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Possession: Part I

Calloused hands gripped raven hair tightly, amber eyes burning hotly in the dark. His katana flashed dangerously against an elegant, pale white neck.

"Tell me," his harsh voice rasped.

"No," came the spat response, still strong after hours of physical and metal abuse. The young woman had yet to be broken.

The demon with bright red hair pushed the sharp edge of his steel blade closer to his captive's milky skin.

"You will tell me how your father knew where the arms were being shipped to. You know, Kamiya."

The teenage worked up enough spit in her dry mouth to lob it in the angry man's face.

"Fuck off, Battousai," she snapped.

Battousai slowly removed his katana away from her, making sure to leave a long, shallow cut across her neck. Taking a deep breath, he backhanded the defiant girl across the face with force. He smiled as cried out in pain. It grew wider as she spit a molar out onto the plank wood floor.

"All this will go much easier if you tell me how your father knew. I know you don't have a spy within my organization," Battousai said silkily. "They know better than that."

"What loyal little lackeys you have, Battousai."

"You're one to talk," the older man said, picking up a thick manila folder. "Kamiya Kaoru, age seventeen, born June 18, 2018. Expert in Kamiya Kasshin Ryu and a certified weapons and arms specialist for the National Japanese Allied Armed Forces. You work for Daddy. Talk about a loyal little lackey."

"Shut up!" Kaoru shouted, struggling against the chains that shackled her to the wall.

Battousai continued to re-read the woman's file for the twentieth time. From behind his thick, red bangs, he observed her with his liquid fire eyes. Kamiya was lean and supple with deep blue eyes and long ebony hair. Underneath the bruises and grime, she had pale, unblemished skin laid over wiry muscles. Her chest heaved up and down as she struggled against her bindings, breathing hot and labored. Her dark gray pinstriped skirt suit was ripped and dirty and despite the coppery smell of blood, sweat, and fear, Kamiya smelled like jasmine and cinnamon.

"You're the NJAAF's top weapons and arms specialist," the demon said, pulling up a chair and sitting right in front of her. "There's no way you're not involved with the seizure of my weapons. I will find out whether it be of your own free will or not."

Kaoru glared at Battousai with hate-filled eyes.

"Even if I knew how Director Kamiya found out about the weapons shipment, you would be the last person I'd tell."

"Oh, Director Kamiya?" he commented. "Not 'Daddy.'"

"He is my boss first and foremost," Kaoru said, parroting the words of her father, who had become cold and callous after she joined the NJAAF at age eleven. "And I will not betray him or the NJAAF."

"Heroic," Battousai mused, pulling a switchblade out of his pant's pocket and playing with it. "But useless. Even if you don't tell me, someone else will."

The young women let out a harsh laugh. "Ha! That will never happen. No one would do something like that at NJAAF."

"Oh, you'd be surprised at how loose a tongue gets at the sight of a large amount of money," the organization leader stated, flicking the blade with a neatly trimmed fingernail. "You're idealism is amusing."


"Believe what you wish," was the offhanded reply. The knife clicked open and shut, the sound grating on Kaoru's delicate eardrums. "Now. How did the NJAAF know?"

She clamped her mouth shut and glared at the monster dressed in Armani before her. His expensive white shirt was flecked with her blood and his steel katana sat gleaming on the cheap pine table in the room. Yet he stood there, completely unfazed.

Battousai gave an exaggerated sigh and leaned closer to her. "It's such a shame that you are so beautiful, Kamiya." He slowly brought the switchblade up so its point rested against her cheek. "It would pain me a lot less if you weren't."

Kaoru closed her eyes and thanked God for the short life that she had. It hasn't been a bad life, albeit a tough one.

The pain she expected never came. Instead, there was a sharp knock on the rough door.

"Himura-sama," came a voice on the other side of the door. "The new shipment is here."

Battousai, better know as Himura Kenshin to his organization, gave an internal sigh. His interrogation was just about to get interesting, but this new shipment was important since the NJAAF has seized the old one.

