examine and looked at it carefully, "Prophase." I told him. I figured I would just do all of the work, he could just copy my answers, crisis averted. I went to change the slide when he spoke up.

"May I have a look?" Of course he wants to look.

I placed the microscope at a safe spot on the table where he could just lean over and look in. Of course he grabbed it and dragged it to the end of the table, as it started to slip I reached over to catch it. He had placed it a little too far away, but I did save it before it hit the ground, I however fell out of my seat onto Edwards lap. You would think that being a super hero would mean that I would be more graceful…I guess I just missed that gene.

Edward started to chuckle, and I could feel my face burn with embarrassment, "You comfortable?"

I narrowed my eyes at him as I got off of him and sat in my own seat again, "No, and you aren't allowed to touch the microscope anymore."

"It was an accident." He said with no remorse in his tone. I responded with a look of disbelief. He leaned his face close to mine and said in a low voice, "come on, please forgive me, I promise I didn't mean to do it."

I smiled politely, although if I was going to be honest my heart was racing, and said "Edward, I am not one of your groupies, you cannot manipulate me. I'm not going to let you damage lab equipment just for fun. Although, that would get me my table all to myself again."

Edward's face was just inches from mine, and he was giving me that studious look again, like he couldn't figure something out. Perhaps I am the only person who has ever talked back to him who is of the female persuasion. With eyes like those and that smile I wouldn't find it hard to believe.

Edward backed up, and I decided to switch out the slides and continue on with the lab.

"This one is Anaphase."

He nodded his head, "good, so that means that this one," and he reached past the microscope to the slides, "is probably interphase right?" and I should have seen it coming, but I am no Alice, with one swoop of his arm he knocked the slides and the microscope off of the table, breaking all of them. The only way I could have caught them would have been to use my powers and that is a BIG no no. But I really wanted to throw this kid across the room. "oops." I glared at him.

"What the hell is your problem?"I asked, he just smirked, infuriating me more. "You have been in this classroom for less than twenty minutes and you are already causing a problem. You have no respect for anyone or anything, you walk around like you own the place and it is pathetic. You need to grow up and get a life."

"You know, you are cute when you are angry."

There were no words to describe how mad I was. "You know what Masen, one day someone is going to knock you off your high horse, and you will get what is coming to you. And I only pray that I am there to see it all go down."

He leaned his face in to me for the second time to me with a mischievous look on his face and tilted his head, "Are you what's coming for me Bella?"

I could not control my actions and the crude words that came out of his mouth, I slapped him hard, and he…smiled?

"MISS CULLEN!" Mr. Banner's voice rang through the room. "Did I just see you strike Mr. Masen?"

"I…yes sir, but you see I…he.." I tried to explain as he walked over to our table when he finally reached us he saw the mess that Edward had made.

"You make this mess Masen?" Edward just shrugged. "Masen, you get to enjoy detention this afternoon for this lovely mess you have made. Miss Cullen, I am afraid you will be joining Mr. Masen there for striking him. I am very surprised at you."

"But you don't understand, he-"

"No excuses Bella, you know the rules. Masen, clean up this mess, now."

Detention. This can't be happening, there has to be something I can do to get out of this. For some reason I am getting the feeling that Edward planned this…but why? I have to talk to Alice. Luckily the bell rang at that moment. Thank heavens for lunch.

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