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Possession: Part VIII

Days folded into weeks, the weeks slid into months, and Kaoru's days fell into pattern. Every morning, Yahiko would bang on her door, demand that she wake up, and escort her to breakfast with Kenshin where he would interrogate her until she grew frustrated and ignored him. The killer would keep the girl close to keep her from becoming too curious about the complex.

But as the days carried out, the NJAAF agent found herself becoming comfortable. She bantered with Yahiko during their daily chess game, taught Tsubame self-defense, and helped Dr. Gensai in the medical wing. She even found herself spending more time with the crime lord, slowly learning little things about him. She often spent the nights talking with the older man, being gently drawn into his orbit.

"Have you ever heard that 'the meek will inherit the earth?'" the redhead asked the young woman lounging beside him on the wall.

"Psalms 25:8," Kaoru said, not even glancing at the former assassin.

"Well, it was worth a try," Kenshin said with a small shrug and suppressed grin.

"You should know better," she said with a slight smile. "I read, and I read a lot."

Kenshin let out a chuckle,

"You do know your literature," he acknowledged.

The girl turned to face her captor and stared at his profile. The man's strong jaw, bristled with dark auburn stubble, the faint knife scars from past nights and reminders of his past life. His straight nose and his intense eyes. There was just something about the killer that drew her in and that scared her, but she refused to show it.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because I wish to change that. The strong and the brave are the ones who will truly inherit because they are the ones who will make a change in the world."

Kaoru stared at the older man in shock.


Kenshin gazed at the NJAAF agent, amber eyes blazing.

"People cannot expect to saved every time. The weak will be the end of the earth."

"The weak are why I keep fighting," she said, now fully facing Kenshin. "Because the weak need a voice."

"There are those that can change their lot yet they do nothing."

"And there are those who cannot and they are the ones I fight for," Kaoru shot back. "It's why we all fight. Me, Aoshi, Misao, Sanosuke."

Her voice caught in her throat at the mention of her boyfriend. God, she missed him so much, and she was so ashamed of her growing attraction to the other man.

"Your passion is inspiring," Kenshin said, his liquid fire eyes caressing the girl's face. He stepped closer, unable to stop himself. "Tell me, Kamiya. What else are you passionate about?"

Kaoru stared at him, flustered. His close proximity frightened and thrilled her. If the game they had been playing before was dangerous, it was even more so now. The two of them had been straddling the line between flirtation and sexual frustration for several weeks. Ever since the chess game.

"I'm passionate about many things," she said evasively, mouth dry. This was suddenly an uncomfortable conversation.

The teenager suddenly realized how intimate they looked on the balcony of his private study at night, her in a thin white dress that floated in the warm autumn breeze. She shivered at this thought crossed her mind and wrapped her arms around herself as if she were cold.

"Hmm, I see," Kenshin said, turning towards the open French doors. "Cold? Let's go inside."

The raven-haired NJAAF agent followed the killer into his study and breathed a sigh of relief. There was now at least some distance between them. But when she turned around, Kenshin was staring at her with an intensity that she had seen in Sanosuke at times.

"Why have you been avoiding me, Kamiya?"

Kaoru blinked in surprise. This hadn't been the question she had expected.

"I haven't been avoiding you," she snapped, going on the defensive. "I let you natter away at me all day, asking questions that you know I'll never give you the answers to."

"And I never expect them, even if I were to torture you," Kenshin said, so casually that the girl flinched at the memory. "No. I mean right now."

"I'm right here. That hardly counts as avoidance," Kaoru said with a scowl.

"You may be here, but you are not all here. You have been holding back. Hesitant."

Blue eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"I figured I'd keep the hostility to a minimum. It's exhausting."

Kenshin took several slow steps toward the stone-still girl and heard her sharp intake of breath as he stopped less than a foot away. He felt the heat of her body and could feel himself reacting to it.

"Your hostility and anger are what make you so beautiful," the crime lord whispered. "It's like trying to hold fire in your bare hands. You know it will burn, yet you can't help but touch it."

He reached out with calloused hands to slide through the silk of Kaoru's hair. It slipped between his fingers, cool and smooth, and Kenshin relished the feeling. The NJAAF agent's breath sped up as the sensations of his fingers in her hair sent tingles down to her toes.

"So tell me, Kaoru," the man said, using the young agent's name for the first time since he kidnapped her almost three months ago. "Will you get burned?"