"Thank your lucky stars," he advised Kaoru. "Because you were just spared for the night."

"Oh, gee. How kind of you," she sneered.

"Sweet dreams," Kenshin cooed, thinking rapidly as he shut the door.

He had to find a way to break this girl before her father seized another weapons shipment. It was vital. He wondered if the grizzled man would pay a ransom for his only child. He knew that the NJAAF had a strict policy to not deal and negotiate with terrorists, like the United States had during their Iraq/Afghanistan War. Plus, with what the Kamiya girl had said, he doubted that the NJAAF's director would hand over the money. Maybe his daughter's hand left on his doorstep would make him move. But that would be a shame since she had such lovely hands.

Whatever Kenshin decided to do, it had be to soon.


A coffee mug smashed with a loud 'crack' as a large man in a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up hurled it against the wall.

"Breaking things won't bring her back," said an ice-blue eyed man, who was a few years older than the mug thrower.

"Aoshi-sama is right, Sagara-san," piped a short, dark-haired girl. "I'm sure Kaoru-san can take care of herself."

The tall man whirled around to glare at her. "I don't doubt that she can take care of herself, but this isn't some gun runner thug! This is the Battousai, Misao. I highly doubt Kaoru is in pristine condition!"

"Destroying your office doesn't do you any good," Aoshi said, adjusting his thin, black tie. "Sanosuke, I know this is hard, but it's a product of being a part of the NJAAF. You knew that when you joined, as does Kaoru. We all do." He gestured to the other NJAAF agents and specialists in the room, who nodded.

"I don't want another Megumi," Sanosuke said, slumping against a wall and running a hand through messy brown hair.

Everyone in the room sobered. Takani Megumi had been the NJAAF's chief medical advisor until two years ago. She had been kidnapped from her Tokyo apartment and tortured for information about drug running and shipments before being killed and dumped on the stairs of the main NJAAF building. Kaoru and Sanosuke had taken it the hardest since they had been the closest with the cinnamon-eyed doctor. It didn't help that they were the ones who had found her body as they came into work together.

"Kaoru-san's stronger," came a quiet, even voice from the corner.

The slight, blue-eyed young man who has spoken pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on. Seta Soujirou was the newest member of the team the Kaoru and Sanosuke were part of and headed. He had only been with the NJAAF for a few months before Megumi was murdered.

"You barely knew Megumi, Seta," growled Sanosuke, eyes flashing dangerously.

Soujirou smiled politely and held up his hand. "I didn't mean she wasn't strong, Sagara-san. She just didn't have the same strength that Kaoru-san has," he explained. "Kaoru-san will come out of this okay."

Sanosuke's face softened. "I sure hope you're right, Seta," he said quietly.

The group jumped as the door to Sanosuke's office slammed open to reveal an angry man with a salt and pepper mustache and pitch colored hair.

"What the hell is going on here?" demanded the man, crossing his arms.

"We were just discussing the matter of Kaoru-san's kidnapping, Director Kamiya," Soujirou said when no one was able to come up with an answer.

Kamiya Kentarou glared at everyone, causing even the normally unfazed Aoshi to flinch.

"What about Kamiya-san being kidnapped?" Kentarou asked.

'Miserable bastard,' Sanosuke thought disgustedly. Out loud he said, "We know she was taken by Battousai. If you'd let me lead a team to fin– "

He was cut off. "Kamiya-san is just like any other NJAAF agent, Sagara. And you need to put your damn personal feelings aside."

The spiky-haired man gave him a startled look.

"I'm not stupid, Sagara. She comes in with you most mornings and she doesn't sleep at home often. So if you were trying to keep the fact that you're fucking my daughter a secret, you did a shitty job. And your request is denied. We are not risking other NJAAF agents for her stupidity."

"But, sir," Misao said quickly. "Kaoru didn't do anything stupid."

"You of all people should know that, Director Kamiya," Aoshi said, keeping an eye on the angry teenager across from him. Sanosuke was flushed with anger and embarrassment and his fists were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were white against his tanned skin. "You are the one who taught her all she knows."

"Shouldn't you two be back in the Undercover Intelligence sector?" Kentarou asked, voice tight.

"Yes, sir," chorused Misao and Aoshi.

"And you," he said, turning to Soujirou, who smiled innocently at him. "You should be with the Special Operational Forces. You have a job tonight, Seta."

"Yes, Director Kamiya," the young man said, getting to his feet lightly and adjusting his blue shirt's cuffs.

"All of you move it," he snapped, heading towards the door. As he crossed the threshold into the hallway, he turned and stared at Sanosuke. "If you can't pull yourself together, then go home. Take a day, but if you come back and act like this again, you will be out of here so fast your head will spin."

"Thank you, sir," Sanosuke said, anger leaving his body in a rush. He sat down in his leather desk chair, exhausted.

"We better get back before the UIA realized their best agents are missing," Aoshi said, putting a hand on Sanosuke's shoulder. "Misao and I will stop by your apartment tonight, okay?"


"I'm really sorry, Sanosuke. This is my fault," Misao said softly, looking down. "If I hadn't been so careless…"

She felt the older man ruffle her hair. "Nah, Misao. It's not your fault. They were just one step ahead this time."

"But not for long," Soujirou said cheerfully from by the door. "We're taking out a few of Battousai's captains tonight. By morning, he'll need to find new people to direct his underlings."

"That's good to hear," Aoshi said. "It'll make it easier to take down the organization. Go home, Sanosuke, and lie down. Just relax for tonight. We'll bring any information we find over."

"Thanks, guys," Sanosuke said, as his three teammates and friends left.

Finally alone, he took a photo album out of his desk drawer and opened it. Inside were pictures of him and Kaoru. It was part of a timeline of the last six years and in the last four, the two had become romantically involved.

When Kaoru had first decided to embark on the scrapbook/photo album adventure, he had grumbled and complained about it. She had just laughed at him as she snapped a picture with one of her many disposable cameras. She hated digital.

We're recording our life! she had said as she took another picture of him with his eyes crossed and tongue sticking out. Don't you want to remember these moments?

After a few days of endless picture taking and scrapbooking, the first of many albums appeared. Sanosuke even started helping, taking pictures and buying materials when he realized how relaxing it was.

The album he was currently looking at was from their trip to Hawaii a few months earlier, when Kaoru's father was dealing with a problem in Serbia. They had booked their vacation time months in advance at separate times as not to look suspicious, but it didn't stop the rumor mill. Sanosuke wasn't surprised that the NJAAF's director knew about their relationship, just at the way he reacted.

He stared at a picture of Kaoru sitting on the beach in her white bikini, a smile splitting her face. She was waving at the camera, looking the happiest Sanosuke had seen her in a long time.

As he gazed at the face of the person he loved, he felt his throat catch and his eyes pricked with tears.

"Kaoru," he whispered as he doubled over, sobbing with his face in his hands.


The director of the NJAAF sat in his large office, having a videoconference with the head of the Undercover Intelligence Agency.

"Are you sure that your men haven't seen Kaoru at Battousai's main complex?" he asked.

"I'm positive, Director. Shinomori and Makimachi would have told me," said the head of the UIA.

He hesitated before saying, "Director, I say this as a friend. You can't favor Kaoru because she's your daughter. You didn't do this for Takani Megumi when she was kidnapped."

Kentarou sighed. "I know, Seiji. She's all I have left and I know I've already lost her. She spends all her time with Sagara and her friends. She barely sleeps at home, and when I do see her, we barely speak and when we do, it's professional."

Seiji gave his old friend a look of pity. "I understand that you miss her and want to keep her safe, but she's basically been an adult since age eleven. You knew that risk when she joined the NJAAF."

Kentarou nodded. "If you hear anything, let me know. I won't ask about her again. Keep me updated on the Toshiro case as well."

The other man saluted before signing off. Kentarou stood up and gazed down at the busy Tokyo street, wondering where his only child was being kept and if she was still alive.

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