The former assassin stepped even closer to the girl until there were less than three inches separating them. His golden eyes held his captive's deep blue ones, keeping her entranced while his other hand settled on her slim hip. Kaoru's breath hitched slightly and she swayed slightly, grabbing onto Kenshin for balance without realizing it. It only took that brief moment of touch for him to become lost.

His fingers twisted in her dark tresses as he crushed her body to his and placed his hot, hungry lips over hers, eagerly tasting her.

And he was ready for the slap the fiery girl gave him after she pushed him away.

"Ho—how dare you!" she whispered angrily, a hot red blush staining her cheeks and the twin emotions of anger and desire coursing through her.

Kenshin barely stifled a feral, wolf-like grin.

"I asked you if you were ready to burn," he said, pushing her up against the wall, keeping her trapped between the elegant wall paper and his rock solid body. He leaned in.

"And I believe you are," he said against her lips before recapturing them with his own.

Kaoru struggled against him, making the crime lord's body respond even more, before melting into his embrace and wrapping her pale arms around him. They pulled apart, both gasping at the intensity of the kiss. There was something in that kiss, a desperation, that made the two of them respond to each other.

"I—" Kaoru tried to begin, but was cut off.

"Shh," he said harshly before gripping her tightly and placed a bruising kiss atop her lips.

Kaoru moaned into his lips as his strong hands explored her now sensitive, aching body. Her own hands roamed, caressing his hard, wiry muscles and ghosting over a now extremely apparent indication that the killer wanted her. The minute her delicate fingers brushed the ridge in Kenshin's pants, he groaned and hoisted Kaoru up so her legs were firmly wrapped around his torso, his hands cupping her buttocks.

"Kaoru," he murmured hoarsely, fingers sliding over the fabric that encased her tender and burning skin.

He nipped at her collarbone and she gasped loudly, digging her nails into the muscles of his shoulder. He relished the feel as she gripped his flesh with desperate hands. Kaoru pushed herself closer to him, causing the killer to shudder with desire. She was driving him crazy.

"Tell me what you want, Kaoru," he said in a low, seductive voice.

The teenager could only breathe heavily as his lips assaulted her neck.

"Tell me!" he growled, insistent.

"Ahh, you!" she managed to choke out.

"What? I couldn't hear that, Kaoru," the older man taunted.

"You!" she cried, lost in the lust and passion of the moment. "This. Everything."

With the girl still wrapped around his waist, Kenshin stumbled his way into his bedroom, connected to the study. He kicked the door closed behind him and made his way to the bed, where he lay down his captive. The NJAAF agent was flushed and her chest heaved in anticipation. Sweat beaded her brow and he felt it sliding down his own face. She stared up at him with entrancing azure eyes. God, how he loved the fire in them.

He was pleasantly surprised when the teen reached up and fisted her hand in his dress shirt, pulling him down on her. Kenshin settled his weight on his elbows as he ravished her face, neck, and chest with kisses. He suppressed a grin as she cried out when his mouth moved to her breasts, coaxing through the thin, white fabric. She grew bolder, hands stroking him through his jeans and he hissed in yearning.

Standing up, he pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his jeans, clad only in a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs. His beauty took the girl's breath away. His body was pure muscle and a patchwork of scars, byproducts of being an assassin and studying the art of swordsmanship. He was leaner than Sanosuke, but still had a body to die for.

Kaoru felt a twinge of guilt for her actions. She was still madly in love with Sanosuke, but her desire and need pushed her on, goading her into wanting something that she knew would never last.

"Beautiful," she whispered then blushed fiercely at her choice of words.

"No need to be embarrassed," Kenshin murmured quietly, lips brushing her ear and his fingers teasing her. "Though I think that word describes you a little better."

"I'm not beautiful."

"Oh, but you are, Kaoru. More beautiful than you can imagine. And I'm going to show you," the former assassin said, slipping the thin dress over the girl's head and tossing it to the side.

Kenshin drank in the sight of her body, its sensual curves and planes. His nimble fingers traced her panty line, causing the NJAAF agent to shiver in delight. While Kaoru and Sanosuke knew every inch of each other, they weren't always this observant because they had been together for so long. They already had each other memorized.

The girl couldn't believe the way the crime lord's eyes devoured her hungrily. Like he needed to taste every inch of her skin. To possess it. With shaking fingers, she traced the outline of his jaw and Kenshin closed his eyes in pleasure. Her other hand wandered down his chest and further, brushing against the most sensitive place on him currently. He sucked in his breath through his teeth as the weapons specialist teased him. She yelped as he grabbed fist full of her hair and wrenched her head back, exposing her neck to him once again.

"You play dirty," he said, voice ragged with restraint.

"I only play as dirty as my opponent," she shot back, a small grin gracing her kiss-swollen lips.

"This is a game you don't want to play," Kenshin said and swiftly removed the girl's bra and ran a thumb over her nipple. He was pleased at her reaction, how she arched her body towards him, begging him to touch her. He repeated the action on her other nipple.

Kaoru let out a low moan that excited the killer. His body tightened in response to her primal instincts. The blatant need she displayed. Frustrated with the older man's teasing, the NJAAF agent decided to do some teasing of her own. She raised herself on her elbows and licked the shell of the man's ear. Catching him off guard, she managed to flatten him on his back where she straddled him, where he hit in the right spot, taking her breath away for a moment. She moved gently against him and smiled cruelly as he growled deep in his throat. Good. She was going to make him suffer.

She moved against him again and he let out a guttural sound that delighted her and set her nerves on fire.

"Dangerous game, Kaoru…" he breathed.

The girl didn't say anything, just lowered herself down to kiss him through the fabric of his underwear. He twitched and Kenshin grabbed her hair. Her fingers hooked around the elastic waistband and she began to ease the offending fabric off. She nodded in appreciation and ran a finger down the length.

Unable to take anymore, the crime lord grabbed the girl and pulled her onto the bed under him. He kissed her fiercely as he ripped her panties away.

"Are you sure?" he whispered, trembling at the effort of holding back. He was right at the gate, pulsing to get in.

"Yes," Kaoru whimpered in anticipation.

With that one simple word, Kenshin plunged, entering the girl fully. He gasped at the sensation, at the feel of her around him. It was bliss. He moved wildly, the NJAAF agent moving to meet him.

"Oh, God. Kenshin!"

At that utterance, the killer smiled. It was the first time she had used his name. Now he would possess her in every way possible.


A low, insistent knocking woke Kenshin out of the light sleep he was in. He carefully extracted himself from Kaoru's embrace and quickly threw on a gray t-shirt and a pair of jeans, tying his unruly red hair into a quick ponytail before opening the door. One of his agents stood there looking nervous. The thug's eyes widened as he caught sight of the peacefully sleeping yet disheveled Kaoru in his employer's bed.

The older man narrowed his eyes at the thug and the young man quickly averted his gaze. What his employer did with his playthings was none of his business.

"What?" Kenshin asked harshly, longing to get back into bed besides the girl. "Make it quick."

"Y-yes, sir," the other man stammered. "Captain Sakamoto wanted me to tell you that the NJAAF intercepted another arms shipment as well as shut down another two of our major drug production labs. Captains Kobayashi and Inoue have gone missing and are presumed to be dead and Captains Takahashi and Fukamori were found dead in their apartments in Tokyo earlier tonight."

The killer was still as he absorbed the news. That damn Kamiya was going to ruin his operation completely. While he may have lost the battle for right now, he was going to win the war. It was inconvenient that he would have to find more captains to run his operation especially after he just replaced the other five that the NJAAF's Special Operational Forces killed. He knew Seta's work from the boy's time with Shishio.

"Thank you," he said to the other man, dismissing him. The thug fled gratefully.

The former assassin shut the door slowly, thinking. There had to be a way to get the director of NJAAF off his back for a least a little while. As much as Kenshin hated to waste time, energy, and resources, the easiest way to throw the international organization off his tracks was to send out a decoy or several for that matter. As long as Kenshin had them running in circles and chasing their tails for a couple of weeks, he would be content. It would give him the time he needed to find new captains and reestablish his drug production.

His eyes drifted back to Kaoru sleeping soundly in his plush bed. She was collateral. She was his leverage with the older Kamiya. As much as the old man didn't like to admit it, if pushed, he would bend rules to save his only daughter, his only child. Despite the strange feeling of guilt pooling in his stomach at using the girl as a bargaining chip, he would do it.

Kenshin pulled off his clothes and settled back into bed next to Kaoru, who snuggled closer. His intense eyes traced her features, ones that he had come to know so well. The man reached out to touch her face, but clenched his hand into a fist instead.

"Dammit," he cursed, falling back onto the pillows.

He gently traced the girl's cheeks before pulling her close and placing a soft kiss at the nape of her neck. The NJAAF agent smiled, and wrapped her arms around the former assassin. He placed his cheek against her hair and began to hope. Hope for something that would send both of them down in flames.


"We've taken out four of his captains in the past week. He just replaced the last people we killed. Not only that, two of his major drug labs were shut down. All of his cookers and dealers, jailed."

Sanosuke grinned at the young assassin of the SOF and the boy smiled back politely.

"That's fantastic, Seta!" the tan agent exclaimed. "We'll corner that bastard and when we do, he'll make a mistake. That's when we'll get him. That's when we'll get Kaoru back."

"Sagara-san, are you sure that Kaoru-san is still alive?" Soujiro asked hesitantly. "It's been almost three months."

The taller man's grin faded into a scowl and he glared at the other agent.

"Of course Kaoru is alive!" he said angrily. "You said so yourself. If she wasn't alive we would have seen her body displayed somewhere. It isn't like the Battousai not to brag about what he's done."

"I know that, but Saito has a theory that the Battousai may be playing—"

"I don't give a shit what the Wolf thinks!" Sanosuke burst out. "I would know if she were dead! I'd feel it."

The younger man gave his friend a look of pity.

"I'm sorry, Sagara-san. I haven't lost faith that Kaoru-san is alive, but under the circumstances, I can see where many people would think otherwise."

"Well to hell with everyone else," the teenager spat. "If I have to find her myself, I will."

"No one's expecting you to," Soujiro said softly. "We haven't lost faith. Makamachi-san, Shinamori-san, me. Everyone else has. They are pursuing the Battousai because of who he is, not who he took. Even Director Kamiya knows that."

Sanosuke ignored him and shuffled the folders on his desk into a pile. The assassin sighed. There was no getting through to the ex-fighter when he was in a mood. He would have to do it another time.

"I'll keep you updated," he said to the other agent. "The noose is getting tighter. We'll catch him and we'll find her."

He shut the door behind him and Sanosuke collapsed into his desk chair. The waiting, the not knowing, the doubt. It was all grating on his nerves. He couldn't sleep at night, but he was scared of delving into the bottle again. He saw how self-destructive he could become and it wasn't a pretty picture. Living on the streets had shown him what addiction and self-destructive behavior could do to a person.

He wouldn't admit it to anyone but himself, but he too was losing faith at finding Kaoru alive, if they found her at all. And that thought broke his heart and his spirit. Sanosuke looked up as a secretary opened door, a Fed-Ex World envelope in her hand.

"Sagara-san? This just came for you," she said, handing it to him.

"Uh, thanks," the teenager said slowly, taking it from her.

After she left, he ripped it open and dumped the contents onto his desk. A burned DVD in a case and a small bag fell out. Sanosuke picked up the bag and felt his heart leap into his throat. It was the ring he had bought for Kaoru when they were in Hawaii.

Just as he put the DVD into his computer, his phone rang.

"What?" he snapped.

"Well, hello, Sagara. It's nice to finally hear your voice," came the silky reply on the other end.

The NJAAF agent froze.

"I can imagine that you just received my package. I hope you liked my gifts. I don't think Kaoru realizes that she even still had her ring after she was taken."

"Listen here, you sick fuck—"

"No. You listen to me," the cold voice said. "This is my game, so we play by my rules. Watch the DVD."

Fuming, the NJAAF agent turned his eyes to his computer screen and was horrified at what he saw. It was Kaoru, chained to a wall, struggling against the thick iron. She was in the same room that the photographs Director Kamiya had shown him all those months ago. Another figure walked into the picture and Sanosuke saw hair as red as fire.

So this was the Battousai… Sano wished he could see his face. To see what he looked like when he worked. His file picture just made him look like a harmless school boy. The demon placed his sword against the girl's neck and the teenager watching couldn't help but feel pride at the venom in Kaoru's stare. That was the girl he had fallen in love with.

"Now that I have your complete attention, I want you to listen to carefully," the Battousai said. "You will show this to Kamiya Kentarou and you will tell him to back off. If he does not, he will find the body of his daughter displayed in the NJAAF's lobby fountain."

"You know as well as I that Director Kamiya doesn't negotiate," Sano said, feeling sick to his stomach.

"Well then you're out of luck, aren't you?" the killer asked sweetly.

The teenager saw his vision go red in anger before he replied.

"Now you listen to me, you son of a bitch. I will find you. And when I do, I will kill you."

The Battousai just laughed and hung up, leaving Sanosuke listening to a dial tone.

"I'm coming, Kaoru. I promise."

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